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Building an Empire at Sea Storyline

Chapter 1: Gathering All Ye Salty Dogs!
New Characters: Malak “Crimson Shrike” Erstwiel, Tornalin “Bloodscar” Stoneshard, Mudan Jasil, Ridell “Red Ear” Tower, Lilly Erstwiel, Varun, Terelyn Tai'var
NPCs: Thom

The Crimson Shrike, Malak Erstwiel, seeks a new crew in Raiden.

Chapter 2: The Leaky Meal Ticket
New Characters: Ursula Rabenlor
Characters: Malak, Tornalin, Mudan, Red Ear, Lilly, Terelyn, Varun

The new crew of pirates boards a decrepit ship and set out to sea.

Chapter 3: Taking of the Freedom
Characters: Malak, Tornalin, Mudan, Red Ear, Terelyn, Lilly, Varun, Ursula

The Leaky Meal Ticket lives up to its name when Malak uses it as a ploy to take The Freedom.

Chapter 4: Night on the Freedom
Characters: Mudan, Ursula, Malak, Red Ear, Terelyn, Varun, Lilly

The crew members get to know each other as night falls.

Chapter 5: Taking of The Bloody Codger
New Characters: Kreoss, Tatia Aleran
Characters: Malak, Tornalin, Mudan, Red Ear, Terelyn, Lilly, Varun, Ursula
NPCs: Larg “the Fuzzy Dwarf” Merston

The Freedom is attacked by the pirate ship, The Bloody Codger, but wins the fight. Malak takes The Bloody Codger into the beginnings of a fleet. They also gain two half-elf crew members from The Bloody Codger.

Chapter 6: Morning of the Second Day
Characters: Mudan, Malak, Kreoss, Tatia, Lilly, Red Ear, Terelyn, Varun, Ursula, Tornalin

Morning on The Freedom. The crew goes about their business while a new course is plotted.

Chapter 7: Emergence of the Leviathan
Characters: Mudan, Varun, Red Ear, Terelyn, Tornalin, Ursula, Kreoss, Tatia, Lilly, Malak

The sea monster responsible for sinking Malak’s last ship attacks The Freedom.

Chapter 8: Isle of Wreckage
New Characters: Anisa Amri, Alina Rose
Characters: Malak, Terelyn, Red Ear, Mudan, Kreoss, Tatia, Varun, Lilly
NPCs: Lars

Battered and broken, The Freedom makes it to the Isle of Wreckage for repairs. Two new female crew members join, Anisa and Alina.

Chapter 9: Return to The Freedom
New Characters: Lythia, aka Lokei
Characters: Red Ear, Anisa, Kreoss, Tatia, Mudan, Alina, Varun, Tornalin, Ursula, Lilly, Terelyn
NPCs: Lars, Old Man Phelps, Iar, Nalton, Ranild, Leron, Quint

After supplies are restocked and materials acquired, the crew returns to The Freedom to begin repairs. Meanwhile, back on shore, Malak is presented with a new dilemma.

Building an Empire at Sea Storyline


Malak and Larg/Lars are © Mana Link.
Mudan, Anisa, and Quint are © Z (Mudan, Anisa Amri).
Tornalin is © CrimsonJustice.
Ridell/“Red Ear” is © OokeStoneskull.
Lilly is © justindustries.
Terelyn is © Alera Tai'var.
Ursula is © Ferrilonver.
Kreoss is © Leon Yojimbo (Forumer).
Tatia is © Ceci Elena.
Alina is © Fantasy.
Lythia is © Fallenhalfelf.