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Aiden Silvermoon II
Pronunciation: Ī-dehn SIL-ver-MOON

Forum ID Aiden Silvermoon
Plot The Golden Egg
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Age 124
Birth Year NRC 406
Gender Male
Race Three-Quarters Common Elf, One-Quarter Human
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Aiden bears a striking resemblance to his father, for whom he was named. He has long blond hair that falls to his lower back and the same bright blue eyes as his father. He appears fully elven, and it is almost impossible to tell舑even to elves舑that his father was half-human. Aiden has a handsome face and a winning smile that has won him a few lovers.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Blond
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Slender Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Aiden dresses in drab colors for hiding in the wilderness. His shirt is dark green and laced at the top and he wears broken-in leather pants. His vest is leather, he isn’t a big fan of armor because it weighs him down. He wears a long wool cloak over his clothes that easily fades into forest greens. On his ring finger, he wears a silver ring with a sapphire stone which originally belonged to his human grandfather and was passed to his father, who later gave it to his mother, who, in turn, passed it to him. The ring is an heirloom of the Kastuulian Silvermoon family.

Weapon Description

    Aiden's rapier is longer than most and a bit heavier, since it was made for a male fighter. It's elven steel and has silver adornments and his name etched in fancy scroll work on the pommel.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger of the Mirror Forest, Adventurer
Weapons Elven Rapier, Elven Longbow and Arrows
Armor Leather Vest, Bracers
Equipment Traveling gear; blanket, arrow fletching kit, utility knife, extra bow strings, comb, various odds and ends, ring
Horse Tiash
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 8
AG 15
IN 12
LU 11
PB 14


    Aiden has spent his life training as a ranger and a shaman, though his skills have been more focused on combat. For an elf his age, none of his skills are exceptional, merely average, but compared to a human, he has a hundred years of experience on most wielding a sword and using a bow. Aiden, though a ranger, is more focused on his sword than his bow, but he only became a ranger to train with his friends; Naclia and Terin.


    Aiden loves the chance to explore and travel. He is quite level-headed in most instances, with a strong sense of leadership—possibly his way of proclaiming his independence. He enjoys the company of a beautiful woman (especially brunette humans), though he has no intentions of settling down. He takes a lot after his father, though he never met him. It seems adventure is in the blood. He's also a bit ashamed of letting his mother control his life so far, which will probably be the end of many of Naclia’s jokes for awhile. Aiden loves Naclia like a sister, though he might agree she’s beautiful, he wouldn’t want to be intimate with her for the sake of their friendship. However, he might become jealous if someone else steps in and claims her.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Aiden Silvermoon II is the son of half-elf Aiden Silvermoon and common elf Anaiya. Aiden (Sr.) was the some of an exiled Kastuulian and and elf of the Glassy Woods, though his elven mother abandoned him and his father, Kayrin. Raised among humans, Aiden the elder married a human woman in his twenties, but ended up outliving her and their three children. It devastated him, so he avoided allowing himself to love humans again, but he fell hard for Anaiya when he visited the Mirror Forest in his travels.

    Aiden was ready to marry Anaiya soon after meeting. He gifted her with his father’s ring, and in return, she presented him with an elven steel blade. Anaiya knew she would be able to conceive a year after their relationship began, so she was just as eager to wed and not have to wait another decade to bear a child. However, their rushed affair was their downfall. After their year together, they began to realize they had conflicting plans. Aiden wanted to travel more and take Anaiya with him, but she was scared of the wide world and only wanted to settle down and raise a child. The two quarreled until their fights hit a breaking point. Aiden left, and little to either of their knowledge, Anaiya had only just reached her estrus and conceived his child days earlier. By time she realized she was pregnant, Aiden was long gone and she was not willing to venture out of the forest.

    Anaiya pined for Aiden, hoping he would return, but as the months of her pregnancy carried on, he never came back. Anaiya’s only solace was the child she carried. When her son was born, she named him Aiden, after his father. Her little son became her whole world. She never concerned herself with finding a new lover, either. She is eternally devoted to Aiden.

    Few elves aside from her closest neighbors knew Aiden Silvermoon had been a half-elf, and his son appeared no different from any other elven child with his blonde hair and blue eyes. As a child, two of Aiden’s closest friends were the children of the neighboring elven couple, Terin and Naclia. Naclia was only a year older than Aiden, and became his best friend. They learned shamanism together, and when they were older, both decided to take the path of the ranger.

    However, Anaiya kept a close watch on Aiden, and the older he grew, the more she tried to keep him close. Aiden had his father’s adventurous spirit though, and spent much of his childhood exploring the Mirror Forest with Naclia. However, he was never quite able to venture out in his earlier years. He was always curious about what became of his father and nurtured the desire to find him and know him.

    When Aiden was sixty-seven, the Mirror Forest was suddenly attacked by hordes of demons, followed by the Demon God. The attack was so sudden and overwhelming that many elves lost their lives. Naclia and Terin’s parents, Firion and Ilosia, were two victims. The three youngsters were far off in the forest, away from battle, but went running to the village when they heard the commotion. However, the three young rangers were not allowed to fight. The elder elves insisted that they be evacuated. Begrudgingly, Aiden and Naclia retreated with the other refugees. Aiden found his mother among those evacuated. The surviving elves were treated by human priests and priestesses and allowed to stay among humans until the battle was over. It wasn’t until they were allowed to investigate the aftermath that they found the corpses of Naclia and Terin’s parents. Terin vowed revenge against the Demon King, and despite his sister’s pleas, he later set out with the Hundred Heroes to fight in the Labyrinth, from which he never returned.

    After the war, Anaiya aided in helping revitalize the forest with the other surviving elves, while Aiden focused on nurturing his dear friend Naclia. In the years to come, Naclia lived with Aiden and Anaiya until she was ready to live on her own.

    Aiden has had quite a bit of interaction with humans, however he has never strayed far from home yet. He made yearly visits to the nearby human village where the festival of Saint Flaus is celebrated. He has taken a few human lovers during his short visits, while in the forest, he has only seen two elven women. Aiden developed a preference for human women thanks to his trysts during the festival.

    Finally, in his one hundred and twenty-forth year, Aiden and Naclia decided it was time for them to see the world. Aiden was desperate to be free of his mother, as well as have the chance to search for his father. Anaiya was apprehensive at first, though as their planned date to leave grew closer, she grew more frantic. She begged Aiden to stay, fearing he would never return like his father. Aiden refused to let her control him, and with a little support from Naclia, he pried himself free of Anaiya’s grasp. Naclia helped convince Anaiya that Aiden would return, and the pair were free to leave.

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