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Pronunciation: ahl-LAR-ee-AH

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Plot Bastion's Demons
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Alleria’s Gallery
Age 213
Birth Year NRC 317
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Homeland Hell

Physical Description

    Tall, slender, and exotic are three very good words to describe the succubus known as Alleria. Long black hair that flows to her waist and tattoos that cover most of her body are two things that stand out most on her. The tribal tattoos help to cover the scars of her confinement as well as add to her exotic beauty. No matter how human like her spells make her look she always has porcelain white skin.

    Her true appearance as a demon is quite different. Her long slender body is framed by her golden hair that hangs past her buttocks. Eyes that look to be aflame colored gold bore into the soul of those they look at. Toned legs end in human looking feet while her muscular arms end in blue claws at the end of elongated fingers. Her skin is golden tan and her demonic wings are purple and blue.

Height 6’ Hair Color Black
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Toned Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Black leather clothing that slightly covers and doesn’t restrict movement at all. A long flowing black and gray cloak that looks like molten shadows while fluttering in the wind. Silver beaded jewelry for her hands, forehead, neck, and belt.

Weapon Description

    Twilight’s Redemption is made from dwarven steel with a gleaming silver edge that never seems to show wear and tear. The hilt is leather covered with a round metal ending displaying the island of Lodoss stamped onto it.

    Her other long sword is well kept but shows signs of heavy usage with scratches and even the scar of being previously broken and put back together. It has a leather wrapped handle that has blood soaked into it.

    The long knife Alleria carries measures a foot and a half long with a curving blade. This knife doesn’t see a lot of use because it’s mainly used for protection while sleeping or in very cramped situations.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Wanderer/Mercenary
Weapons Dwarven Steel Enchanted Longsword; “Twilight’s Redemption”, Longsword, Long Knife
Armor Leather Dress
Equipment Belt pouch, clothes, spare sack, water skin, a weeks worth of rations, 50 of rope, hair brush and make-up
Horse No
Familiar Shadow
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 12
EN 10
AG 14
IN 12
LU 8
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    The magic that Alleria has access to are spells that change her appearance to look more human and disguise her when she is in true danger. Also she has access to a form of invisibility that allows her to move more stealthily out of harms way, and spells that help to augment her speed and agility. She has access to other abilities but she considers them to be evil and refuses to use them even in dire need.


    Alleria used to be a creature of evil seducing men and taking their souls for her own. Then, having suffered captivity, experimentation, and then eventual kindness of a man changed her view on living. Now she is a kind woman who is generally distant for fear of being caged yet again. Her smile always contains sadness, except with Shadow, but she never turns away people in genuine need.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    From birth to the age of one hundred and fifty Alleria lived within the pits of demon kind learning ways to dodge death and abuse by her kind. In this way she was able to learn some of her demonic powers of augmentation.

    In the year 467 Alleria had her first taste of Forcelia and she reveled in the way she could seduce any man or woman and steal their souls for her own but it was a short lived visit for a priest of Falis banished her back to her home.

    The next time she would see the world of mortal men would be a hell worse than her home. The year was 510 NRC and she was summoned into the presence of a mad necromancer named Ragnacol who wanted to use Alleria's demonic nature to further his own life span. Experiment after experiment was performed on Alleria by Ragnacol and his insane followers forcing her to despair over her situation.

    No matter how hard she tried to seduce or find a way out of his clutches nothing ever worked for he was too obsessed with his own mortality to care about anything she said or did. For ten years the demoness suffered like this until a group of adventurers lead by a holy knight of Falis fell upon the necromancers lair and ended its corruption on the world.

    When the band of adventurers came upon the wounded and caged Alleria most wanted to end her life or at least banish her from the world but their leader saw something in her. He saw her despair, regret, and hopelessness and he saw that she could be redeemed. The knight spoke at length to his companions and showed the wisdom of a noble leader and about compassion to those that could be redeemed.

    Having traveled with him for several years the group trusted his decision and let her free under the knight’s supervision. Alleria learned her strengths to the leader of the adventurers and showed him a loyalty she had never shown anyone before and in return he taught her of things she had never known before. Things like pity, compassion, and self sacrifice. These are all foreign things to a demon but yet they rang true to the still young demoness.

    She adventured with the group for five years until an assassin in disguise poisoned and killed her mentor and friend, the knight. Before he died, he told her about his sword, Twilight’s Redemption, and how it could continue to help her on her path. He knew she would be in need of such a thing and it was the right thing to do. For the past three years Alleria has wandered all over Lodoss helping those in need and trying to redeem her soul for her past transgressions.

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