Record of Lodoss War Fansite

Welcome to Eiyuu Kishi Den!

Welcome to Eiyuu Kishi Den, a fan site for the Record of Lodoss War anime, manga, and novel series. For eight years, our community has existed as mainly a role-playing game set in Lodoss with predominantly original characters, but our time as an RPG has come to an end. This website remains as an archive of our community. Our forum is closed to new members.

Spoiler Warning!

This site contains information on the conclusion of Lodoss stories, so if you have not finished watching or reading the series and don't want endings spoiled, I suggest that you be cautious when looking at the information on the Lodoss setting on this site.

World Information

The world information we once provided is no longer available. I apologize for removing this section, but as a lot of the world information was fan interpretations, it was not entirely canon and I do not wish for my interpretation to be misinterpreted as such.