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Albedo Oaks
Pronunciation: al-BEH-doh OHKS

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Age 61
Birth Year NRC 469
Gender Male
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Possessing a smaller form than the average warrior, Albedo is best described as a rabbit. His body is toned rather than powerful, and is masculine grace. As for his face, it could best be described as beautiful without being ‘pretty’. His fathers sculpted face merged with his mother’s softer features, and he was fortunate, or unfortunate considering his line of work, to gain the benefits from both. As for his skin tone, its light, but obviously not the pale of an elf. Due to travel through Flaim, his skin has taken on a slight tan, although it quickly wares off if he doesn’t travel in the sun much.

    As for his hair, its a bit different from an elves, in the fact that its black rather than blonde or silver. Its short cut, and is kept actually rather mundane. That is to say, that it is unruly toward the front. His bangs are let longish, for personal preference, and hang several inches down from his high cheek bones.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Black
Weight 156lbs Eye Color Green
Build Light Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Albedo wears no real armor to speak, as he finds it an encumbrance to movement and strikes him out in a crowd. Instead, he wears a a form fitting shirt, knee high boots, and baggy breeches. This is for day to day movement, and it freely shows off the daggers that are located at his waist. However, when ‘working’, his clothing gets form fitting, covers his body, and most notably, he wears a mask to cover his face. The mask itself is white with various ornate designs on it. For some, this self is the last thing they ever see.

    The clothing itself also changes coloration. While his normal wear never ventures into brighter colors like white or pale green, the light brown shirt and dark green breeches do prevent him from being pegged out of a crowd. As for his ‘work clothes’, they are varying degrees of pitch black and navy blues, an attempt to imitate shifting shadows and light touches in the dark.

Weapon Description

    Albedo’s weapons consist primarily of not too ornate throwing daggers that are weighted on the blades to cause greater probability of blade impact. His ‘pride and joy’ are his twin daggers. Each around a foot long, they are thick bladed, although only single edged. Despite the gaudy appearance, various runes are inscribed along each of the blades.

Class Assassin
Occupation Shadow Guild Silencer, Mercenary
Guild Membership Shadow Guild (6), Mercenaries’ Guild (4)
Weapons Two Enchanted Daggers, Throwing Daggers, Needles
Armor Steel Mask
Equipment Various poison vials, jade ring, a change of clothing, some rope, and a grappling hook
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 8
AG 18
IN 10
LU 14
PB 22

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Albedo posses limited shamanist abilities to say the least. Having a bit of self loathing towards his elven side, he prefers not to use them at all. Because of this, most of his spells would be low level shamanism. However, finding some use for invisibility and dark spirits, his ability can be rated higher with these.

    Albedo possesses the physical strength of someone of his size who keeps in shape, but far from body builder. Because of this, his body is heavily built for speed, taking out an opponent’s weak points, rather than the raw power of an axe wielder. Albedo is an assassin, and because of which, does not rely on raw power to inflict blows. When attacking humanoid opponents, Agility is treated as strength to determine damage.


    Albedo is an enigmatic individual who uses his charms and good looks to his own benefit. His focus is functionality rather than extravagance and killing his father. In fact, he has little to no ties to the Shadow Guild of Shining Hill, and is well known for keeping on a razor’s edge between a useful guild member to an annoyance.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies

Quotes: “Fear the grave, father.” “Uh huh... yeah... I wonder if you'll keep saying that when I expose your organs to the light of day.”


    His is a life that occurs when bigotry occurs rather than understanding. As a child, Albedo was nearly constantly picked on by other children of his village, earning the nick name ‘long eared freak’. However, his mother was strong, and he managed to leech off of that strength. While he managed to grin and bear it, he was unable to when his mother, Lenlia, eventually died when he was fourteen. On her death bed, Lenlia spoke of his father, and what a good man he was. Albedo felt proud, until the villagers told him the rest of the story.

    The young half-elf listened as they laughingly told him how his mother was no better than a whore. When a handsome elf named Azala had come through, it hadn’t taken less than a few weeks before she had bedded him. A few months later, it turned out she was pregnant. By then, however, Azala was gone. Enraged, Albedo vowed that day that his father would pay. Surely it was Azala’s fault that his mother died, and he was constantly being picked on. Setting out on his quest, he ignored the various taunts on his way from his once home. The bigots no longer concerned him, just his mother’s honor. They couldn’t take that away, they were too simple minded to.

    The quest would proved most difficult, however. While he found little prejudice in most cities and towns, he occasionally had to defend himself against the accusations of being a dark elf in other. This trek continued until he found himself in Raiden penniless.

    Unfortunately, nearly starving, he had to resort to picking pockets and stealing food in order to survive. While fairly lucrative due to his small size and nimble fingers, he eventually picked the wrong pocket, one of an assassin. The assassin tried to kill the young half elf, but the boy proved to be to quick for the assassin. Unfortunately, several other Shadow Guild members were there, and in the end, he was caught, and brought before a guild council.

    Perhaps it was Albedo’s nimbleness that saved him, or his now stunning looks, but for whatever reason, he was dubbed useful. This began his life as an assassin. While he objected at first, he quickly found functionality in this. He needed to learn how to kill before he met his father, and this was the quickest way. When Marmo attacked, he left Raiden, much to the Guild’s disapproval. Ignoring this, he fled to Kanon, where he sold his skills as a mercenary. Since he was a half-elf, he volunteered to be on dark elf duty. He felt that it was the best way to find his father, or at least vent his frustrations. Killing quite a few of his darker brethren, he eventually met Sevrina when he attacked her. Defeated by her, he fully expected to die. When it turned out she was on his side, and didn’t intend to kill him, he ended up in a position quite contrary to where he started. He ended up bedding her.

    Even after this incident, he continued assassinating dark elves, severing magic support to the Marmo invasion force. When Kanon was finally retaken, he was given honors by Reona, and a pardon from the Shadow Guild for the opportunity of setting up a lucrative new guild location in Shining Hill. He continued to work for Kanon, finding possible rebel insurgents within the new kingdom and silencing them. However, ever pragmatic, he used the guild to his advantage, using it to gain information on his father. Unfortunately, he came to quite a few dead ends, and the guild’s frown. Annoyed with the rules, he began to find out the identities and locations of key guild members as a precautionary measure. When the order to execute them came, however, it fell on deaf ears. Dawning his mask, he killed all his enemies, and left only his ‘allies’ alive. While the whole ordeal couldn’t be classified as a killing spree, he felt numb at the whole event. The numbness came with the knowledge that he would likely have to do the same thing again.

    While considered somewhat of a hero due to his participation in the Kanon free army as a mercenary soldier, Albedo preferred to stay out of noble affairs. In all actuality, he saw no reason to take part, considering his heritage. The only exceptions he made, however, were those he was forced to go by the Shadow Guild. During one of these forced balls, he met a Lady by the name of Joline Kavryn da’Korv. Seducing her, their relationship didn’t seem to be anything more than a one night stand.. however, he returned to her. Finding he shared more than a passionate embrace here and there, he felt fond of her. Although he’ll be the first one to admit their relationship is complicated, to say the least.

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