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Almelchaya Al Elazuur
Pronunciation: AL-mel-KEYE-yah ALL EL-az-UR

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Plot Lost Humanity
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Age 27
Birth Year NRC 503
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Al is a tall man, nearly six and a half feet tall, broad at the shoulders and thick with muscle. His hair is short and sunbleached, though retains some of the copper highlights from his maternal side. He has his mother’s facial features: a small pointed nose, thin dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes with hints of red in them, but retains his father’s high cheekbones and wavy hair.

Height 6’5” Hair Color Sunbleached Dark Auburn
Weight 230lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Fit Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Al prefers to wear loose fitting tan clothing, knowing that colors don’t last long in the desert sun. His shirt and breaches are made airy so that he has a lot of mobility, and his outer cloak is long and equipped with a hood to keep him from getting heat stroke. His armor was customized to fit his height, though other than that, is standard issue from the Honored Order of the Bastion.

Weapon Description

    His only weapon is his bastard sword. Found as part of Marmo loot, he claimed it not knowing of the curse that went along with it. It is 60” by the blade, with hand and a half grip. Other than the runes burnt into the blade, the sword looks rather nondescript, save for the blood red ruby in the pommel.

Class Knight
Occupation Knight of the Honored Order of the Bastion of Flaim
Weapons Cursed Bastard Sword
Armor Standard Issue Full Plate and Helm
Equipment Backpack, bedroll, horse blanket, small three man tent, change of clothing, dried provisions wrapped in cheesecloth, three flasks of oil, a whetstone, tinder box (flint and steel), blanket, 30 feet of rope, paring knife, fishing line, fishing hooks (10), Military Saddle, barding, saddle bags, a vial of smelling salts, straight razor, steel mirror, iron pot, silver necklace with a copper piece attached, 3 filled canteens of water, a leather cord around his neck with a single small opal hanging off a gold holding
Horse Marielle
ST 19
EN 17
AG 6
IN 14
LU 8
PB 19

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Physically strong, Al places a lot of faith in his sword arm. Ambidextrous by birth, he has no trouble switching hands or multitasking in battle. He favors his right hand a little more, as his left was the shielding arm in practice. He prefers to calculate before rushing into things. He exercises caution in battle, seeking to assess the dangers of the battle, as well as the strategic elements before committing self to the fray.


    Out of battle, he is suave, debonair and has a taste for causing women to swoon, much to his delight. He takes a sense of pride in his accomplishments, and seeks not to draw his cursed sword unless it is life threatening. In battle, he is cold and methodical, a leader to the end. Thinking of the best way to crush the enemies with limited casualties on his side, he’ll take the low road if it means a quick and painless victory. His attitude around Elainne, however, is totally different. He stays well within “respectable” around Elainne, not wanting to rub off on his youthful and easily influenced squire (at least, easily influenced by her master’s actions).

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quotes: “Elainne, that’s not for you.”, “Listen, I draw this sword, I can’t put it away until you are dead. That means, drop the subject.”


    His mother Melphisse Lowerby was a strawberry headed adventurer passing her way through Flaim, then sixteen years of age. She had come from Moss and was seeing the world. She and her palfrey gelding Crox had entered into the southeastern end of Flaim when she was attacked by a giant scorpion. Through youthful inexperience she nearly lost her life had Kashik Al Elazuur not saved her life. The young knight captain broke from his unit to save her, though slaying the giant scorpion was no minor task. Kashik broke his sword off in the creature’s head and rescued the young adventurer.

    Naturally opposed to “knights riding in to save the day” type of scenarios, Melphisse refused to thank her savior, and though he offered her a ride to the nearest town, as her horse was slain, she refused him and began to walk. Kashik was in awe of this spunky redhead and followed behind her on his horse. Finally she collapsed out of exhaustion, a day later and the knight whisked her away to the nearest settlement.

    Kashik stayed with Melphisse until she recovered, making sure she was confined to bed. As a knight captain he still had responsibilities to his unit, though his off hours he spent with her. Melphisse was outraged that she was being treated thus, and told him many a time just to leave her be. But they were a pair of mules neither giving an inch into the other’s demands.

    Kashik was ten years her senior, but still he found her remarkably attractive, and enjoyed her overzealous spunk. Melphisse herself was attracted to him, but dared not speak it, pushing him away and calling him names. She got better, and the two parted ways. Melphisse went back to Moss and Kashik went back to his duties. The departure was as rough as their meeting, and she refused to thank him even then.

    A year later Melphisse returned to Flaim to seek out Kashik. The year of absence made her heart yearn for him, and she couldn’t take it any more. She returned to the settlement where he had taken care of her to find out that Kashik had gone to Moss to see her. Melphisse cursed her bad luck and waited for his return. Another year passed, and Kashik returned home dejected. At his arrival Melphisse stood at the entrance to his house, hands on hips, her mouth twisted as if to begin her long rant at him. For a moment the two stood there in silence. “Welcome home.” she spoke her words to him, the first words they had spoken to each other in two long years.

    The marriage was rushed, they had two years to stew in their juices, they weren’t waiting another day. Nine months and ten days later Almelchaya was born in the summer of 503. Almelchaya, or Al, was soon to be a brother to his younger sister Mila, born a year after his birth. Mila was sickly, but Al spent a lot of time with his younger sister. When Al was four, his younger brother Torayle was born, a healthy child.

    Al’s training as a knight began at five, when he was inducted as a page to his father. His duties were sparse, but they were meant to train him to succeed his father at a later date. Al continued his post as a page until he turned twelve, then moved on as a squire under the future Knight Captain of the Honored Order of the Bastion, Lord Markesh.

    Under Lord Markesh, Al learned the finer points of swordplay, astrology, and tactics, as well as made him more comfortable on a horse. Al was away from home and his element, but he learned well, and studied hard, taking in the etiquette of the court, and minding his manners.

    Amongst the common soldiers he learned the finer arts of subtlety, the ability to make things disappear and reappear at a moment’s notice. One soldier in particular taught him to conceal his weapon on him to seem unarmed, and in a flash have it out and to the ready. The youth responded well to new stimuli and took it in.

    When he was fifteen he was called home to attend Mila’s funeral. She had caught a cold by some means and died painfully and miserably. Al took it hard, and although he had not seen her in nearly ten years, he cried at her funeral, despite his father’s urgings to keep a straight face. Returning to training not a week later, Al trained harder and more determined than before, sometimes breaking the wooden training swords and dummies as well in sheer ferocity. He was still cold though, emotionless as he fought, calculating the odds in his head as he struck, adjusting his blows to hit the weak points of his opponents.

    At sixteen he won his spurs, and was knighted. His captain gave him as a present the yearling Marielle, a crossbred horse that would serve him well in later years. By then the war was in full swing, still two years off from the end. The young knight proved valiant in battle, his sword knowing no mercy, his shield knowing no weakness.

    Though wounded a multitude of times over the next two years, Al pushed himself back to active duty each and every time, fearing he’d lose his edge if he wasn’t on the field of battle. Near the end of the war he had come to acquire the accursed sword he wields now. At the time he was infatuated with the brilliance of the blade and the keenness of the edge. When the blade tasted blood for the first time in his hands it refused to leave. The whisperings of the dark blade tried to enter his mind, though his will proved strong enough to resist it. No other weapon could be used by him any longer, and though the priests tried as they could, they could not remove the curse the sword had laid on the young knight.

    After the war ended, Al stayed in Flaim, an active knight of the Honorable Order of the Bastion. He continued to fight the mental battle and spiritual battle with the blade, as it sought to push him under its control. To alleviate some of the burden, he sought a wizard to bind the sword in a sheath, so that, when sheathed, Al could have his mind to himself. The idea of the sheath worked, but he still could not wield another blade other than the accursed one he now wore.

    A year had passed, and now twenty, he took a squire of his own under his wing, a young girl named Elainne Zal Bessur. He taught her as he was taught, and spared her no expense because she was a woman. Elainne delighted at the rough treatment, and blossomed under his command. For three long years they studied and worked together, becoming as close as master and apprentice could come to each other. They became akin to each other, and from that bond, formed a small family between them. Al requested leave from the knighthood, as the seal on the sword began to wane. He was granted leave, but Elainne would not leave his side. She remained as his faithful squire even when they started to depart from the Kingdom of Flaim.

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