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    Chaos War Chapters 90-99

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Chapter 90: Raiden: Vesper
New Characters: Edwin Starym
Returning Characters: Sivak, Sevrina, Nipa, Terin, Jinn, Aiyanna, Alera, Kitsa, Kai, Zatch, Granite, Dralock
NPCs: Vesper

Vesper appears and warns the heroes that in three days, he will attack Raiden.

Chapter 91: Raiden Recovery
New Characters: Thorn "Dravin" Gias, Daermon, Orion, Mephistoph
Returning Characters: Kitsa, Alera, Sivak, Nipa, Edwin, Aiyanna, Jinn, Sevrina, Cray, Blade
NPCs: Vesper

The characters decide what to do with the time they have been given.

Chapter 92: Dragon Eye
New Characters: Callin, Erias Irisis
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Mia, Fou-Lu, Sakura, Cassandra, Fenix, Aiden, Naclia, Talen, Rain, Caradithil, Dinalindel, Seri, Joline, Arturo, Kazh'e, Luria, Fasz, Azala, Sera
NPCs: Aaewin, Kiandra, Jonas Mathwin, Kellen

The elves from the Glassy Woods and Mathwin and his mercenaries meet up in Dragon Eye.

Chapter 93: Departures from Marmo
New Characters: Taringail
Canon Characters: Cecil, Deedlit, Parn, Neese, Spark
Returning Characters: Luda, Ardyn, Zira, Puzzle, Willow, Berry, Akaria, Ariakan, Kiran, Toan, Moryssa, Altaris, Azoth, Blaze
NPCs: Magdalyn, Piper, Cresson

Separately, the two groups on Marmo set out for Raiden. Moryssa's possession becomes apparent, but she is beyond help.

Chapter 94: Arrivals in Raiden
Canon Characters: Cecil, Deedlit, Parn, Neese, Spark
Returning Characters: Zira, Blaze, Ariakan, Akaria, Altaris, Azoth, Kiran, Toan, Moryssa, Willow, Puzzle, Berry, Luda, Ardyn, Taringail
NPCs: Piper, Magdalyn

As the Duke and his entourage settle into a Raiden inn, Spark is suddenly possessed by the Darke.

Chapter 95: Dabagon Inn: Dawn of Day One
Returning Characters: Daermon, Mephistoph, Orion, Dralock, Granite, Alera, Aiyanna, Sevrina, Blade, Jinn, Edwin, Kitsa, Nipa, Terin, Zatch, Kai, Thorn, Cray

The heroes decide to seek reinforcements from the local priests and other groups.

Chapter 96: Departure from Dragon Eye
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Seri, Azala, Naclia, Talen, Joline, Luria, Mia, Fou-Lu, Erias, Aiden, Fasz, Luria, Arturo, Kazh'e, Callin, Sakura, Fenix, Caradithil, Dinalindel, Cassandra, Rain, Sera
NPCs: Jonas, Aaewin

Jonas, his mercenaries, and a few strangers agree to follow the elves to Raiden.

Chapter 97: Raiden: Gathering Reinforcements
New Characters: Gettie Mara
Canon Characters: Cecil, Deedlit, Parn, Neese, Spark
Returning Characters: Sevrina, Blade, Kai, Jinn, Aiyanna, Alera, Granite, Nipa, Dralock, Thorn, Edwin, Mephistoph, Daermon, Orion, Zatch, Kitsa, Terin, Berry, Willow, Zira, Kiran, Moryssa, Toan, Blaze, Puzzle, Taringail, Ariakan, Akaria, Azoth, Altaris
NPCs: Darrenii, Deasa, Ialin, Thalia, N'shara, Luc, Cyrla, Estrius, Cadila, Haelin, Glosin, Turan, Adali, Talahm, Elza, Acier, Sairina, Isorith, Yukiri, Zulas, Falco, Marcus, Quintus, Orelius, Lucius, Herrick, Magdalyn, Piper, Cresson

The group from Marmo reunites with those in Raiden and aid from the temples is gathered.

Chapter 98: Honto
Canon Characters: Ryna, Leaf
Returning Characters: Seri, Azala, Nacla, Talen, Mia, Fou-Lu, Aiden, Joline, Arturo, Luria, Fasz, Kazh'e, Rain, Cassandra, Caradithil, Dinalindel, Callin, Erias, Sera, Sakura, Fenix
NPCs: Jonas, Aaewin

The two groups stop in Honto.

Chapter 99: Return to Dabagon Inn
Canon Characters: Cecil, Deedlit, Parn, Neese, Spark
Returning Characters: Aiyanna, Alera, Jinn, Cray, Granite, Dralock, Nipa, Orion, Mephistoph, Daermon, Edwin, Sevrina, Blade, Gettie, Altaris, Azoth, Sivak, Zira, Blaze, Luda, Ardyn, Kiran, Toan, Moryssa, Thorn
NPCs: Isorith, Piper, Deasa, Luc, Thalia, N'shara, Ialin, Cyrla, Elza, Sairina, Acier

The priests arrive at the inn.

Edwin is © king_of_dragons76010 (EdwinStarym).
Thorn is © legendary_warrior2001 (Little Knight).
Daermon is © daermon_the_evil.
Orion is © perlap13elf.
Mephistoph is © half_vampiric_alucard.
Callin is © dean4050211 (Callin).
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