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Storyline: Building an Empire at Sea

Captain Malak Erstwiel, “The Crimson Shrike”, is a man of ambition and the power to see it done. He seeks to create a new piracy empire under his banner./p>

Building an Empire at Sea Board Formerly “Salty Adventures”


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive.

Alina | Anisa | Kreoss | Lilly | Lythia | Malak | Mudan | Ridell | Tatia | Terelyn | Tornalin | Ursula | Varun


Staff: Z, Mana Link, Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Terelyn), Anisa Amri, Ceci Elena (Tatia), EdwinStarym (Varun), Fallenhalfelf (Lythia), Fantasy (Alina), justindustries (Lilly), Mana Link (Malak), Mudan, Pirate Kreoss*
Former Players: CrimsonJustice (Tornalin), Ferrilonver (Ursula), Leon Yojimbo (Forumer) (Kreoss), OokeStoneskull (Ridell/Red Ear)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Gathering all Ye Salty Dogs
Chapter 2: The Leaky Meal Ticket
Chapter 3: Taking of the Freedom
Chapter 4: Night on the Freedom
Chapter 5: Taking of the Bloody Codger
Chapter 6: Morning of the Second Day
Chapter 7: Emergence of the Leviathan
Chapter 8: Isle of Wreckage
Chapter 9: Return to the Freedom
Chapter 10: Repairs & Malak’s Return
Chapter 11: Relaxation after a Hard Day’s Work


Under construction

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