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Chapter 0: Prologue
Canon Characters: Karla

Karla has found a new body after five years of being disembodied under Castle Conquera. Seeing the peace that has fallen over Lodoss, she decides to start new conflicts by finding a new warlord.

Chapter 1: Mercenaries' Guild of Alan
New Characters: Nessa, Mia, Dralock Holderhek, Aiyanna Starwind-Irisis, Veriss Trelem
NPCs: Jonas

Mia, a half-dark, half-common elf; Dralock, a dwarf; Veriss, a berserker; Aiyanna, a sorceress; and Nessa and Jonas, two childhood friends, find Karla's letter posted in Alan's Mercenaries' Guild. They decide to join together to first, take Aiyanna to Valis to meet her brother, then to continue to the Silent Swamp.

Chapter 2: Mercenaries' Guild of Blade
Canon Characters: Leaf, Ryna, Garrack,
New Characters: Zira, Edwin Starym, Ashe Wolfarius
NPCs: Bhagshi

Zira, a dark elf; Edwin, a young adventurer; Ashe, a mercenary were-wolf; and the heroes Garrack, Ryna and Leaf, all find Karla's message and decide to go to the Silent Swamp.

Chapter 3: Mercenaries' Guild of Raiden
New Characters: Granite (Velfur) Stoneheart, Fenix Greywords (Brahms Silverson), Coras Ardyl, Anisa Amri, Toan

Granite, a female dwarf disguised as a man; Fenix, a mercenary disguising his identity; Coras, a farmboy with delusions of grandeur; Anisa, a former pirate landbound for the time being; and Toan, a dark elf treasure hunter, find Karla's message and decide to join the adventure.

Chapter 4: Novice: Thalia's Mission
New Characters: Thalia Bodewhin, Avion Ravenstorm, Azala
NPCs: Cyrla Kaskelos

A priestess of Marfa, Thalia, is on her first mission from Tarba. She meets Avion in Novice, who is also interested in adventure, and the two decide to travel together. Not far out of town, they meet an elf named Azala, who immediately begins flirting with Thalia.

Chapter 5: Roads of Alania
New Characters: Song Lythcast
Characters: Mia, Aiyanna, Veriss, Nessa, Dralock
NPCs: Jonas

As Aiyanna and her mercenaries travel, they are attacked by goblins. They fight a fierce battle against the horde, which includes a hobgoblin and a shaman. Jonas is killed in the battle, but they gain a new companion, half-elf Song and her pegasus, Lazorus.

Chapter 6: Roads of Flaim
New Characters: Jeren Aldener
Characters: Zira, Edwin, Ashe, Ryna, Garrack, Leaf

While traveling southwards, the mercenaries are intercepted by six giant scorpions—an uncommon occurrence in such numbers near a main road. While in battle, they are spotted from above by Jeren, a former dragon knight of Moss, on his wyvern, Nightfire.

Chapter 7: Camp on the Roads of Alania
Returning Characters: Mia, Thalia, Veriss, Song, Azala, Aiyanna, Dralock, Nessa, Avion

After their battle, the mercenaries out of Alan encounter priestess Thalia and her company. Thalia offers healing and is allowed to travel with them. Meanwhile, Azala stirs up tension.

Chapter 8: Hilt
New Characters: Dorian Ma'zaan
Returning Characters: Zira, Edwin, Ashe, Leaf, Ryna, Garrack, Jeren
NPCs: Ghaw

The mercenaries from Blade arrive in Hilt to stay the night, however, patrons of the Phoenix Inn are not impressed when they realize a dark elf is in their midst.

Chapter 9: Camp on the Raiden Road
New Characters: Ultarik "Grimeye", Alm
Returning Character: Anisa, Toan, Fenix (Brahms), Granite, Coras
Canon Characters: Karla

The mercenaries out of Raiden make camp on an oft-used site on the road between Honto and Raiden. Ultarik, a barbarian mercenary, comes across them when seeking to use the same site. Even later in the evening, they are joined by an odd grassrunner, Alm.

Chapter 10: Morning on the Roads of Alania
Returning Characters: Nessa, Mia, Veriss, Aiyanna, Thalia, Avion, Azala, Dralock

Morning for the mercenaries out of Alan. They wake to find that the half-elf Song has left, and Azala continues to stir tension.

Chapter 11: Morning in Hilt
New Characters: Kai
Returning Characters: Ryna, Garrack, Jeren, Edwin, Leaf, Zira, Dorian, Ashe

The mercenaries out of Blade wake to learn that Ryna is pregnant, and that she and Garrack must stay behind for the sake of their child.

Chapter 12: Morning on the Raiden Road
New Characters: Ooke Blackskull
Returning Characters: Alm, Granite, Toan, Anisa, Fenix (Brahms), Ultarik, Coras

The group wakes to Alm's odd behavior, and prepares for the day ahead. Coras decides to seek out Kardis, and is found by one of her priests, Ooke.

Chapter 13: Leaf's Kidnapping
New Characters: Jet Alastair Silverstein, Jleslie "Rose" Seif, Kilij Seif
Returning Characters: Zira, Jeren, Ediwn, Dorian, Ashe, Leaf, Kai
NPCs: Karla, Orath

As the group leisurely rides out of Hilt, they are suddenly attacked by what they assume to be bandits and Leaf is kidnapped.

Chapter 14: Into the Wildlands
Returning Characters: Ultarik, Fenix/Brahms, Anisa, Ooke, Coras, Alm, Toan

Following Ultarik's shortcut, the mercenaries pass through the forests of the Wildlands and are ambushed by giant mantises.

Chapter 15: Novice
New Characters: Hetle, Sevrina, Lorien, Jinn Rishnah
Characters: Mia, Aiyanna, Veriss, Nessa, Dralock, Azala, Thalia, Avion
NPCs: Cyrla, Ialin, Reyn, Lirrih, Hakim, Nafisa, Dart, Terild, Radira, Emery

Aiyanna and her mercenaries arrive in Novice to stay the night. However, a group of assassins is already waiting for their arrival.

Chapter 16: Desert Post: Camp
Characters: Jleslie (Rose), Zira, Edwin, Jeren, Ashe, Dorian, Kai, Kilij
Familiars & Horses: Thunder, NightRaven, Nightfire, Patience

Led by Rose, the mercenaries travel deep into the desert in search of Leaf and must stay the night in an abandoned lean-to.

Chapter 17: Novice: Assassin Attacks
Characters: Sevrina, Lorien, Mia, Aiyanna, Veriss, Azala, Dralock, Nessa, Thalia, Avion, Hetle, Jinn, Jet
NPCs: Cyrla, Ialin, Nafisa, Radira, Terild, Hakim, Emery, Dart

While Aiyanna's mercenaries go to bed for the night, the assassins sent by Karla make their move.

Chapter 18: Wildlands Camp
Characters: Anisa, Alm, Ultarik, Coras, Ooke, Granite, Toan, Fenix/Brahms

The group camps on the Wildlands for the night. While tensions rise within the group, they are being stalked by yet more enemies.

Chapter 19: Wildlands Camp: Morning
Characters: Granite, Alm, Anisa, Toan, Coras, Ooke, Ultarik, Fenix/Brahms

Despite the manticore battle the night before, the group is just as tense as ever as they make their way onward.

Chapter 20: Wildlands: The Tribe
Characters: Granite, Alm, Anisa, Toan, Coras, Ooke, Ultarik, Fenix/Brahms
NPCs: Nuan, Ehini, Britos, Mahya, Sifani, Mushrak, Heart Like Warrior, Nisa

The party encounters a native tribe in the Wildlands, just in time to catch their free-spirited festival, the 'moot'.

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