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Aiyanna Starwind-Irisis
Pronunciation: aie-YAHN-nah star-wind ie-RIS-es

Forum ID Aiyanna Starwind
Plot A New Balance
Aiyanna is © Aiyanna Starwind.
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Aiyanna’s Gallery
Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Aiyanna has slim curvy body, thanks to her mother. She is rather short against some others, at height of five-foot-five. Her complexion is a little tan inherited from her father’s side and also the warm colored amber eyes as well. Though the colors in her eyes shift with her emotions, burning bright in fierce amber color when excited or angry and becomes almost smoldering ambers when feeling sad or rather numb. Her body was made for speed and agility, more than brute strength if she was ever a warrior. Her curvy body she inherited from her mother is hidden under her usual three layers or so of clothing. Though not curvy as dark elves, pretty good for a human at least not scrawny. Her lightly tanned or mid beige complexion compliments her pale ash blond hair which is wavy and goes all the way down to her mid back. she prefers blue or natural colors when it comes to clothing. Her face is not exactly drop-dead gorgeous like her brother Erias but beautiful enough. She takes a lot of her facial features after her mother’s reputed beauty. Her slightly angular, but not sharp bone structure also resembles her mother. Her hands are finely shaped, her arms and legs equally proportioned according to her height. Her skin is also smooth though you can see few freckles dotted across her cheeks faintly.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Ash Blonde
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Warm Amber
Build Slim Skin Color Mid-Beige

Clothing and Armor

    She wear a simple tunic that goes to knee length and is of tan color. On top of it she wears a blue mandarin-collared, patterned tunic which is slightly shorter in length then the tan tunic. She wears small breastplate of thin steel edged with silver with shoulder protection as well, also on top of it all she wears a dark gray hooded cloak, which hides her face well most of the time. She wears boots that have a plain wrap and tied with a length of a leather string. She is identified with a silver pendent with a double wing in folded position, wrapped around a luminous blue gem which only comes from her home region.

Weapon Description

    Her twin daggers are made of silver and gold a gift from her mentor. Her staff which is made of wood, with a knob at that end in shape of open flower petals with a quartz crystal orb floating above it very slightly.

Class Mage
Occupation Sorceress
Guild Membership Mages' Guild (5)
Weapons Twin Daggers, Staff
Armor Steel Breastplate with Shoulder Plates
Equipment Travel gear
Horse No
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments

    The Starwind Ring, Eherehant Band are two of the family heirlooms that her mother stole from her own family. Both are wrought of silver that seems to never fade. The Starwind ring is made of silver and a blue gem which glows softly. The ring’s band is in the intricate shape of a wing and has great protection against strong dark magic. The Eherehant band is more of a magic amplifier; it will amplify the magic of the user by a significant amount, but it will drain one faster of mana.

    Her staff is made of wood, oak with intricate pattern entwining around and forms a base of many petaled flower (shaped like water lily) and because of her presence, the clear crystal globe floats slightly above the flower shaped head. It responds to presence of evil, it will shine with silvery light and how much of it depends on how much evil is present.


    Aiyanna is strong in battle magic, to avenge her parents and defeat the Terries family. She also has abilities in kinetic magics. It’s a small ability she occasionally uses to help her. She practically transforms in battle from calm as fine summer day to furious sea storm.

Strengths: Battle magic, shielding, and vision casting. She has the ability to use Star and Lunar powers to enhance her own magic.
Weaknesses: Healing spells and not enough experience in using the spells. She can be reckless enough to use spells she hasn’t tried before without asking a more experienced teacher or mentor.
Most Powerful Spell: Star Wind, it is in the form a blazing silver wind. It starts with a small current of wind then suddenly picks up speed, then it washes the area in blinding silvery-white light in the form a sweeping wind. Its effect is purification of a very strong kind.


    Aiyanna is just starting out in the world, so she may take harsh words to heart quite easily and it may result in her actions. She can be rash and pig headed, or calm and detached. She is still trying to make out her way in the world best as she can and as detached as possible.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “The world will be different, maybe not now, maybe not in five years time, but definitely; when nobody has to fear of losing their loved ones anymore.”


    The Starwind Family was famous for their magical studies but some feared it may bring tyrannical rule. In Kastuulian times, the family line split over those who vowed to protect those weaker and uphold the honor of using the Star magic. As they had over nearly seven hundred years, the time had to come where the line broke into two and those who made pact with dark stars fought for control of the family and the powerful three items made by their ancestors. They fought night and day for many months but in the end they equaled out and went separate ways. One half of the family went to current Flaim and the other to current Valis. The lighter side kept their name as Starwind and the other changed and waited for a time when two lines will face each other again.

    The items were the Starwind Ring which gave power to protect the wearer from strong dark magic. The second item was a crescent moon charm necklace with an open eye and three drops of gold hanging from the moon and it gave strong healing powers. The last one was an arm band where strange symbols had been inscribed and was made to intensify the magic of the user to a higher level user could not have achieved (except dark magic).

    These are only allowed to be touched by those with the Starwind blood in them. Those who tried to steal it was cursed will end of their life, which wasn’t long. Also another item was the Starwind sword which all controlled by the Starwind side.

    Aiyanna was born to Kiandra Starwind, the young Duchess in Flaim, but Aiyanna, Erias, and Ciel weren’t born of the Duke. The Duke was Kiandra’s older brother and it was tradition in the family to marry other family members to control the powers. Kiandra fell in love with a wealthy merchant from Valis and she became pregnant not too long after. Siran Irisis decided to take responsibility of it and asked her run away with him to Moss. Far away as possible from the Duke’s anger and to keep his family safe. Kiandra then did the unthinkable, she stole her family’s several ancient spell books and the three items. She also stole the sword to use in self-defense until she reached a remote village to give birth to Erias. Ciel was born shortly after. Aiyanna was born the year after Ciel, but her parents were afraid to stay in Valis any longer and moved to Moss.

    They lived quietly, but not poorly due to Siran’s own funds as a merchant. He had to change his name to stop being found. Kiandra also changed her name but also had to use all her skills to stop being found by her brother/husband. Still the family lived in bliss, Kiandra finally free of binds which always weighed her down. She didn’t mind not wearing the finest clothing, glittering jewels, and the solid fear she could feel from her people. She had hated that, being viewed as respectable but not liked or adored.

    Kiandra died protecting her family from an attack by Terries family, when they found where the items they started to seek again has been found. But she also took them down with her as she died and erased the memories from the people who witnessed the battle, in case it might get back to her family in Flaim. She had written a letter instructing her children on which of the items to take. She knew what they would become and had assigned the items according to her visions. Siran was shattered by her death and became more reclusive. Siran died when Aiyanna was fifteen, Ciel sixteen, and Erias was seventeen. Ciel was at the temple so she was looked after and Erias looked after his father’s estate. Aiyanna was sent away to the Alan Mages’ Guild.

    But Aiyanna lived as a recluse, due to trying to hide from the Starwind and Terries family. It was obvious both families were hunting for the missing treasures. Aiyanna met Mellenroe Terries and Luce Starwind at a special gathering. Neither of the suspected of her being a Starwind, due to her stronger magic then both of them. But to her, both of them were her enemies, one who drove her mother away and the other to her death. She knew she would see both of them again...someday.

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