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    Chaos War Chapters 114-116: Defending Silver Creek

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Chapter 114: Shinning Hill
New Characters: Ciel Starwind, Veriss Trelem
NPCs: Priestess Keralian, Priestess Merilla, Priestess Lila, Priestess Tyra

Marfa priestess Ciel Starwind is sent on a mission to help rebuild Kanon. Veriss is hired to be her guard.

Chapter 115: Silver Creek
New Characters: Ciprian Tremas, Nuij Velg'larn, Cian
NPCs: Kale

Holy Knight Ciprian is in the small Kanonian town, Silver Creek, to help rebuild and defend. Here as well is village native Nuij is helping her own town. The pair meet, then are pickpocketed by young Cian. Suddenly, the village is attacked by over ambitious goblins with a demon and ogre on their side.

Chapter 116: Silver Creek: Aftermath
Returning Characters: Ciprian, Nuij, Cian, Veriss, Ciel

As Silver Creek recovers from the goblin attack the night before, Ciel and Veriss arrive.

This is where the Silver Creek storyline ends. However, there are still two subplots left to read!


Ciel is © icarii_enchanter_starhope (Aiyanna Starwind).
Veriss is © alerataivar (Alera Tai'var).
Ciprian is © zirathedarkelf (Z).
Nuij is © jared_kyron (CrimsonJustice).
Cian is © sephtur (singularityman).

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