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Pronunciation: AH-mahl-THEE-ah

Forum ID Aeonireshiva (Forumer)
Plot Cian's Quest
Amalthea is © Aeonireshiva.
Age 142
Birth Year NRC 388
Gender Female
Race Common Elf
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Many people have told Amalthea that she looks like an elven princess, though of course she is not. Her blond hair is about waist length and is extremely soft and fine. It seems to flow around her when she moves quickly or when the winds lift it. It is parted on the left side of her head. Her ears are long and at sharp angles, and they are decorated with many earrings that hang down about an inch from them. Amalthea’s skin is light but tends to have a light pink shade to it. It is extremely clear, the pores aren’t noticeable and there are no wrinkles.. Her face is a soft round shape and her nose is extremely round; altogether her features here are cut into soft angles. Her pink lips are around medium size and her eyes are large, blue, almond shaped, and seem to shimmer. The blue is a deep, light, shade that draws people in. She has long, thin, black eye lashes which seem to compliment her eyes. Her eyebrows are barely noticeable. She moves gracefully when doing anything, and she always seems to stay very clean.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Blond
Weight 110lbs Eye Color Deep Blue
Build Slender Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Amalthea wears a small, green, and sleeveless tunic which forms a mini-skirt around her slender legs. Then connected to it is a white ankle length dress which covers everywhere except for the front of her pelvic section where her blue tunic can be seen. On the edges of her dress is a green vine pattern which is a dark green and is extremely detailed. Holding it all tight to her body is a red sash belt which is tied into a simple bow on her back. On her feet she wears light brown boots which go up a little past her ankles and are extremely light in weight.

Weapon Description

    Amalthea uses a long white feather with a sharp edge as her weapon of choice. She calls it Sylph’s Feather because it was supposedly blessed by Sylph long ago according to the elders of the Forest of Mirrors. Amalthea uses it in place of a staff which a shaman might use in aiding her to summon spirits. It has a sharp edge and is extremely light. Also, she can throw the feather to pierce things.

Class Shaman
Occupation Shaman
Weapons Sylph’s Feather
Armor None
Equipment Warm cloak, earrings, traveling pouch, elven white oak flute
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Amalthea loves to summon the spirits, to sing to them, and to play the flute for them. Most all of the spirits seems to be in good standing with her, and when she does summon them, she doesn’t demand them but pleads to them in her calling. Amalthea is afraid of calling to the dark spirits, and refuses to call to them under any circumstances. She often calls for Sylph, Undine, and Valkyrie. When she can, she will try to summon Flau if she is near a cold area and also uses spirits of invisibility to hide herself. She can call for Salamander but only on extremely rare occasions. She only calls for Will o’ Wisps if she needs the light and Leprechaun under necessary circumstances because both seem to be a little distrustful. Amalthea never calls for dark fairies, or Hyuri, or Gnome.

    Using her flute, Amalthea can call out to spirits at father distances. She sometimes uses Sylph to carry her melodies further, but they can only reach up to about three miles and from there can only faintly be heard by the human ear. In this way, it is easier for her to call on the spirits of if needed. This is especially helpful because winds are much more frequent at higher altitudes, meaning that if she is close to a mountain Flau would be easier to call to.

    Amalthea is not very strong at all. She is a high jumper, has medium endurance, and is excellent at sprinting. Also, she is very quick on her feet considering that she can dance.


    Amalthea is an extremely kind, unselfish elf who wishes to help all that she can. She is great at making friends as well as sticking up for them. Although she has mood swings and is very emotional, all in all she remains mysterious, sometimes appearing sad. She often dances, sings, and plays the flute for people to try and make them feel better or to try and fit the mood. Her songs are always soft like her voice which is extremely gentle. It expresses emotions greatly, and gives her no way to hide her opinions on things. Many people don’t know exactly how her heart works unless they are very close to her. But those who do say she has “a beautiful mind”. Her words all usually seem to fit together, although she may slip elven into them as a bad habit. Amalthea is not afraid of evil and darkness because she believes that she must try to help them with their troubles as well, but she does have a great fear of spiders and other insect creatures. She also often talks to animals and tells them her secrets either through her songs or the look in her eyes. She is not attracted to many people, and doesn’t believe that someday she will have someone just for her because she doesn’t think that it would work out. (Although she would like someone). Also, she is claustrophobic and fears vampires and undead. One of her biggest goals is to help everyone with a pure deserving heart that she can, and to befriend all of the spirits.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Amalthea came to be sometime ago in the Forest of Mirrors. The elders had found her as a baby and taken her in to their society, realizing that she was an elf. They cared for her and led her to believe that she had been born within the forest and that her parents had died long ago.

    Finally, when she was of age, they told her the truth about her past and how they had found her abandoned it seemed on the edge of the forest. They gave her a flute, and told her that she had been lying next to it when they found her as a child. It was made of high quality white elven oak and it seemed that none of the other elves in the Forest of Mirrors could play it. When she first received the gift, Amalthea gave it a blow and a beautiful sound escaped from the flute. Its voice seemed to have been awakened at the touch of the young elf’s lips. After she finished blowing the flute, she left the elders in silence. At this, they were puzzled.

    From that day on, Amalthea would often spend time alone singing, dancing, or playing her flute. All of the other elves seemed to think that she was still to young to understand the concept of being found and no one knowing of her parents. But deep down inside, Amalthea new the truth, and often told the spirits and animals of the forest about it. They seemed to all be great friends with her, and often gathered to hear her musical talents.

    Her home during her childhood in the Forest of Mirrors was that of the Elders who treated her kindly and very much like a child. At this, Amalthea did not complain, but helped them and everyone else in any way possible. The Mirror Forest was attacked in NRC 473, when she was seventy-five. At this, she tried to help her people and forced to run with many of the other elven families. Amalthea had never been exposed to such violence before, and was hurt deeply by the evil aura which surrounded what she knew to be as her serene and magical home. At this, she decided that she would one day fight back for the sake of her friends. Her large heart and thoughtfulness was known throughout the forest because she would say these things openly, but so was her sadness.

    As she aged, after returning to her home in the forest, the male elves often spied on her because of her beauty. She would often be to shy to talk to them, and would sit in many clearings in the forest in silence, looking up at the sky and often crying. For this, they saw her as even more beautiful.

    During this time, Amalthea had aged greatly, and although she was not wise, she had her secret beliefs. She promised herself that she would one day venture out into the world to find her parents, befriend new spirits, and help as many others as she could. One night, she told this to a small bird, and also added that she would be leaving the forest in secret the next night. The bird told the elders of this, and Fanera, one of the elders, met her before she left. She told Amalthea the hopes that the elven society held for her, and gave her a feather. It magical properties seemed to whisper throughout it and with that given the elder vanished, wishing her all luck.

    It was then that Amalthea began her journey.

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