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Archana Arrian
Pronunciation: AR-kay-NAH AR-ry-AHN

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Age 16
Birth Year NRC 514
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Archana takes much after her elven side with her silver hair, grown long, her elven beauty and dark skin. Though her skin is naturally considerably lighter than a full-blooded dark elf, it’s been deeply tanned. Archana has a soft, child-like face, but she has seen many hardships. Usually, she wears her hair up in a high ponytail with two thick locks hanging down in front of her half-elven ears and thin bangs. Archana has thin, arched eyebrows and her pewter gray eyes are somewhat angular and long-lashed.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Silver
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Toned Skin Color Sun Bronzed

Clothing and Armor

    Archana wears drab, functional clothes to attract as little attention as possible. She wears a modest white cotton blouse, long sleeved and almost long enough to be considered a tunic. It laces up the front and has no collar. There is a little color on the blouse, she has blue cuffs. She wears soft, worn leather breeches for pants that are about mid-shin in length. For armor, she wears a hardened leather vest. Archana wears knee-high boots in a yellow shade of leather with white fur trim around the top. For a cloak, she wears a terracotta knee-length hooded cloak. It’s held on by a blue stone broach.

Weapon Description

    Archana’s staff is of solid, heavy wood. Around the center it’s wrapped with strips of cloth for grip.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (2)
Weapons Quarter Staff, throwing daggers
Armor Leather Vest
Equipment Pack with traveling supplies
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 11
AG 12
IN 10
LU 8
PB 12


    Archana is skilled with the quarterstaff and throwing daggers, but she has never really learned any other weapons. She’s more of a supportive fighter than an offensive one, and now she can offer minor magical support.

    Archana’s shamanist knowledge is limited to the spirits of water, air, earth, and light. She knows nothing of dark, fire, or invisibility spirits. She learned the most basic spells from Mia, and then grew from there on her own. Water is by far her favorite element, in spite of the fact she grew up in the desert (or perhaps, because if it).


    Archana’s life has been far from easy, so she tends to be a bit cynical. She’s learned to be independent, though she would prefer to have someone as a companion. Though she is usually dour and jaded, there is a playful side to this young half-elf. The right circumstances will bring the sixteen year old girl she is out of the hardened shell of a mercenary/thief.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Archana is the illegitimate daughter of a human woman of Flaim, Rana el Fadil, and a wandering dark elf. In one fiery night of passion, Rana seduced the dark elf Vanth, disregarding all she was taught about dark elves. Vanth had his fill of her, and the next morning, he was gone. Rana kept her clandestine affair secret, and intended to never speak of it, until a month later when she realized she may have gotten pregnant.

    In a rush to protect her child, Rana begged her parents to find her a husband soon, and within a month, a marriage had been arranged between Rana and a young Kanon refugee named Cages Arrian. The wedding was quick and Rana announced to her new husband that she was pregnant. She led him to believe it was his child, never speaking of her affair with the dark elf. Rana doted on her husband, giving him everything he could want from a wife in an attempt to make him love her enough to accept the fact that the child she carried wasn’t actually his.

    However, her attempt at acceptance for her bastard child failed. Rana went into labor two months earlier than Cages anticipated. When the child was born with markedly pointed ears and in good health, Cages began to realize that the little girl wasn’t his. However, he remained with Rana, though suspicious. He raised Archana as his daughter, but as she neared a year, her elven ears became more pronounced and Cages left Rana. He told Rana’s family and anyone who would listen that she had likely been impregnated by the wandering dark elf who had passed through two years earlier. As a result, Rana and Archana were openly shunned and mocked. Rana was disowned by her own family and was forced to live on the outer most edges of Hilt.

    When Archana was five, her mother was assaulted by several drunken men. Rana was left with a fierce scar on her face. This attack prompted her to move her daughter out of Hilt to a new place. Taking what money they had, they moved to Blade. Despite her scar, Rana was able to find work. It was hardly enough to keep food on the table, but it was better than their living conditions in Hilt. Archana was able to play with local children, though she had to keep her ears covered by scarves and hats in public. Though her hair was silver, it wasn’t entirely uncommon for humans and she was passable as a human child.

    When Archana was eleven, she realized that her mother had been suffering with an illness for many years. She had been trying to save up money to afford a healing, but her meager salary didn’t leave much to spare after every day expenses of living. Archana finally learned of her mother’s illness when she came home to find Rana unconscious on the floor. She was able to wake her mother, and they gathered what money they had to go to the nearby Marfa temple. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough. Rana was able to get a healing, but it was far from what she would need for a cure. All it did was postpone her death for a little longer. A week later, Rana fainted again, but this time Archana could not rouse her. The young half-elf did all she could for her mother, but no one could help. The next morning, Rana had died in her sleep.

    With Rana dead, Archana was evicted. Her mother’s landlord sent her to an orphanage, but Archana was terrified of living day in and day out with total strangers. Someone could easily learn her secret of being a half-elf. So, Archana chose to live on the streets. It didn’t take long for a member of the local Thieves’ Guild to find her. Taking pity on her, the thief, a woman named Shadha, offered her a place to stay on one of the thieves’ safe houses. Shadha was such a kind and accepting woman that Archana felt comfortable revealing her secret. Shadha had no problem with Archana being a half-elf, and she was actually quite intrigued. She encouraged Archana to tell the guild, which she did. The thieves accepted Archana as she was and life went on.

    Eager to please her new family, young Archana learned the skills of a pickpocket. Normal society would have turned their back on her if they knew she was a half-elf, just like they did in Hilt, so she felt justified by lifting a few coins off of them. If they would treat her like a social deviant, then she would be one. Archana also made money by acting like the most pathetic beggar she possibly could. With a small staff for a walking stick, she acted as if she were crippled and played on the sympathies of passersby. In the meantime, she was taught how to use that staff to defend herself. Archana was also given a few throwing daggers as a gift from Shadha, who taught her how to use them. As a half-elf, Archana seemed to have inherited a natural knack for aim and speed.

    At the age of fourteen, Archana was doing her normal rounds around the city when she bumped into a man in the market crowd and lifted his coin purse. Unfortunately, the man was a mercenary and quite familiar with the tricks of pickpockets. As Archana was walking away, he grabbed her and took back his coin purse. He was more than willing to turn any pickpocket in to the city guard, but when he saw how young Archana was, and noticed her half-elf ears under her hood, he took pity on her. Having encountered a half-elf or two in his travels, he knew how much they suffered. He gave her the option of going to the city guard or becoming bound to him as an apprentice. Archana chose the latter.

    She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her thieving family, the mercenary wouldn’t give her the chance. His name was Dynroth, and after spending some time with him, Archana was impressed. Her future was looking brighter now that she would be working on the right side of the law and traveling the world. Archana was enrolled as a member of the guild and began taking jobs with Dynroth.

    On one such job, Dynroth and Archana were hired alongside an elf named Mia?nd to Archana’s surprise, she wasn’t just a common elf, but half-dark and half-common elf. She was eager to get to know Mia and had many questions for the elf, all of which Mia patiently answered. Mia also told Archana about shamanism, the magic that all half-elves and elves could use. She taught Archana the basics of summoning and some of the most popular elementals; Undine, Sylph, Fairies, Gnome, Will o’ Wisp. However, Mia knew that she wouldn’t be around to tutor Archana, so she left out some of the more dangerous spirits. Thanks to Mia, Archana learned some basic shamanist summons, and she began working on her report with the spirits.

    After nearly a year with Dynroth, tragedy visited Archana again. Hired with several other mercenaries, Dynroth and Archana were sent to a village in the independent northwestern region of Lodoss, near Raiden. The village had been overrun by bandits who were terrorizing the villagers. With no nation to defend them, a passing merchant managed to escape the bandits and make it to Flaim where he sent his request for mercenaries to the Flaim Mercenary Guilds. A band of mercenaries were organized between Blade and Shuva and made their way to the village. In the battle, Dynroth was slain.

    Archana returned to the Blade guild with a broken heart. In time, she picked up the pieces. It’s been a year since Dynroth’s death, and with what he taught her, Archana was able to move on with her life as a mercenary without him.

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