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Character Creation

When creating your character follow all rules, be complete, and spell check! If you have any questions, please refer to the Character Creation Guidebook. Consult any site pages relating to your character as well. If you have questions that aren't answered by the guidebook, send a PM to Z.

Not everyone will be instantly approved, but most people will only have to revise their character once. However, there are a few critical errors that may get you barred from applying again.

  1. An obviously poor grasp of the English language. This includes using "netspeak". We must be able to understand each other clearly.
  2. A very poor application lacking in information and with multiple violations of character creation rules, which would prove that you don't pay attention.
  3. Creating a completely unacceptable character after three revisions.

If you are denied for these reasons, your character application may find it's place on our Wall of Shame.

Character Application Instructions

You can find our application in the announcements of the Apply Here board. Please take a look the announcements on this board before you apply; they explain important information about creating characters.

  1. Collect your application from the Application Form thread. Be sure to scroll down and look at the rest of the post to see what else is there. Fill out the application provided (instructions will be included) and post it as a new topic on the Apply Here board. You can post an incomplete application there to work on later, and remember, you can edit your post! If you post a work in progress, please bump your thread when it's complete so the moderators know you're done.
  2. The moderators will look your completed application over and it will be privately discussed amongst the moderators. Within two days or less time, you will have a response with either approval, or requesting a revision. What exactly needs to be revised will be included in the response. You will have approximately three revisions to get your character approved, though if we are confident in you, we will be willing to allow you to revise more.
  3. When your character is approved, a moderator will reply and give you some information. You will be linked to your character's page, and given suggestions on where to start. Decide on which suggestion you like best, reply, and the moderator will provide further information on how to get started in that storyline.

Character Creation Rules

There are a few rules that you need to follow when creating your character.
  1. Characters must be true to the Lodoss world. Players may not introduce new elements to world through their characters, including, but not limited to:
    • New races
    • New major gods or dragons (lesser gods may be ok, but they will be judged on a case by case basis)
    • New historical events or figures
    • New magic or powers
    • New technology
    • New nations in Lodoss
    • Aliens from other planets
    The website has extensive information on Lodoss (though little on other continents). When in doubt, ask the moderators.
  2. Characters must be balanced. They need to have flaws and weaknesses just like any real person. We will not accept characters that seem to be perfect in every way.
  3. Characters must be original. Any characters entirely based on characters from games, animes, movies, tv shows, books, history, or any other medium will not be accepted. You may, however:
    • Use the name, or parts of the name, of a copyrighted character so long as the name is not too familiar, not the full name of the copyrighted character, fits the Lodoss setting, and the character bears no resemblance it's namesake.
    • Use some concepts of a copyrighted character so long as it fits the Lodoss setting, the character does not have the same name as it's inspiring character, and the concept itself doesn't breach the copyright of the inspiring character.
    • Use the image of a copyrighted character as inspiration for your own character, so long as you do not use the name or any other aspects of the inspiring character and the image suits a Forcelian inhabitant. Please try and credit the artist who created the image.
  4. No obvious Asian elements. Lodoss may be an anime created in Japan, but it is based on European medieval history and mythologies; characters should reflect this. Asian elements such as:
    • Names (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) that cannot be passed off as western.
    • Weapons or fighting styles (no katana, shuriken, kung fu, karate, etc.)
    • Cultural references (traditions, mythologies, philosophies, languages, etc.)
    are not allowed.
  5. You may start with only one character, and you may not use any NPCs that will travel with that character. After your first month in the game, you may create another character. Experienced players may create more than one character at a time. There are no limits on how many characters an individual can play, but there may not always be room for new characters in the game.
  6. You may not create and play new characters as love interests for your own characters. In some cases, using NPCs as love interests are acceptable (such as a wife or husband left to care for the home), but you may not use an NPC that will follow your character and act as their lovers. Romances in the game should be allowed to develop between characters played by other people to keep the relationship dynamic. If you want to create a love interest specifically for your character, you may request another player play and/or create the love interest.
  7. Characters who have some sort of involvement with Karla will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • A pawn in one of her plots.
    • Imprisonment.
    • Kidnapping to be her host body.
    • Using a character as a personal assassin or servant.
    • Lovers.
    Characters should not know who Karla is or what she has done either, with the exception of the canon characters and royalty who were involved with her.
  8. Keep no secrets from the moderators in your application. All planned aspects of the character must be revealed in the application, even if you intend to use it as a surprise in the game. This diminishes the chance for future upset if you violate any of the rules.
  9. Mind your grammar and spelling on your application. We do not ask you to provide a writing sample, because we feel that the written portions of the application should give us enough information on your writing abilities. Small errors are easily forgiven, but if you cannot write coherently, you will be denied.

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