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Bastion’s Demons Storyline

For the first start to Bastion’s Demons, see the Failed Archives. This is the redux.

Chapter 1: Encounter in Raiden
New Characters: Granite Stoneheart, Bastion Ulbreckt, Jenesis
NPCs: Halker

One morning in Raiden, dwarven artisan Granite decides to set out into the world to find adventure (and maybe a nice dwarven husband), while mage Bastion is in Raiden trying to find magical items.

Chapter 2: The Warehouse
New Characters: Desmond “Rory” D'Angelline, Brest
Characters: Bastion, Jenesis, Granite
NPCs:Halker, Gandre, Rayston

Bastion’s Demons Storyline


Granite is © Z (Granite Stoneheart).
Bastion is © Bundesphar.
Jenesis is © Jenova.
Rory is © Alera Tai'var.
Brest is © falconheart.