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Located just between Long Beach and the edge of Orange County, Dreanid is a small town about twenty minutes south from L.A.. Housing in the city tends to get pricey so it isn't uncommon for people to work there and make the commute from one of the neighboring towns. It's a fairly quiet place, two coffee houses, a mom and pops bookstore, and three convenience stores. The town's best kept secret is that it's an excellent place to surf.

Java Dude - An Internet coffee house which celebrated it's grand opening just a few weeks ago. Usually it plays Jazz through the sound system, but it also has a small stage for live music and the occasional open mic night.

RPM Records - A moderate sized music store which features rare and imported albums, most of them on vinyl. It also has a wide selection of techno mixes from local and world famous DJs. Most of the underground bands in LA have their albums there. The store carries a limited selection of DVDs, videos, games, and even laserdisks.

Dreanid High School - Public High School where so far, most of the teenage characters are attending. It's a large school, not quite filled to capacity, but getting there.


Los Angeles is a city like few in the country. Conflicting images of Los Angeles flicker across our television and movie screens: Hollywood glamor contrasts with gang violence, year-round sunny skies with smog, fast cars with traffic jams. From what travelers can gather, Los Angeles is a land of style and disaster, movers, shakers and earth quakers. Residents are accustomed to a rhythm that alternates between relaxation and stress. There literally hundreds of good hangout places in the city, but for gaming purposes the most common ones are listed below.

UCLA - A very large school both in girth and sheer population. There are students from just about every country, religion, and culture in the world.

The Smoke Screen - A large cabaret in the south side with two stages, two bars, fifteen poles and 30 to 35 dancers on the payroll. Unlike a lot of other skin clubs the Smoke Screen is very clean and modern having just been renovated, and they have a high standard when hiring girls. The club has a very strict no-touching policy unless a dancer is the one making contact, violators of this policy are thoroughly introduced to one of the five well qualified bouncers. Otherwise it's a great place to unwind, just remember that a dancers interest in you is just to get tips.

Dante's Inferno - A trendy club with live music on a nightly basis. The local bands come here to get their music heard, but once in a while a big name comes to town. It has tables along the back as well as a large dance floor. The featured genre tends to be rock but they invite bands of most other types. A 21+ policy is strictly enforced at the door along with a five to ten dollar cover.

Mungo's - Another nightclub that caters to a younger age group as one of the few places that doesn't check ID to get in. It has a stage for bands but doesn't feature them as often as Dante's, instead it has a digital jukebox which downloads just about any song from an online database. It's a hangout as much as it is a club with ten couches scattered around, a kitchen, and a coffee bar as well as a liquor bar. There's no cover except on nights when a band is playing, and even then it's only two or three dollars.

Blair Mountain

A fictional ski resort located about a two hour's drive East in the town of Blair. It's season runs from November 1 to March 30 and tends to use man made snow much more than natural snowfall. There are runs for almost any skill level but hardcore professionals tend to find even the most challenging trails a little bland. Throughout the season the owner is constantly on the lookout for employees and will often have information sheets posted in high schools and colleges. They hire for ski instructors, lift operators, rental shop personnel, wait staff, custodial, and many others. Experience is preferred but not required.

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