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Archives: The Golden Egg Chapters

Chapter 1: Mirror Forest
New Characters: Naclia, Aiden Silvermoon II, Eliamn
NPCs: Kanil

Naclia and Aiden are leaving home for awhile to explore the human world. The daughter of the forest Keepers, Eliamn, is to join them to help her prepare to make a contract with Ento.

Chapter 2: Arrival in Dragon Breath
New Characters: Talen Drecloud
Characters: Naclia, Aiden, Eliamn

Arriving in Dragon Breath, the elves are overwhelmed by the capitol city, but they find an inn to stay at and meet Talen, a dragon knight.

Chapter 3: Exploring Dragon Breath
New Characters: Lyassa
Characters: Naclia, Aiden, Talen, Eliamn

Talen takes the elves on a tour of Dragon Breath, and Aiden ends up inviting a Marfa priestess along with them.

Chapter 4: Wyvern Cliffs and Marfa Temple
Returning Characters: Aiden, Lyassa, Naclia, Eliamn, Talen
NPCs: Rhessos Vortin, Erinea

Talen takes Naclia and Eliamn to the Wyvern Cliffs to see Moss’s wyverns while Lyassa takes Aiden to the Marfa temple so she can get her belongings.

Chapter 5: Rylan the Centaur Berserker
New Characters: Rylan
Characters: Naclia, Talen, Aiden, Eliamn, Lyassa

On the road out of Dragon Breath, the party encounters a centaur being attacked by bandits.

Chapter 6: The Golden Egg
New Characters: Kima
Characters: Aiden, Lyassa, Rylan, Eliamn, Naclia, Talen

Aiden discovers a note that had been placed in his pack and soon learn of a plot that seems to be aimed at kidnapping the dragon Mycen’s egg.

Chapter 7: The Golden Dragon
Characters: Kima, Aiden, Rylan, Lyassa, Eliamn, Naclia, Talen
NPCs: Mycen

The decoy comes down the road and is stopped by Aiden. Mycen comes to investigate and charges them with a mission to save her egg.

Chapter 8: Camp on the Road to Dragon Scale
New Characters: Saga Askani, Wilhelm "Minstral" Mard
Characters: Naclia, Talen, Eliamn, Kima, Lyassa, Aiden, Rylan

When Naclia finishes her scouting, she runs into a quarter-elf on the road out of Dragon Breath seeking Aiden. Meanwhile, Talen brings the other women to a campsite to wait for the three rangers to return. Before they do, Kima’s beloved Minstral meets them in the campsite.

Chapter 9: Through the Night
Characters: Naclia, Talen

Naclia and Talen stay up for awhile and talk.

Chapter 10: Morning on the Road to Dragon Scale
Characters: Talen, Naclia, Eliamn, Aiden, Lyassa, Rylan, Kima, Saga

The party wakes in the morning and decides whether to follow Rylan’s lead, or go to Dragon Scale to find out who and where Lord Mur-Cavendrel is.

Chapter 11: Arrival in Dragon Scale
Characters: Aiden, Naclia, Kima, Rylan, Talen, Eliamn, Lyassa, Saga

Upon their arrival at the Dragon Scale city gates, the group encounters some trouble.

Chapter 12: The Drecloud Manor
Characters: Talen, Aiden, Naclia, Kima, Eliamn, Lyassa
NPCs: Artina, Sorilea Drecloud

Talen brings his companions to his family’s home to make arrangements for Kima before they go to the castle.

Chapter 13: The Duke of Gyenon
Characters: Talen, Aiden, Naclia, Eliamn, Lyassa, Minstral
NPCs: Talanvor Drecloud, Duke of Gyenon

The adventurers speak to the duke about their problems, however the answer is not what they hoped. The Minstral reappears and finds himself recruited by Eliamn, despite protests.

Chapter 14: The Weeping Bell Inn
Characters: Wil/Minstral, Eliamn, Naclia
NPCs: Cole and Catherine Telany

To find more information on Roess, Eliamn, Naclia, and Wil the Minstral stay in Dragon Scale to contact an informant named Roke.

Chapter 15: Searching the Backroads
Characters: Aiden, Rylan, Kima, Talen, Lyassa

While Naclia and Eliamn do reconnaissance in Dragon Scale, the rest of the group searches the backroads for signs of Roess’s passage.

Chapter 16: Meeting with Roke
Characters: Wil/Minstral, Eliamn, Naclia
NPCs: Roke

Eliamn, Naclia, and Wil meet with the information dealer Roke.

Chapter 17: Trouble on the Backroads
Characters: Talen, Lyassa, Rylan, Aiden, Kima

While waiting at the camp, Lyassa is arrested by Mossian soldiers, but Talen manages to escape notice.

Chapter 18: Departure from Dragon Scale
Characters: Naclia, Eliamn, Wil/Minstral

After their meeting with Roke, Eliamn, Wil, and Naclia decide to leave the city early, and soon discover that the city guard is looking for them.

Chapter 19: Reunion in the Forests
Characters: Naclia, Eliamn, Wil, Aiden, Talen, Rylan

After escaping from Dragon Scale through the spirit plane, Eliamn, Naclia, and Wil reunite with Aiden, Talen, and Rylan (and Kima).

Chapter 20: To The Mage’s Guild
Characters: Wil, Aiden, Naclia, Eliamn, Talen, Rylan, Kima

The group continues on to the Mage’s Guild to pursue the information they’ve found on Mur-Cavendrel.

Chapter 21: The Inn
Characters: Naclia, Talen, Wilhelm, Rylan, Kima

While Aiden and Eliamn head to the guild, Naclia and Talen are left to secure accommodations with Rylan and a sick Wilhelm.

Chapter 22: The Mage’s Guild
Characters: Eliamn, Aiden, Naclia, Talen
NPCs: Master Austin, Ted, Marilyn

Aiden and Eliamn began their research.

Chapter 23: Talen and Naclia: Evening at the Inn
Characters: Aiden, Naclia, Talen

After being sent to bed by Eliamn, Naclia and Talen find some time to themselves at the inn/dormitories.

Chapter 24: Seeking Her Roots
New Characters: Kitsa Stormeyes Silvermoon, Orion
NPCs: Mysa, Anaiya, Kanil

Orion and Kitsa, after parting ways from Seri (from Search for Azala), travel to the Mirror Forest so Kitsa can find her father’s history in Lodoss.

Chapter 25: Daybreak at the Dormitories
Characters: Eliamn, Aiden, Naclia, Talen

Eliamn wakes Aiden and discusses whittling down their group, meanwhile Naclia and Talen wait for everyone to get ready to leave.

The Golden Egg Storyline


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