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Pronunciation: AHLM

Forum ID Mana Link
Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Alm’s Gallery
Age 25
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Male
Race Grassrunner
Homeland Alecrast Grasslands

Physical Description

    Alm looks a lot like a grubby elven child, short in stature, slender and lax, like there’s little care in the world. He keeps his hair short so that sticks don’t get too tangled in it, and as such his pointed ears stick out from his head like sore thumbs. His face is round, like a child’s, but his big gold eyes belie the insidious plans of a lecherous slime.

Height 3’6” Hair Color Sandy Blond
Weight 50lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Slender Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    His clothing is mostly ragged, patched together from old shirts, sheets and the such, mostly to play into his role of the ‘timid street urchin’. His ears are adorned with various bone and wooden pegs for earrings, most of which he crafted himself. Alm wears rags that were sewn together in a sort of patch-work tunic and wool breeches. He doesn’t wear shoes, as he finds them uncomfortable, and to add to the illusion of his poor wretchedness. He usually wears a thick leather belt that is heavily worn around his hips.

Weapon Description

    Alm wields a grassrunner rapier with a thin double-edged blade, and fine point. The appearance of the scabbard is eclectic to say the least as it is adorned in feathers and neat-looking rocks attached by string. The hilt is simplistic at best, a simple wooden swept hilt with a simple barred crossguard.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Con-Artist
Weapons Grassrunner Rapier
Armor None
Equipment Wooden and bone earrings, 1 copper piece, a weeks worth of dried provisions, empty waterskin
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 5
EN 7
AG 14
IN 19
LU 15
PB 12


    Shamanic training, though a basis for Alm, is merely a passing fancy for him. Although he is able to summoning elementals and fairies, his lackadaisical attitude only really allows him to summon air elementals.

    Alm excels at running, jumping, climbing and being a dork. His skills with a rapier are lax, though, with proper renumeration or motivation (i.e. his life on the line) he will try harder, and has the fierce determination of a badger, that is, until the tables turn on him. If that is the case, he’s the first out of Dodge, so to speak. Though his small stature has at many times seemed a grand disadvantage, he manages to be able to turn the tables even barehanded, against one opponent that is.


    Alm is best described as a lecherous, cowardly loafer. Although that doesn’t speak volumes about his deeply courageous heart (in his eyes), he tries to prove at least two of the three wrong. He falls flat on his face on the first: Lechery. As such, he tries to worm his way into every woman’s pants but usually gets the old, “What a cute kid!” and a moment of cuddle time. Although his true objective is procreation, he does enjoy the occasional cuddle.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Innocence is always in the presence of greatness, though to some one naive enough, even the fool seems grand.”, “Hey sweet. I can touch the tissues. kinda feels like a sea sponge.” More...


    Alm is the second son of Miir and Taal, the middle child of three very unique children. Always one to shirk responsibility and run away at the first sign of unmanageable difficulty, Alm is not the bravest of souls. At the age of fifteen Alm witnessed the drowning of his older brother Midd which severely devastated him. He then pondered whether Undines were really pretty enough to follow to the depths of the ocean, and, if so, maybe that’s where his brother went. So, with his mind working backwards, Alm decided that he was ready to set out on a journey to discover whether or not Undines were truly that beautiful. He made it twenty feet from his house and fell asleep. He woke up the next day with no motivation to continue his grueling quest and promptly forgot all about it. Now he was the eldest child of two children.

    At the age of eighteen his other brother, Kall, died in a cave-in when they were searching for buried treasure. Alm survived but his mind began to work once again. He thought, perhaps, that the Gnomes had the prettiest women, and that’s why they stole his younger brother. Naturally, once again, he decided to set off on a quest and began to dig (not too far from his home, of course). He dug a hole of a whopping foot deep and fell asleep. As with the prior incident, he forgot all about his brother. Now, he was the only child of Miir and Taal. At least, as far as his memory served.

    Finally sick of having their loafer son around, they slipped him onto a vessel bound for Raiden with no way to get back. Waking up on the ship, Alm decided it was time to strike out on his own, as he had already “planned” to do from the start. Forgetting about his family, he moved off to seek answers to the greatest riddle of all time—but because he is an air head, he forgot the damn riddle. So he wanders aimlessly, trying to be the first to accomplish fathering a half-grassrunner child. At least, that is his goal this week...

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