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    Chaos War Chapters 40-49

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Chapter 40: Haven
Canon Characters: Karla, Spark, Neese, Cecil
NPCs: Darke Spark

The Darke's Spark puppet passes through Haven under Karla's watch. Meanwhile, Neese and Cecil tend to the real Spark in his illness.

Chapter 41: Hunt for a Were-Wolf
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Kitain, Gale, Blaze, Alwyn, Mia, Fou-Lu, Kai, Sakura, Azala, Seri, Moryssa, Kiran, Blade, Fenix, Norya, Zira, Sevrina, Cray
NPCs: Ethan

Gale erupts in a rage after Cray takes Sevrina and the entire party chases him down, hoping to stop him from doing something dangerous. Meanwhile, Sevrina has learned of Cray's plans and begins to help him.

Chapter 42: Berry!
New Characters: Berry
NPCs: Alorn, Kilgath

A feral half-elf decides to leave her forest to find out the strange events that had recently been happening in Lodoss.

Chapter 43: Splitting Up
Canon Characters: Parn, Deedlit
Returning Characters: Zira, Mia, Kiran, Kai, Moryssa, Alwyn, Seri, Sakura, Azala, Fenix, Kitain, Norya, Toan, Fou-Lu
NPCs: Ethan

After capturing Gale, the group decides to split up. One party will go to Blade, the other to Roid to help Gale find Sevrina, and another group to Marmo.

Chapter 44: Darkness Over Blade
Canon Characters: Neese, Spark, Karla, Cecil

On Marmo, Neese pines over Spark while he remains comatose. Meanwhile, the Darke Spark has appeared in Blade.

Chapter 45: Two Days Ahead
Returning Characters: Naclia, Talen, Ariakan

While camping, a messenger arrives with a letter to Ariakan.

Chapter 46: Shinning Hill
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Mia, Sakura, Fou-Lu, Gale, Azala, Fou-Lu, Cray, Blade, Sevrina

Mia and Gale have it out over Sevrina. Mia meets Ryna and Leaf. In Roid, Cray and Blade battle demons infesting the city.

Chapter 47: Onto Marmo
Returning Characters: Fenix, Kai, Norya

Kai and Fenix's journey to Marmo to find Zatch.

Chapter 48: Onward to Blade
Returning Characters: Berry, Moryssa, Kiran, Deedlit, Parn, Zira, Toan

The group bound for Blade encounters the half-elf Berry.

Chapter 49: Kar Manor
Returning Characters: Zatch, Kai, Fenix

Zatch learns the truth of what the Abyss is doing to him. Kai and Fenix find him at the Kar family manor on Marmo.

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