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    Chaos War Chapters 10-19

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Chapter 10: Traveling
Returning Characters: Talen, Naclia, Kiran, Mia, Fou-Lu

As Naclia and Talen leave Roid, they encounter Kiran. Distrusting of the dark elf, Talen arrests him and they turn back to Roid to turn him in. On they way, they meet with Mia and Fou-Lu who are leaving Roid. Fighting ensues between the two dark elven men.

Chapter 11: Narse's Flight
NPCs: Undead Narse, The "Darke"

The Black Dragon Narse has been raised as undead by the evil force of the Darke and takes flight to the north.

Chapter 12: Battle on the Road
Returning Characters: Mia, Fou-Lu, Naclia, Kiran, Talen

While everyone is busy decided just what Kiran's fate should be, they see Narse fly over and the undead began to rise all across Lodoss. They decide to join together and return to the Holy City. Kiran tries to make his peace with Mia, realizing his mistakes with her.

Chapter 13: Doomknights and Dragons
Canon Characters: Pirotess, Spark
New Characters: Gale Bloodshield
Returning Characters: Blaze, Altaris, Zira, Alni
NPCs: Aldarite, Azoth, Methis

Battle with the undead erupts on Marmo. Pirotess appears in this chapter, but we later decided that Pirotess and Ashram should have never come back. The rest of scenario involving Ashram and Pirotess's return to Lodoss was lost. Consider Pirotess in this chapter as a dark elf Zira knew.

Chapter 14: Roid
New Characters: Moryssa
Returning Characters: Fou-Lu, Mia, Naclia, Talen, Kiran
NPCs: Friar

The group from the road return to Roid, where the city is protected by holy magics. Upon arriving, they meet a dark elf merchant, Moryssa. Ostracized by the people he came with, Kiran leaves them to find his own lodgings for the night. While wandering the city, he finds Moryssa again after a thief kills her centaur friend, and he helps her. Moryssa decides to let him stay at her apartment.

Chapter 15: Dark Impulse
New Characters: Cray, Sevrina

A dark stranger hires assassin Sevrina to help him bring down the holy shield in Roid.

Chapter 16: Disturbances in Roid
Canon Characters: Pirotess
New Characters: Sakura, Setzer deMile
Returning Characters: Moryssa, Kiran, Talen, Naclia, Mia, Fou-Lu, Sevrina, Cray, Gale, Zira, Alni

As Cray and Sevrina work to bring down the shield, Moryssa's elven senses alert her to the trouble and she and Kiran go to warn his traveling companions. However the shield is brought down and all hell breaks loose in Roid. The group from Marmo arrives.

Chapter 17: Elvish Hotwine
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Seri, Kitain
NPCs: Mercurial, Alicia

Experiances with Seri, Deedlit, Parn and Kitain at Mercurial's Inn.

Chapter 18: Final Strike
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
New Characters: Ariakan Nightwing
Returning Characters: Cray, Gale, Sevrina, Kiran, Moryssa, Sakura, Mia, Naclia, Fou-Lu, Talen, Setzer, Kitain, Seri, Zira, Alni

Our heroes escape from Roid they realize the battle against Cray is hopeless.

Chapter 19: Mirror Forest
Returning Characters: Mia, Fou-Lu, Naclia, Talen, Kiran, Moryssa, Sakura, Ariakan, Sevrina, Gale, Zira, Alni, Cray

Those who escaped the fall of Roid make their way to the Mirror Forest, which becomes a refugee camp.

Sevrina is © zirathedarkelf/dark_elven_assassin_sevrina (Z).
Gale is © Ryan O'Connor (Bloodshield).
Narse, Pirotess, Spark, Deedlit, and Parn © Ryo Mizuno and Group SNE. Pirotess played by the_oro or zirathedarkelf (Z). Spark and Narse played by karla_the_graywitch. Deedlit played by lodosswarangel543. Parn played by setzer_demile or prince_fou_lu (Vampire Aryen).
The "Darke" is © karla_the_graywitch.
Moryssa, Friar, and Sakura are © lady_moryssa/fujiwara_no_sakura.
Cray is © wolfgang_van_bullet (Wolf).
Setzer is © setzer_demile.
Mercurial, and Alicia are © dlantoub.
Ariakan is © jared_kyron (CrimsonJustice).

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