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Liberation of Ales Storyline

Prologue: Rest in Lesmoa
New Characters: Meridian, Cebina

A young half-elf native to Ales is returning home on a quest to kill his father. While spending the night in Lesmoa, he comes across a dark elven woman with her own revenge to exact...

Chapter 1: What is Myrii’s Design?
New Characters: Niklas Melphist, Lianora

After acquiring the sword forged for his mother, Niklas considers where to go from here. Lianora suggests mercenary work.

Chapter 2: Plans for Revenge
Characters: Cebina, Meridian

Cebina and Meridian decide to pursue Meridian’s vengeance first.

Chapter 3: Shinning Hill’s Mercenaries’ Guild
New Characters: Veriss Trelem, Geo El Orin, Mora
Characters: Niklas, Lianora

Niklas registers at the guild and meets a potential dueling partner.

Chapter 4: A New Job?
New Characters: Flora
Characters: Geo, Niklas, Lianora, Veriss
NPCs: Dartin Etage, Saertia

A merchant arrives at the guild with a mission, in the meantime, a new adventurer joins the guild.

Chapter 5: Meeting at the Mercenariesí Guild
New Characters: Sohe
Characters: Geo, Mora, Veriss, Flora, Lianora, Niklas
NPCs: Dartin Etage, Saertia, Ralan, Cayden

The mercenaries interested in Dartin's job arrive for a mission briefing.

Chapter 6: Meridian and Cebina: Road to Ales
Characters: Meridian, Cebina

Meridian and Cebina set out to Ales and are waylaid by bandits.

Liberation of Ales Storyline


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