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    Chaos War Chapters 50-59

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Chapter 50: Blade and Her False King
Canon Characters: Karla
Returning Characters: Ariakan, Kitain

Ariakan goes to Blade to speak to Kashue, only to find that the king has been replaced. Kitain follow's Karla's beckons, and the strange mountain outside Blade moves closer.

Chapter 51: Onward to Blade
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Moryssa, Toan, Berry, Zira, Blaze, Alwyn, Kiran

The group gets to know Berry and continues their journey to Blade.

Chapter 52: Two Become One Again
New Characters: Anubus
Returning Characters: Blade, Sevrina, Fenix, Azala, Seri, Naclia, Zatch, Kai
NPCs: Gaidal, Mercurial, Alycia

Sevrina and Blade fight their way through demons in Roid. On Marmo, a demonic energy in Fenix is awoken. Naclia and Talen seek help from the elves watching over Roid.

Chapter 53: Onward to Blade
New Characters: Altaris Arkanis
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Berry, Toan, Alwyn, Blaze, Zira, Ariakan, Moryssa, Kiran

Ariakan finds the group bound for Blade and informs them of what he learned.

Chapter 54: Bloodshield or Bloody-Shielded?
Returning Characters: Gale, Mia, Fou-Lu, Azala, Seri, Sakura, Sevrina, Cray, Blade, Naclia, Talen
NPCs: Arcellia

Gale injures Mia and Fou-Lu and leaves for Roid alone. There, he finds Sevrina fighting demons.

Chapter 55: Naclia and Talen's Return
Canon Characters: Leaf, Ryna
Returning Characters: Naclia, Talen

Naclia and Talen meet Leaf and Ryna as they enter Shinning Hill.
Chapter 56: Moving On
Returning Characters: Zatch, Kai

The Kar brothers bond while waiting for Fenix to return.

Chapter 57: Roid: Twice Falleth
Returning Characters: Cray, Blade, Sevrina, Gale
NPCs: Nalentha, Vesper

Cray finds Nalentha and Vesper in Roid and attacks them with Atra. Roid is destroyed further, and Cray learns that Xion is moving to attack Blade. He escapes with Sevrina, Blade, and Gale and they begin their travel north to Blade.

Chapter 58: Waking
Returning Characters: Mia, Fou-Lu, Naclia, Talen, Seri, Azala, Sakura
NPCs: Arcellia

With Sakura's healing, Mia and Fou-Lu quickly recover from the wounds inflicted by Gale. Feeling it unnecessary to help Gale or Sevrina further, they decide to move on to the Glassy Woods.

Chapter 59: Earthen Terror
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn, Karla
Returning Characters: Blaze, Zira, Moryssa, Toan, Kiran, Berry, Alwyn, Kitain, Ariakan, Fenix, Anubus
NPCs: Xion, Ethan

Xion attacks Blade, and the group arrives just soon enough to begin battling the general. In the chaos of battle, Anubus teleports to Blade and kidnaps Berry and Moryssa.

Anubus is © legendary_warrior2001 (Little Knight).
Altaris is © were_cheetah_gale (Bloodshield).

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