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New Marmo Republic Storyline

Chapter 1: Forging an Alliance
New Characters: Thrash, Magnus Thane, Snowe
NPCs: Myrela, Tonaro, Seygrim

On Marmo, two former knights who desire to see Marmo returned to its people attempt to ally themselves in order to take back the island.

Chapter 2: The Dark Elf Village
New Characters: Havana
Characters: Thrash, Magnus Thane, Snowe
NPCs: Myrela, Tonaro, Vadiri, Marela, Nehen, Seygrim

Thrash and Thane meet in the dark elven village to discuss their alliance with the dark elven elders.

Chapter 3: Myrela’s Mission
New Characters: Vanaia
Characters: Snowe
NPCs: Myrela, Irindril, Urolia, Amaria, Lunal

Myrela sends a beautiful dark elven woman to spy on Thane for her.

Chapter 4: Camp of the Black Baron
New Characters: Xanin Erran, Sazan
Characters: Magnus Thane, Vanaia
NPCs: Taina, Azriel, Brent

After dispatching a band of troublesome bandits in a nearby farming community, Thane is poisoned and stuggles to survive.

Chapter 5: The Roid Palace
New Characters: Elianna, Itoya
Canon Characters: Fianna, Etoh

A day in the lives of prince Itoya and princess Elianna of Valis.

Chapter 6: The Mercenaries’ Inn
New Characters: Zira, Edwin Starym, Linda Purel, Ultarik "Grimeye", Gaidrich Kaitar, Alm

In an inn for mercenaries, several people are brought together over the presence of Linda, and the dark elf Zira.

Chapter 7: A Late Night Gamble
New Characters: J. Alastair Silverstein
Characters: Elianna, Linda, Gaidrich, Ultarik, Edwin, Zira

Elianna goes to gamble under the alias Elayne, but ends up getting herself in deep trouble.

Chapter 8: Missing Elayne
New Characters: Silemria TIl’Elsa Gradus
Characters: Itoya, Zira, Edwin, Gaidrich, Linda, Alm, Ultarik

Itoya comes to find Elianna to find Zira and company investigating her disappearance.

Chapter 9: The Safehouse
New Characters: Sura, Aelis
Characters: Jet, Elianna, Zira, Alm, Linda, Gaidrich, Silemria, Itoya, Ultarik, Edwin

Itoya attempts to negotiate for his sister’s release, only to realize that he’s up against something greater than mere kidnappers.

Chapter 10: Failed Negotiations
Characters: Zira, Linda, Itoya, Edwin, Ultarik, Silemria, Gaidrich, Alm, Aelis, Jet, Sura

The negotiations for Elianna’s released failed, Jet takes the princess and escapes into the sewers while his men distract the mercenaries. Zira takes Itoya and Linda to safety before returning to the battle herself.

Chapter 11: Waiting with Itoya
Characters: Linda, Itoya

Linda is left to guard Itoya and tries to lift the young prince’s spirits.

Chapter 12: Defeat
Characters: Zira, Silemria, Gaidrich, Edwin, Ultarik, Alm, Linda, Itoya

After getting the wounded tended to, Zira and company must pick up the pieces of their failed battle and come up with a new plan to help Itoya.

Chapter 13: The Triumvirate
Canon Characters: Spark, Garrack
New Characters: Sevrina, Grennith
NPCs: Lok, Toumas Auster, Shale, Kayla Auster, Konta

Spark hires a new assassin to take out the Triumvirate’s threat to his control of Marmo.

Chapter 14: Assassination Attempt
Characters: Sevrina, Grennith
NPCs: Shale, Toumas Auster

Sevrina makes her way to the desert, intent to scout the Triumvirate, but an opportunity presents itself...

Chapter 15: Aboard the Freighter Hargen
Characters: Jet, Sura, Elianna, Aelis
NPCs: Tomas

Jet and his team return to Marmo.

Chapter 16: Morning at the Highland Inn
Characters: Gaidrich, Itoya, Alm, Zira, Edwin, Linda, Silemria, Ultarik

The prince and his companions wake at the inn in the morning, but Linda’s troubles the night before seem to be coming back to haunt them all...

Chapter 17: Morning Barroom Brawl
Characters: Zira, Itoya, Alm, Ultarik, Gaidrich, Edwin, Linda, Silemria

A fight breaks out in the inn as a cover to take Linda.

Chapter 18: Thane’s Recovery
Characters: Xanin, Sazan, Vanaia, Magnus Thane, Snowe

After Vanaia’s antidote, Thane recovers from his poisoning.

Chapter 19: The Triumvirate: Sevrina Wakes
Characters: Sevrina, Grennith
NPCs: Lady Auster, Konta

Sevrina awakens to being cared for by the wife of the man she tried to kill and Grennith.

Chapter 20: Finding the Trail In Progress...
Characters: Zira, Edwin, Silemria, Ultarik, Gaidrich, Linda, Itoya, Alm

After the fiasco at the inn, the mercenaries begin their search for Elianna.

New Marmo Republic Storyline


Thrash is © yazzor.
Magnus Thane is © Darthvegeta800.
Snowe is © Dead Midas.
Havana is © Z, played by Kidcat.
Myrela, Tonaro, Xanin, Vanaia, Zira, Sura, and Sevrina are © Z (Zira, Priestess Sura, Werewolf Xanin, Vanaia, Sevrina).
Seygrim and Silemria are © Little Knight.
Elianna and Itoya are © Valenti, played by Z (Princess Elianna) and Alera Tai’var, respectively.
Etoh, Fianna, Spark, and Garrack are © Ryo Mizuno and Group SNE.
Edwin is © EdwinStarym.
Linda is © Fantasy.
Ultarik is © CrimsonJustice.
Gaidrich is © Bundesphar.
Alm and Jet are © Mana Link.
Aelis is © Z, played by xeonith.
Grennith, Lok, Toumas, Shale, and Lady Auster are © Alera Tai’var