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Chapter 1: Introductions
New Characters: Zack Valentine, Ryan O'Connor, Cid Warrington, Bay Townsend

Personal introspection from Zack, Ryan, Cid, and Bay.

Chapter 2: Arrivals at LAX
New Characters: Donovan Cray
Characters: Ryan O'Connor

Ryan and Donovan arrive seperately in LAX.

Chapter 3: UCLA: Morning
New Characters: Astrid Bevingad, Sevrina Korval, Albert Oaks, Oscar Bevingad, Nichole Gilden

Meetings on campus in the morning. Oscar and Nichole make a date.

Chapter 4: Dreanid High School: Morning
New Characters: Stephan Banks, Samara Adams, Anisa Korval, Alicia Cedillo, Thalia Brittingham, Katherine O'Brian, Genevieve Stone, Lara Lee Smith
Characters: Cid Warrington

First day of high school. This chapter follows the first two periods for a set of seniors and freshmen.

Chapter 5: Megan/The White Scourge of LA
New Characters: Megan Sylvester, Jin Kazamatsuri

Separate introductions for Megan and Jin.

Chapter 6: Sevrina and Ryan's Lunch
New Characters: Kai Valentine
Characters: Ryan O'Connor, Zack Valentine, Astrid Bevingad, Sevrina Korval, Megan Sylvester
NPCs: Ethan D'oralid

Sevrina decides to go out for lunch with Ryan, where his flagrant display of weapons attracts the attention of officers Valentine and D'oralid. Megan joins their meal.

Chapter 7: Oscar and Nichole's Lunch
Characters: Oscar Bevingad, Nichole Gilden

Oscar and Nichole get to know each other over lunch.

Chapter 8: Astrid and Zack's Lunch
Characters: Astrid Bevingad, Zack Valentine, Kai Valentine
NPCs: Annie, Brian, Lilith

Astrid and Zack go to lunch, which turns into a four hour trip to the hospital.

Chapter 9: High School Lunch
Characters: Alicia Cedillo, Cid Warrington, Genevieve Stone, Katherine O'Brian, Lara Lee Smith

Alicia and Cid go out to lunch with the other girls.

Chapter 10: Cray's Tour
Characters: Sevrina Korval, Donovan Cray

Sevrina hurries back to school to give Mr. Cray a tour.

Chapter 11: After School
Characters: Anisa Korval, Jin Kazamatsuri
NPCs: Michael

After school, Anisa heads out to a bar with a friend where she sees Jin race an American motorcyclist.

Zack and Kai Valentine are © zatch_17 (Zatch). Based on Kai and Zatch Kar de Raul.
Ryan O'Connor is © were_cheetah_gale (Bloodshield). Based on Gale Bloodshield.
Cid Warrington is © sephtur (singularityman). Based on Cian.
Bay Townsend is © rkent9. Based on Berry.
Donovan Cray and Jin Kazamatsuri are © wolfgang_van_bullet (Wolf). Based on Cray and Jinn.
Astrid and Oscar Bevingad are © icarii_enchanter_starhope (Aiyanna Starwind). Based on Aiyanna and Erias Starwind.
Sevrina and Anisa Korval, Nichole Gilden, Alicia Cedillo, Stephan Banks, Samara Adams, Thalia Brittingham, Katherine O'Brian, and Genevieve Stone are © zirathedarkelf (Z). Based on Sevrina, Anisa Amri, Naclia, Alni, Ciprian Tremas, Zaole, Thalia Bodewhin, Katela O'Baran, and Granite Stoneheart, respectively.
Lara Lee Smith is © ryna22000. Based on Leaf.
Albert Oaks is © legendary_warrior2001 (Little Knight). Based on Albedo Oaks.
Megan Sylvester is © zoberraz (Eliamn). Based on Phaelle.

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