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Vampire Hunt Storyline

Chapter 1: Dragon Eye
New Characters: Rone Kalmaine, Aryen, Laies Il Luminous, N’shara Al Shareef, Nakira Tan’kari, Ileta Drake, Penna, Iluri Ezrih
NPCs: Priestess Deasa, Rhianna, Dralan, Daim, Tanildy, Dutia, Hinny

The vampire Aryen waits in Dragon Eye for nightfall while Rone, a vampire hunting priest, tracks him to the city from his last kill. Meanwhile, Priestess N’shara arrives in the city for a morning sermon at the temple where she meets Laies and Nakira. At an inn in the city, barmaid Ileta serves Penna, an elf, and Iluri, a sorceress.

Chapter 2: The First Attack
Characters: N’shara, Laies, Aryen

N’shara and Laies go to the Drake Street Inn for lunch. When Laies leaves to run an errand, Aryen charms N’shara and sinks his fangs in. Laies returns just in the nick of time to save her.

Chapter 3: To the Marfa Temple
Characters: Laies, N’shara, Rone
NPCs: Priestess Deasa, Priestess Boath

Laies rushes N’shara to the Marfa temple for healing.

Chapter 4: The Dragon’s Fist Inn
Characters: Ileta, Penna, Iluri, Aryen
NPCs: Inga, Dutia, Hinny, Darin

Aryen comes to the Dragon’s Fist Inn where Ileta works and easily convinces her to leave with him.

Chapter 5: Ileta’s Death
Characters: Aryen, Ileta

Aryen takes Ileta, and decides that he wants her to become a vampire.

Chapter 6: Ileta’s Rebirth
Characters: N’shara, Rone, Laies, Aryen, Ileta
NPCs: Priestess Deasa, Dutia, Darin, Daim, Tanildy

At the temple, N’shara wakes briefly as her healing completes, but is quickly back to sleep. At Ileta’s apartment, the barmaid wakes a new woman, a vampire. She struggles with the change, but when her co-worker comes to deliver a message from their boss, she gives in to her new vampire nature.

Chapter 7: N’shara Wakes
Characters: N’shara, Rone, Laies
NPCs: Priestess Deasa

N’shara finally regains consciousness and tells Rone about her attack. She insists on joining the hunt for Aryen.

Chapter 8: The Hunt Begins
Characters: N’shara, Rone, Laies, Nakira

N’shara, Rone, and Laies set out into Dragon Eye to track the vampire. Along the way, they catch Nakira trying to break into a goldsmithy.

Chapter 9: A Lead at the Dragon’s Fist Inn
New Characters: Callin Nightshade
Characters: N’shara, Nakira, Laies, Rone, Penna
NPCs: Daim, Lorban, Hinny

N’shara and company arrive at the Dragon’s Fist Inn in their search and finally find something probative.

Chapter 10: The Search: Ileta’s Apartment
Characters: Penna, N’shara, Rone, Nakira, Callin

The vampire hunters investigate Ileta’s apartment and make a grisly discovery.

Chapter 11: Preparations
Characters: Nakira, N’shara, Penna, Callin, Laies, Rone
NPCs: Dralen, Rhianna, Daim, Tanildy

Expecting a longer chase, the party decides to split up to make their preparations for a longer hunt.

Chapter 12: The Vampire’s Escape
New Character: Fenix Greywords
Characters: Aryen, Ileta, Rone, Laies, N’shara, Nakira, Penna

Aryen and Ileta lead their pursuers on a chase through the city.

Chapter 13: Into the Forest
Characters: Rone, Aryen, Ileta, Laies, N’shara, Nakira, Fenix, Penna

The vampire hunters chase Aryen and Ileta into the forests outside of Dragon Eye.

Chapter 14: Sanctuary
New Character: Xerephex Elsathehdfor Milaminos Thedarius El Exebathus
Characters: Aryen, Ileta, N’shara, Nakira, Rone, Laies, Fenix, Penna

The vampire hunters chase Aryen and Ileta into the forests outside of Dragon Eye.

Chapter 15: Morning for the Hunters
Characters: N’shara, Nakira, Rone, Fenix, Laies, Penna

The vampire hunters awake the next morning well rested, but Rone’s ego causes problems amongst the group.

Vampire Hunt Storyline


Rone is © Alera Tai’var.
Aryen is © Vampire Aryen.
Laies and Xerephex are © Mana Link.
N’shara and Ileta are © Z (Priestess N’shara, Vampiress Ileta).
Nakira, Rhianna, and Dralan are © CrimsonJustice.
Penna is © justindustries.
Iluri is © Ferrilonver.
Callin is © Callin.
Fenix is © Little Knight.