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    Chaos War Chapters 70-79

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Chapter 70: Glassy Woods: Morning After
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Mia, Sera, Fou-Lu, Azala, Seri, Talen, Naclia, Rain, Cassandra, Caradithil, Dinalindel
NPCs: Mannessa

The heroes wake to face the acts of the night before.

Chapter 71: One Brave Merchant
New Characters: Kazh'e, Joline da'Korv, Fasz Lerraen, Sandy
NPCs: Jonas Mathwin

Merchant Jonas Mathwin decides to brave the dangers of the road and hires a number of mercenaries to protect him.

Chapter 72: Night Fall in Raiden
New Characters: Kitsa Stormeyes, Mortis
Returning Characters: Cray, Blade, Sevrina, Gale, Zatch, Kai
NPCs: Tanya

Cray, Blade, and Sevrina check into a Raiden in where they meet Kai and Zatch again. Kitsa later arrives and meets Zatch. Meanwhile, Gale wakes up to find that the were-wolf Tanya has made him her mate in the eyes of her tribe.

Chapter 73: Down Below
Returning Characters: Berry, Anubus, Moryssa

Berry and Moryssa's torture.

Chapter 74: Arrival on Marmo
New Characters: Azoth, Miron
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn, Spark, Little Neese, Cecil
Returning Characters: Zira, Altaris, Blaze, Puzzle, Willow, Luda, Ardyn, Ariakan, Akaria, Kiran, Toan, Kitain, Kaiva

The heroes from Blade arrive on Marmo to meet with the Doom Knights again. Along the way, they pick up Miron, a dark elf hating dwarf.

Chapter 75: Glassy Woods: Leavetaking
New Characters: Aiden Silvermoon II
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Naclia, Talen, Seri, Azala, Sera, Fou-Lu, Mia, Rain, Cassandra, Caradithil, Dinalindel, Sakura, Fenix
NPCs: Aaewin, Kiandra, Darin

The group in the Glassy Woods is rewarded with the aid of a number of elven rangers from the forest.

Chapter 76: Dragon Scale: Mathwin's Mercenaries
New Characters: Arturo Demor, Cloud Maelwaedd
Returning Characters: Joline, Kazh'e, Fasz,
NPCs: Jonas Mathwin

After Sandy is killed, Mathwin hires a new mercenary in Dragon Scale. They also meet the bard Cloud.

Chapter 77: Dark Heaven
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn
Returning Characters: Blaze, Ariakan, Akaria, Azoth, Zira, Kiran, Toan, Luda, Ardyn, Miron, Kitain, Willow, Puzzle, Altaris, Kaiva

The heroes enjoy the hospitality of Dark Heaven and prepare for finding Moryssa and Berry.

Chapter 78: Morning in Raiden
New Characters: Jinn, Granite Stoneheart, Sivak, Terin
Returning Characters: Sevrina, Blade, Zatch, Kai, Kitsa, Dralock, Cray
NPCs: Celia Kar, Zeric

Waiting for the other heroes, those already in Raiden find some new allies.

Chapter 79: Moss: Enter Luria
New Characters: Luria
Returning Characters: Joline, Kazh'e, Fasz, Arturo, Cloud
NPCs: Jonas Mathwin

While traveling, Mathwin and his mercenaries meet Luria, the half-elf.

Kitsa, Aiden, Joline, and Granite are © zirathedarkelf (Z).
Kazh'e is © sora_of_silver_crystal.
Sandy is © cascadedreamer.
Fasz is © nmnmrm.
Mortis is © zatch_17 (Zatch).
Arturo is © demonic_elven_vampire/bounty_hunter_arturo.
Terin is © demonic_elven_vampire/ranger_terin and zirathedarkelf.
Cloud is © salamander01020.
Jinn is © wolfgang_van_bullet (Wolf).
Sivak is © hunter_sgb.
Azoth is © were_cheetah_gale (Bloodshield).
Miron is © genkitekimusha.
Luria is © evaren_lorta/luda_luria_reiya (Luria).

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