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Amara Amaria
Pronunciation: AH-mah-RAH AH-mah-RE-ah

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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Amara Amaria has light brown hair, red eyes, and fair skin. Her light brown hair falls to the middle of her buttocks when it is down and has thick long bangs. She often wears her hair tied up into two long pigtails. Her eyes are red with long black lashes and thin, light brown brows. Amara’s skin is fair with a few faint scars on her back from hard work when she was growing up. She is five feet and five inches tall, weighs one-hundred and twenty-five pounds. Her stomach is full and round, due to the fact that she is seven months pregnant.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Red
Build Svelte Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Amaria wears a long, fitted, sleeveless pink vest that covers her stomach. It has a starched white collar with a small salmon-pink bow in the center, over her chest. The vest buttons down the front, but the buttons are hidden under a panel with twin strips of white ruffles down the front of the shirt. She also wears a short white pleated skirt. Her shoes are salmon pink and white flats. In her hair, she wears a pair of salmon-pink bows with a white stripe at the end of the ribbon. She also has a white cloak for bad weather that is hemmed with pink.

Weapon Description

    Amara’s weapons are two daggers. Her daggers are made of fine steel and are kept clean and sharp. The handle of the daggers are made of pink leather and white cotton trimming.

Class Mage
Occupation Mage
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (3)
Weapons Two Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Heavy Backpack; Deluxe Adventurer’s pack; dress, shoes, hairbrush, necklace, flute, a week of biscuit rations, waterskin, coin purse, pillow, blanket, small harp
Horse Lin
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 8
EN 17
AG 9
IN 19
LU 10
PB 16


    Since Amara was about five, she was educated in scholarly subjects and sorcery. Even though she is not as strong as she would love to be, her endurance is very high and she sometimes relies on her agility and sorcery skills to get her out of most situations. She was taught fencing, and fights in a very elegant and royal way. Now that she is pregnant, she tries not to use hand-to-hand combat, instead, she mostly fights from a distance using her magic.


    Amara is sweet and very kind. She is generous to a fault and extremely cheerful. She’s a little on the innocent side, but at the same time confident and thoughtful. Although weakened from her pregnancy, she tends to refrain from fighting too much or using too much of her magic. Her happiness depends on the happiness of those she loves and cares for. Most of the time when she is around human-beings, she gives off a calm and peaceful feeling to them. She acts somewhat royal and is very graceful in the way she acts. Amara greatest fear and one of her weak points is the thought of losing her baby. She mainly wanted to have an adventure and learn to use her skills better or to settle down one day with her loved one and raise a family. But the most she has accomplish was getting pregnant and gaining high level in most of her skills.

Alignment: True Neutral with Good Tendencies

Quotes: “Oh Falis, how did I end up in this position?”, “Please help me and this child get through this pregnancy safely.”


    Amara Amaria was born in Valis to a beautiful blond young woman, Lisa Mari Amaria. Lisa was born to a wealthy family in which sorcery was tradition. For generations, the Amarias studied magic; serving in high positions within the Mages’ Guild, and teaching at the Academy of Sages before it fell. Lisa Mari was a mage as well, and as a young woman, she traveled Lodoss for a few years, looking for magical relics for the Guild. For protection in her travels, Lisa hired a mercenary named Zayph who became her lover.

    After several years, Lisa and Zayph had a falling out and separated. Lisa returned home, and began to show signs of pregnancy. She became fatigued and her stomach began to grow. Though she realized that she may have become pregnant, she was terrified of telling her parents, as they had expected to arrange her marriage when she ready, and that she would remain chaste until then. Her mother thought Lisa was getting fat, and told her to exercise, but Lisa refused.

    At around six months, when she could no longer hide her obvious pregnancy, Lisa came clean. Her parents were shocked at first, but they quickly accepted the fact and grew happy. Her family took care of her, anxiously awaiting her baby. The men of the family hoped for a girl as beautiful as she, though the women couldn’t be concerned with gender; they just wanted a beautiful, healthy baby. When Amara finally came into the world on a late winter night, there was some debate as to what to name her. Many of Lisa’s family members had nearly unanimously declared the name should be Rena, but Lisa insisted on naming her Amara.

    Amara grew up in the care of her mother and grandparents. Her basic education began when she was five, when grandparents hired a tutor to teach her how to read and write, and then mathematics, history, geography, literature, and sciences. A few years later, her family began to teach her the basics of sorcery. Amara’s early years were filled with learning, to the point at which it consumed her life. She felt out of place, and that she couldn’t be a normal child. However, when she finally came home to her mother at the end of the day, she was able to relax and be a normal child.

    Lisa did play a role in Amara’s education, however. When Amara was eight, her mother began to teach her some self-defense, for times when her sorcery may not be relied upon. Knowing the dangers of the road, Lisa wanted to make sure Amara could take care of herself, so she taught her fencing.

    When Amara was nine, her mother decided to move to Alania with another branch of the Amaria family. They moved to a home in the countryside, just outside Alan. Despite the troubles seen in Alania at the time, her family remained outside of politics. It was around this time that her mother told her about her father. Amara had always had questions, since most other children had a father, but Lisa was always hesitant to answer them until Amara could understand what went on between a man and a woman. This information piqued Amara’s interest in meeting Zayph, but Lisa didn’t know where he was or if he still lived.

    It was also in Amara’s ninth year that she met Lin. One night, Amara was woken up by a noise, and looked out her bedroom window. In the yard below, she saw her mother petting a beautiful white horse. Excited by seeing such a beautiful animal, Amara rushed downstairs to join her mother. The horse seemed to be feral, or a runaway, because it had wandered onto their property. It had a lame leg, which Lisa had tended to. While he recovered, Lisa kept him in a stable on the property. While he recovered, Amara played with him every day, but at night he was trapped in a stable, which he hated. Realizing he was such a free spirit, once he recovered, Lisa let him go free.

    Amara was heartbroken by the horse’s departure. For days following, she waited for him to return, but he didn’t. In a few weeks, she lost hope of him coming back, and when her birthday came a few weeks later, she was still depressed. Her mother did all she could to cheer Amara up that day, but nothing worked. Despite all the celebrations, Amara went to bed that night as depressed as she was the night before.

    The next morning, her mother got her out of bed and drug her into the yard. At first afraid that she was about to be punished, Amara’s mood suddenly brightened when she saw the same white stallion back in their yard. After his return, they decided to never tie him up or lock him behind a gate, but instead they allowed the free-spirited stallion to come and go as he pleased. They named him Lin, and though he sometimes wandered, he was now a part of the family and always came home. With Lin in the family, Lisa began teaching Amara how to ride and care for a horse.

    As Amara approached her preteen years, her mother began preparing her for marriage. Though, when she married it likely be into an equally wealthy home where they could afford maids, her family found that doing normal house chores would build good fundamentals in Amara. Thus, Amara was taught sewing and cooking, and forced to help the maids in cleaning the house. Amara hated this, and didn’t understand why she had to learn these things, but she was a dutiful daughter and did what she was told.

    At the age of eighteen, Amara had grown into a beautiful and talented young lady. All that was left for her family to give her was a husband. Many people from Valis and Alania offered up their sons, or their own hands, in marriage to Amara. However, Amara wasn’t quite ready for marriage, so her family respected her wishes.

    Instead, with her studies finished, Amara decided to focus her time on a hobby, and she chose music. Her family helped her find tutors to learn the flute and harp, her instruments of chose, and Amara spent the next few years absorbed in music. She began to play the harp at balls and family gatherings. They preferred the harp at such large social events, but Amara wanted to get more practice in with the flute as well.

    When she was twenty, Amara took to playing the flute at inns in Alan. One one of the nights she played, she met a traveling half-elf bard named Nataniel (or Nat, for short). He came to the inn she was preforming at, intending to play for his supper, but she had taken his place instead. However, since she was such a beautiful young lady, Nat decided to stay and get to know her. After her set, he offered to buy her dinner, and since he was so incredibly handsome, she agreed.

    After their first dinner, Amara and Nat started seeing each other more often. Over the next few weeks, their relationship became more intense and Amara went to bed with him. She couldn’t tell her family about though. She felt ashamed of her actions, but Nat was just irresistible. Over the course of the month, she made more rendezvous with him. Then, one night, she told him she was falling in love. A few days later, Nat told her he had received a letter from his mother saying that she was ill and needed him by her side. Amara wanted to go with him, but he told her that he didn’t want to upset his mother’s condition by exciting her. He convinced Amara that it was best that she wait for him. She gave in and he left.

    Disappointed, Amara went on with her life as she waited for Nat. However, a few weeks later, she was overcome by fatigue and found herself getting sick every morning. It took her only another week to realize she may be pregnant when she skipped her period. She couldn’t tell her family, for fear of them punishing her for making the same mistake her mother did. She was at loss for what to do, but as the months wore on and her stomach began to grow, she knew she had to do something. So, she decided to set out to find Nat so they could have a proper marriage and raise their child together.

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