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    Chaos War Chapters 80-89

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Chapter 80: Rescue from Castle Conquera
Returning Characters: Kiran, Toan, Anubus, Berry, Moryssa
NPCs: Bandor, Jaron, Derim, Myrela

Kiran and Toan go to save Berry and Moryssa on their own and seek the aid of rebel dark elves from Salbad.

Chapter 81: Moss Camp
Returning Characters: Joline, Kazh'e, Fasz, Cloud, Arturo, Luria
NPCs: Jonas Mathwin

While making camp on the road, the mercenaries are attacked by a pair of manticores. A fierce battle is waged, leaving many mercenaries dead, Cloud taken, and Arturo wounded.

Chapter 82: Raiden: Acid Rain
New Characters: Aiyanna Starwind, Alera Tai'var, Nipa
Returning Characters: Jinn, Blade, Cray, Sivak, Sevrina, Terin, Kitsa, Granite, Dralock, Zatch

A corosive rain begins to fall on Raiden, damaging buildings and killing people. The rain drives three newcomers into the inn to help the cause.

Chapter 83: Duke's Palace
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn, Little Neese, Spark
Returning Characters: Luda, Ardyn, Kitain
NPCs: Lord Cresson, Piper

Deedlit and Parn accompany Luda and Ardyn to the Duke's Palace to care for Spark.

Chapter 84: Marmo: Conquera
New Characters: Felix
Canon Characters: Cecil
Returning Characters: Willow, Puzzle
NPCs: Z'lia

Puzzle and Willow leave Dark Heaven to help find Berry.

Chapter 85: Morning on Marmo: Duke's Palace
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn, Little Neese, Spark, Cecil
Returning Characters: Luda, Ardyn

Cecil returns to the Duke's Palace to help Spark.

Chapter 86: Marmo Dawn: Dark Heaven
Returning Characters: Akaria, Blaze, Altaris, Zira, Ariakan, Kaiva, Miron, Azoth
NPCs: Aldarite

The group discovers that Willow and Puzzle left on their own.

Chapter 87: Marmo: Search for Willow
Returning Characters: Kiran, Toan, Puzzle, Berry, Moryssa, Willow, Zira, Ariakan, Akaria, Anubus
NPCs: Bandor, Z'lia, Jaron, Myrela

The dark elves and Willow's siblings search for her after she gets seperated from Puzzle.

Chapter 88: Marmo: Final Dawn for Dark Heaven
Returning Characters: Zira, Akaria, Ariakan, Kiran, Altaris, Azoth, Blaze, Puzzle, Willow, Berry, Toan
NPCs: Aldarite

Kiran and Toan's triumphant return is greeted with less than enthusiasm.

Chapter 89: Duke's Palace: Depature for Raiden
Canon Characters: Deedlit, Parn, Little Neese, Cecil
Returning Characters: Luda, Arydn
NPCs: Cresson, Piper, Magdalyn

Preparations are made for Spark's transfer to Raiden.

Aiyanna is © icarii_enchanter_starhope (Aiyanna Starwind).
Alera is © alertaivar (Alera Tai'var).
Nipa is © dngtexn.
Felix is © darkelf2467.

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