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Air Telany
Pronunciation: AIR teh-LAY-ney

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Air’s Gallery
Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Dragon Scale, Moss

Physical Description

    Air is not exceedingly small, despite her short stature and petite looks. Her figure is still womanly, from the swell of her bosom to the soft tapering of her waist and the semi-bloom of her youthful hips. Her small round face is complimented by her long wispy saffron dyed bangs, framing her soft porcelain cheeks. The rest of her hair is a soft red, a trait inherited from her human mother, falling down to the small of her back. Her face is small and roundish, her thin nose sits in between her mismatched almond shaped eyes. Her left eye is green and her right is blue, though few can see this fact with her hair constantly in front of her eyes. Her mouth and lips are small and thin, bowing neatly at the middle and leaving the corners of her mouth upturned. Her limbs are long and willowy, having a slightly tougher tone in her upper body’s musculature than her lower, due to the time she spent as a smith.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Red, Saffron Highlights (dyed)
Weight 108lbs Eye Color Blue (right), Green (left)
Build Petite Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Air wears three different types of dress depending upon her mood or situation. As an adventurer Air wears her worn steel breastplate over her linen dress, her studded leather greaves and bracers under the linen cloth. She keeps her thick leather belt saddling her slender hips, her adventure dress topped off with her leather boots on her feet, and a pink ribbon in her tightly braided hair.

    In town as a woman, Air tends to prefer wearing gauze instead of a formal top, with a loose shirt undone over her chest and a small leather coat and skirt to finish the ensemble. Her hair is pulled up and back into a high sitting ponytail, tied there with her other pink ribbon.

    As a man, Air prefers to dress more accordingly. She binds her chest tighter with the gauze and dons her male clothing, and ties her hair about four inches from the end of her hair with the green ribbon. She applies a little makeup to make her charade a little more believable.

Weapon Description

    Her weapons are all in mint condition, her bastard sword and silvered dagger especially. Her bastard sword is nothing special to look at, just a simple straight blade of 36&30148; and a hand and a half grip, simple steel filed grip with leather cording to decrease slippage in the heat of battle. Her silvered dagger is her pride and joy, nothing greatly ornate, save for her name engraved in the blade. The dagger, while built to be practical rarely sees use other than to show off to others. It is Air’s favorite in her collection. Her hammer is the implement that she uses to either fight with or forge her weapons, it is scarred and well worn, but it she loves it none the less. It has a thick iron head and a short oak haft. Her spear is her latest acquisition, given to her by her ex-fiancé a 48&30148; cherry wood haft, tipped with a 6&30148; steel spear head. Her final weapon is her gloves, weighted with steel plates as knuckle guards, other than they are weighted, they look and feel no different than any other pair of leather gloves.

Class Rogue
Occupation Weaponsmith, Con-Artist
Guild Membership Workers’ Guild (1)
Weapons Hammer, Steel Bastard Sword, Silvered Dagger, Weighted Leather Gloves, Short Spear
Armor Steel Breastplate, Studded Leather Bracers, Studded Leather Greaves
Equipment Dried traveling rations; a full wine skin; engagement ring upon a silver chain; a full canteen of water; drawing supples; a small bag of candied ginger; makeup made of berry dyes; a money pouch; 10 feet of gauze, a white linen dress, a sewing kit, a half-worked on wool scarf, darning needles and blue wool; three ribbons, two pink one green; a metal file; a journal and writing implements; two sets of mens attire, one in dark tan, the other in black; an extra change of clothing; leather boots; and a backpack
Familiar Craw
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 10
AG 14
IN 18
LU 10
PB 21


    Air’s contact with Sylph is by far the strongest, and is her main focus in her endeavors. She can summon Will o’ Wisps and fairies, has limited contact with Undine and the ice spirit Flau. She has very minor contact with Gnome, and has never even really thought of summoning a Salamander. She pushes her skills as a shaman regardless of how little she was taught and is pretty well self taught, but really intuitive to the spirits needs. She leaves a small portion of food with honey to thank her spirits for their continued assistance. She tries to contact the spirits at least once a day to keep her relations with them on good terms.

    Air is a quick fighter, preferring to use her spear in cases when she has time to react, if not she utilizes her agility and her sword to keep herself protected. If she has no time at all to draw a weapon she uses her fists to their full potential. She doesn’t like fighting too much, so she tries to finish the fight as quickly as possible and with as little casualties as possible unless she can help it.


    Air is airy to say the least. She is somewhat timid in the presence of men unless she knows them well or they are family, or alternatively she is dressed as a man. She tends to be quite forward with women dressed as a woman and more reserved with women as a man. She likes to charm people of either sex, and usually revels in making them fall for her, and has her fling in some cases. When she’s around weapons she’s different, as her fanaticism for the craft of weapons is one of her sole driving motivations. She is also fanatical about cleanliness, both of herself, clothing and weapons.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “Underage and under-dressed? Hardly! I just prefer the feel of the wind on my skin, and the wine in my belly.”, “I’m not procrastinating, I’m merely biding my time for perfection.”


    Air’s mother, Josephine Telany, worked as a barmaid in Dragon Scale, Moss where she met and fell quickly into lust with the handsome and sweet talking common elf Azala. After a quick fling, Josephine thought nothing of Azala’s departure until she realized that she was pregnant with his child. She felt a sense of loss that her child would grow up fatherless like herself.

    Josephine told her younger sister Catherine about her romance with the elf man Azala, trying to let her know the predicament that she currently faced. Catherine agreed that should Josephine not survive the birthing she would take care of her niece with help from Catherine’s husband a half-elf named Cole.

    Under a waxing crescent in the eve of a cool spring night, Air was born. As expected by Josephine, she did not make it through the birthing of her daughter and true to her word, Catherine took in her young niece as she had no children of her own yet.

    Cole and Catherine raised Air like their own daughter, and so the formative years of her life, from birth to age seven passed by uneventfully, and blissfully. Air was well received in Dragon Breath, and had friends and family to comfort her through being an orphan living with her uncle and aunt.

    Cole was a smith and soon realized that his young niece had a similar interest in the craft after she spent days in there enamored by the hammering out of steel. Much to Catherine’s chagrins, Cole instructed his young niece on the art of weapon smithing, his young apprentice so loving of Cole’s art.

    Catherine did not want Air to be a smith, thinking the whole thing unladylike, despite Air’s love for it. Air would often sneak out of bed early in the morning to watch her uncle work in his shop. Catherine buckled finally, nearing Air’s tenth birthday as Air wielded the hammer for the first time.

    Cole instructed her a little on shamanism as well. Cole knew he wasn’t the best teacher for such things, his own shamanistic powers being lax as they were, but he found his disciple both intuitive and insightful. She caught on well, in both smithing as well as shamanism. Cole attributed her intelligence to her breeding, surmising that the father himself being a bit of a genius himself.

    By the time Air turned fifteen, she was recognized as both an accomplished, if not skilled new smith, and a beautiful young woman. Catherine and Cole had just had their first child and the house was far too small for both Air and the newborn. Air agreed to keep in touch and moved out of the small house she spent all of her life in. Cole gave her first and second weapons, her bastard sword and silvered dagger, both of which he had crafted for her when her interest in the art had peaked at a young age. Catherine told Air of her father, and instructed her to go meet with him and ask if he wanted anything to do with her.

    Air left Dragon Scale, and went in search of her father, heading southward to Dragon Breath first. Upon reaching the settlement, Air had a hard time fitting in, and felt disoriented in the new place. With her smithy purse she found a quiet little corner to practice her art, and forge whatever was needed, or wanted. She spent two years in Dragon Breath, working as a smith and dodging hopeful suitors that came to the lady smith’s home. Sick of all the men having such a keen interest in her she dressed up as a man and went to hit on them in kind. Many of her suitors shrunk away from her masculine advances, but one man didn’t. He had wanted her as a man and as woman, and tried his hardest to get her to be his wife. She finally agreed to the engagement on the condition that he bought her a weapon. Foolishly he agreed and as soon as the weapon was in her hands and the date was set, the young smith sold her shop took her stuff and fled Dragon Breath, leaving her would-be husband without his half-elven bride.

    Since leaving Dragon Breath she wandered northward, not staying too long in any one location, looking for the man who was her father.

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