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Chapter 1: Trapped
New Characters: Mia, Kiran, Fou-Lu
NPCs: Bandor, Jaron, Derim

Mia, half-dark elf and half-common elf, had traveled to Marmo to find her dark elven father, only to meet Kiran, a dark elf and ex-boyfriend. Kiran forced her to remain on Marmo, but everyday, she attempted escape. She meets the dark elf Fou-Lu, who helps her leave Marmo.

Chapter 2: A Girl with Permanent Tears
New Characters: Alni, Zira, Blaze Redricks

Alni is a half-dark elf thief who despises her heritage and keeps it hidden. After getting caught stealing, a dark elf mercenary, Zira, tries to take Alni under her wing. After encouraging Alni to leave Blade with her, Zira meets Blaze, a dragon-kin. The three began journeying together.

Chapter 3: Beginning of a Warrior's Quest
New Characters: Talen Drecloud, Naclia

Talen, a knight of Moss, has been called to Roid to help the rebuilding of Kanon. On his way, he passes through the Mirror Forest where he meets Naclia, a common elf ranger looking to leave home for adventure.

Chapter 4: The Holy City
Returning Characters: Mia, Fou-Lu, Naclia, Talen
NPCs: Aldarite, Regerick

Mia and Fou-Lu, Naclia and Talen, arrive in Roid seperately.

Chapter 5: Onward, Dangerous Acquaintances
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
New Characters: Seri, Kitain "Reaver", Gabriel Blaze, Cain

Deedlit and Parn join up after a short while apart and they are joined by Seri, a high elf. While on the road, they meet Kitain and are ambushed by Gabriel and Cain in a case of mistaken identity.

Chapter 6: The Doom Knights
((This chapter has been lost.))

In this chapter, Blaze, Zira, and Alni arrive in Roid and meet Aldarite, who takes them to Marmo.

Chapter 7: Awakening
Canon Characters: Cecil, Karla

While Cecil is working with the Mages' Guild uncovering artifacts from Narse's lair, they find the Ferrionaire of Knowledge. Karla incapacitates the mages and encourages a dark elf to don the crown. The dark elf is then possessed by a force known as The Darke and becomes undead. Across Marmo, the dead begin to raise from the grave.

Chapter 8: Evil Dreams
Canon Characters: Spark
Returning Characters: Zira, Alni, Blaze, Altaris
NPCs: Aldarite, Azoth, Methis

Zira, Alni and Blaze arrive at Aldarite's castle, where he and an independent assortment of knights live, calling themselves the Doom Knights. They are attacked by The Darke's undead.

Chapter 9: Earthquakes and Battles
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Kitain, Seri, Gabriel, Cain

While Seri, Gabriel, Cain and Kitain are working out formalities, an earthquake hits and it begins to hail through the mechanations of the Darke.

Mia, Kiran, Bandor, Jaron, Derim, Zira, Alni, Naclia, and Seri © zirathedarkelf/mia_of_lodoss/naclia (Z).
Fou-Lu and Talen are © prince_fou_lu (Vampire Aryen).
Aldarite, Regerick, Blaze, Altaris, Azoth, and Methis are © were_cheetah_gale (Bloodshield).
Deedlit, Parn, Cecil, Karla, and Spark are © Ryo Mizuno and Group SNE. Deedlit and Parn played by lodosswarangel543. Cecil, Karla, and Spark played by karla_the_graywitch.
Gabriel is © roxburyguy1.
Cain is © dragon_of_earth_fuma.
Kitain is © dlantoub.

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