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    Chaos War Chapters 60-69

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Chapter 60: Blade Falls
New Characters: Luda Rhan, Ardyn, Dralock Holderhek
Canon Characters: Parn, Deedlit
Returning Characters: Ariakan, Zira, Blaze, Altaris, Kiran, Toan
NPCs: Xion

The defeated heroes leave Blade and meet three new companions, the priestess of Myrii Luda, the mercenary Ardyn, and Dralock, a dwarf. Kiran and Toan inform the rest of the group of Moryssa and Berry's kidnapping.

Chapter 61: Three Long Days
Returning Characters: Cray, Blade, Sevrina, Gale
NPCs: Xion, Tanya

Cray arrives too late to fight Xion, so he and those following him head to Raiden. Gale runs ahead and is seperated from the group when he meets were-wolves from a clan near Raiden.

Chapter 62: Legacy of a Scoundrel
New Characters: Willow, Puzzle

Berry's half-siblings are searching for their kin and come to find Berry. Instead, they find the ruins of Blade.

Chapter 63: To Raiden
Returning Characters: Zatch, Kai

Zatch and Kai travel to Raiden by sea. Before reaching the City of Anarchy, they must confront the undead Abram.

Chapter 64: Taken
Returning Characters: Berry, Moryssa, Anubus

Berry and Moryssa awake in a torture chamber to meet Anubus, their captor.

Chapter 65: The Cathedral to Marfa at Shuva
New Characters: Akaria
Canon Characters: Parn, Deedlit
Returning Characters: Altaris, Zira, Blaze, Luda, Ardyn, Ariakan, Dralock, Kiran, Toan, Willow, Puzzle
NPCs: Drevis, Ludia Rhan

The heroes retreat to the Cathedral of Marfa in Shuva where they meet Puzzle, Willow, and Ariakan's fiance, Akaria.

Chapter 66: The Glassy Woods
New Characters: Rain, Caradithil, Dinalindel, Cassandra, Sera
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Azala, Mia, Fou-Lu, Sakura, Seri, Naclia, Talen
NPCs: Mannessa, the Matriarch, Ki'rai

The other half of the heroes arrive in the Mirror Forest to appeal to the common elves and centaurs for aid in the war. Before any meetings, the group relaxes for the night, which includes a large amount of intimacy, including a couple one-night stands.

Chapter 67: Cathedral Meeting
New Characters: Kaiva Beoulve
Returning Characters: Zira, Blaze, Luda, Ardyn, Deedlit, Parn, Ariakan, Akaria, Puzzle, Willow, Altaris, Kiran, Toan, Kitain
NPCs: Drevis

The heroes gather to form their plans for the next battle.

Chapter 68: Glassy Woods: Waking
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Fenix, Sakura

Fenix awakes in the Glassy Woods and is found by Leaf, who reunites him with Sakura.

Chapter 69: Flaim Port: To Marmo
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Kitain, Blaze, Altaris, Zira, Toan, Kiran, Ariakan, Akaria, Luda, Ardyn, Kaiva, Willow, Puzzle

The heroes decide to return to Marmo to find Moryssa and Berry.

Luda is © evaren_lorta (Luria).
Ardyn is © mastaneenja.
Dralock is © stelthman23/alrich_yorath.
Willow and Puzzle are © rkent9.
Akaria is © jared_kyron (CrimsonJustice).
Rain, Caradithil, and Dinalindel are © FallenArchAngels (Fallenhalfelf).
Cassandra is © lady_moryssa.
Kaiva is © dart_belouve.

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