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Quest for Neria Storyline

Chapter 1: Resuming His Search
New Characters: Jereidon Thappis, Katela el'Baran, Brynn

As Jereidon plans to continue his search for his long lost baby sister, he meets the half-elf ranger Katela and dwarven priest of Myrii, Brynn, who agree to help him.

Chapter 2: The Slums of Shinning Hill
New Characters: Aquila Carrows
Characters: Brynn, Jereidon, Katela

Brynn takes Jereidon and Katela to give food to the needy, and run into the pick-pocket Aquila.

Chapter 3: Rest at the River
Characters: Katela, Brynn, Jereidon, Aquila

After hitting the road, the group stops to camp by the river for the night.

Chapter 4: To Wizard Darjis
Characters: Katela, Brynn, Jereidon, Aquila

The group arrives in the village Jereidon’s mentor lives in.

Quest for Neria Storyline


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