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Archives: Failed Storylines

The archives on this page were canceled before they could make much of themselves, or had a clearly defined plot. Usually, these happen when one or more pivotal players leaves, or if the players together just lose interest.

A New Balance: Out of Roid

This was an arc of the A New Balance storyline that was canceled early on due to the departures of lady_moryssa and dngtexn.

Chapter 1: Roid
New Characters: Kiran, Nipa, Moryssa, Luda Rhan

Dark elf Kiran has snuck into Roid and comes across a shop surprisingly run by a dark elven woman...

Chapter 2: A Tavern in Roid
New Characters: Ultarik “Grimeye”, Jinn Rishnah
Characters: Kiran

After being chased away from Moryssa’s shop, Kiran decides to go to a tavern where he meets a pair of dark elf-friendly mercenaries.

Chapter 3: Roid’s Mercenaries’ Guild
Characters: Luda, Nipa, Moryssa, Kiran, Jinn, Ultarik

Kiran and Moryssa’s paths cross again at the Mercenaries’ Guild.

Sevrina’s Apprentice

This short RP did not belong to any existing plot, and after the player of Haesel disappeared, the story was canceled.

Chapter 1: Meeting in Adan
Characters: Sevrina, Haesel Bliss

At an inn in Adan, dark elf assassin Sevrina comes across a dangerous little rogue who strikes her fancy...

Adventures of Granite and Ooke

Originally played on the Adventures in Lodoss board, the storyline fell apart with OokeStoneskull’s disinterest.

Chapter 1: Leaving Home
New Characters: Granite Stoneheart, Ooke Stoneskull

Granite sets out for an adventure in Lodoss, but she meets Ooke, a dwarf who has been robbed, and instead begins a quest in her hometown of Raiden to recover his lost belongings.

Chapter 2: Assistance
New Characters: Minsk
Characters: Granite, Ooke

In need of help to recover Ooke’s belongings, Granite and Ooke find a mercenary to help them.

Chapter 3: Recovering Ooke’s Lost Belongings
Characters: Minsk, Ooke, Granite

With Minsk and his dogs, Granite and Ooke set out on the path of the thieves.

Bastion’s Demons

This is the first version of the Bastion’s Demons, but this was canceled due to the departure of xeonith, whose character Alleria had proved to be rather pivotal to the plot, and restarted.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Raiden
New Characters: Cissiria, Alleria, Krhea Fal, Daulag Udaar

Cissiria, a naive young centaur, arrives in Raiden to almost be immediately captured by slavers, but some adventurers come to her aid.

Chapter 2: The Copper Bucket Inn
New Characters: Bastion Ulbreckt, Edric
Characters: Cissiria, Daulag, Alleria, Krhea
NPCs: Rettick

After her rescue, Cissiria and her new friends visit an inn owned by a friend of Alleria’s.

Chapter 3: Infiltrating the Slave Market
Characters: Cissiria, Edric, Bastion, Alleria, Daulag, Krhea

To complete their mission for Rettick, the group prepares to enter the slave market.

Kiran, Sevrina, Granite, Cissiria, and Katela are © Z (Kiran, Sevrina, Granite Stoneheart, Centauress Cissiria, Katela el'Baran).
Nipa is © dngtexn (Y!).
Moryssa is © lady_moryssa (Y!).
Luda is © Luria.
Ultarik and Daulag are © CrimsonJustice.
Jinn is © Wolf.
Haesel is © Aquila.
Ooke is © OokeStoneskull.
Minsk is © Tom.
Alleria is © xeonith.
Krhea is © Mana Link.
Bastion is © Bundesphar.
Edric is © Dead Midas.