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Aquila Carrows
Pronunciation: uh-KE-lah kair-OHS

Forum ID Aquila
Plot Quest for Neria
Aquila is © Aquila.
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Aquila’s Gallery
Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Aquila’s honey blonde hair reaches about an inch or so below her shoulder-blades. It’s barely layered, more in the front for appearance than anything. She usually keeps it held back, in a type of braid, which circles around the back of her head. Much like the appearance of a ribbon. The front of her hair is in her face, her bangs being much too blinding for her large, emotional green eyes. The sides of them hang about even with her chin, give or take. Aquila has a bit of a heart-shaped face, with her chin falling into a point. Her eyes are a variant shade of green, much too complicated to explain. They vary between a luscious grass green color, to a bit of an emerald green. The shape of them are quite round, which often guarantees a quick joke and laugh from most. Her dark lashes are naturally long, giving her more of an innocent look at most times. Ever since she was a girl, her eyes were considered her most admirable trait, considering they too showed a large sum of her emotion.

    She stands at about five-foot-one, seeming rather petite for most girls her age as well. Aquila has a small frame, with very little muscle-tone, even though she appears to be working on that with her dancing. Her skin has a lightly tanned color to it, as a great deal of the sun’s work. She’s never been an extremely pale kid, but then her color could quickly lean to that, or to be a darker shade. By the looks of her skin and appearance, Aquila appears to take good care of her body. Though, the occasional blemish is obviously unavoidable, even with the most painful scrubbing. From harsh times in the past, she has several scars etched onto her almost flawless skin. A large one being found especially on her back, near the lower right side; a slash mark, which seems like it was obviously a large wound, by the pale porcelain color. Then there is a small one found on each knees, obvious from a nasty fall, more than likely. Aquila hides the other, as it’s unfortunately found on her chest, from way before she actually matured, on the right breast. The scar is curved, much like it looked like she’d been stabbed and the person carelessly tried to kill her, though it was obviously on the wrong side. From an act of stupidity, she got a tattoo of a small heart on the left side of her hipbone, so that it could be hidden among others.

Height 5’1” Hair Color Honey Blonde
Weight 93lbs Eye Color Green
Build Slim Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Her clothing looks much like sleepwear than anything, but that appears to be how she prefers it. She has an undershirt that is long-sleeved, falling off her shoulders that is a muddy brown color, which falls down quite a ways from her hips. Found hidden partially below it there is a small, pleated skirt, which barely falls past her thighs. Above the outfit it looks much like a skirt, but the appearance of it looks much like a customized apron. It’s a spaghetti-strapped dress that doesn’t even reach past her crotch. The front looks split, sewed together with the same muddy brown material between it. A black ribbon is attached, wrapping around the dress a ways below her breasts. At the top of the dress the black ribbon is tied in a bow. Down the sides are ruffles of a light chocolate color, which also is apparent at the very end of the dress. For the shoes, she mostly goes around barefoot, but she does have a dark brown pair of unkept sandals, which basically just wrap around her feet, with a small oval shape on top of her feet; in the front, of course.

Weapon Description


Class Thief
Occupation Dancer
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Travel bag; clothes, hairbrush, ribbons, sheets, canteen, loaf of bread, apples, sewing kit, lock pick, and an old book
Horse No
ST 9
EN 11
AG 10
IN 11
LU 12
PB 10




    Due to her old living situations she’s far more quiet and reserved than some girls, probably most. She’s not really one to speak up and voice her opinions to the world unless it’s something she strongly believes in, and even then it’s quite rare to see. Aquila doesn’t like yelling, since her father did a lot of it for a good portion of her life. She doesn’t like to be yelled at, nor does she enjoy yelling at others. Obviously she keeps to herself, considering she doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of friends, which often leads her to being the center of jokes and laughter from other people around. Aquila believes that she has the right to be silent, as she had done it for a long time. Most try not to talk to her, because conversations don’t last too long around the girl. She never adheres to personal questions and if asked one, she will simply ignore the question—acting like it had never been asked. Believing that things in the past need to be kept there, that is where she keeps them; in the back of her memory, to never have to pull out.

    However, while she’s dancing, she brings out a different attitude of herself. A more seductive an fiery personality, unlike her innocent and reserved one. Aquila learned that when she’s dancing, she must be mysterious, with some attitude. During her lessons with her teacher, she was told that nobody likes to see a dancer who doesn’t show a different side of themselves, much less a quiet one that seems to have no personality at all. While she’s dancing she actually makes it like an acting role, considering that’s the only way she can think of it. Provocative and with a little sense of danger to her, it allows her to have a small amount of money for her to keep, even if it may not be a whole lot. She often does private dances among those who request her presence. Though, it’s probably the most unflattering aspect of her persona, considering she can tend to be more loud and quite rudely outspoken while she’s performing.

    She hasn’t really had a goal set for her life. Aquila has just been wondering around places, trying to actually find her place in the world. All she wants is to know what she’s going to be expecting from herself; good or bad, honestly. With her being quite reserved, yet barely spontaneous, she doesn’t know if she may end up as being a common vagabond, or back to being a commoner. Honestly, she’s always putting herself down though. She doesn’t consider herself to be worth much, especially since that’s what she’d always heard from her father. Aquila feels herself as being worthless.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Aquila was born to Krystin and Kalub of Alania in 510 NRC. Immediately after her birth, her mother had died due to medical reasons, which had been stated before her pregnancy; Krystin wasn’t even supposed to conceive a child, let alone give birth to one. Growing up as an only child, she obviously lived with her father, gaining education and learning other things that she needed to know in her life. Her childhood was an average one, with regular playing around with other kids and such. Aquila was always given a fine life with good opportunities, until she was in her teenage years. To say the least, they weren’t very fun at all. Right when she was thirteen years old her father had felt the need to marry once more, however, Aquila had just noticed how much her father had changed from when she was just a small lass. He wasn’t the same guy that she’d known for most of her life. Bringing home average prostitutes didn’t help the situation, let alone dating them and constantly having them around the house. Kalub did marry, but not to a kind lady. She was quite ugly and she wasn’t at all very nice. It was like a Cinderella story, considering she already had two kids. A son, far older than Aquila herself, possibly around his twenties? A daughter too, though she too was older than herself; eighteen. A snotty brat she was, always demanding and cruel.

    Trying to keep herself out of the house as much as possible, she took up dance. Aquila thought most dances were quite amusing and full of talent, while others were just... didn’t take any talent at all. She loved moving her body around like it meant something, using the actual arts and skills needed for the movements. It made her feel special, considering she looked much like an exotic dancer after several gruesome training processes. Home wasn’t getting much better though, as her father was still married to that witch. A year later Kalub took things out on Aquila though, yelling at her for her mother’s death. He claimed that she was a burden because she only brought home the worst things, rather than the best. It wasn’t long after that when he decided that he was going to physically hurt his daughter. Kalub was drunk one night took his own dagger and plunged it into his daughter’s chest and twisted it around, though thankfully it was on her right side. It was dark too, so Aquila hadn’t expected her father to just plunge at her. Obviously she clutched her chest and fell down on the ground, falling flat on her chest, pressure being put on her wound, but she was out like a light from the stab. That was when he had injured her back too. Her step-brother, Darik, was the one who helped her though, surprisingly. He had thankfully taken her to a priest to be healed, though unfortunately not a very skilled one at all; he’d just started the art to heal others, so the scarring wasn’t gone, but the wound had been partially healed to keep her alive. It was that night Aquila turned to her step-brother, learning that he wasn’t a bad guy after all. She always went to him with a problem, whether she wanted it out or not. Darik never told anybody and he gave her the information for most of the things that she needed or wanted to know.

    At the age of seventeen Darik decided that he was well past his stay of living at the residence, so he moved out and went to live on his own. He still anticipated to see Aquila and ask her about home. She always spoke of everything being the same; the constant yelling and bickering going on between her father and herself, then the dance lessons she’d done for several years now. At home though, it was to the point that Kalub actually sexually abused his daughter, though she’d never admit it to anybody, not even Darik. Aquila was far too embarrassed, considering she knew her father shouldn’t be doing such a thing to his daughter, but she knew that there was no stopping him. After about another year she left home during the night, heading towards Darik’s house. He had answered the door after several minutes of banging went on outside. With no questions asked, he let Aquila stay with him. Another year passed by and she stayed with her step-brother until she decided that she needed to leave and go on with her own life.

    For the last several months Aquila has been living on her own, depending on her skills to support herself. She has nothing for herself right now, except minor performances to earn money and often pickpocketing others.

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