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Pronunciation: AR-yehn

Forum ID Vampire Aryen
Plot Vampire Hunt
Aryen is © Vampire Aryen.
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Age 50
Birth Year NRC 480
Gender Male
Race Human
Affliction Vampirism
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Aryen is built tall and slim, but his vampiric abilities make him stronger than he looks. He has a handsome, yet mysterious face with piercing blue eyes and short, smooth black hair. His age is hard to determine, since he looks about twenty-one, the age he was changed, though he is thirty years older. Due to being a vampire, his skin is deathly pale when it once had a healthy tan. Behind his lips are a pair of sharp, elongated fangs.

Height 6’1” Hair Color Black
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Slim Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    His clothing is fitted to his personality, dark and mysterious. He wears a red, button-up shirt with long cuffs that fold over the cuffs of his black jacket. Aryen’s jacket is black and closes by wrapping tightly around his slim waist and fastening on the side. The jacket falls about mid-thigh, over his matching black breeches. For shoes, he wears a pair of black leather boots that the cuffs of his pants fall over. He wears a short silver necklace, but no more jewelry. To protect himself from the elements, he has a swathing black cloak.

Weapon Description


Class Ranger
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons 15 throwing daggers
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, necklace
ST 18
EN 12
AG 19
IN 11
LU 8
PB 18


    Aryen’s vampiric powers grant him far greater strength and agility than an average human. He moves fast enough to rival and even surpass elven speeds. Despite all these abilities, he must keep himself fed on blood to be at his best. Vampirism also grants him improved vision, hearing, and a sense of smell to enable him to be a hunter.

    His fighting skills are graceful and fast, and his use of a double-ended spear requires his agility to be effective. Whether he's fighting hand to hand or with his spear, he relies on his vampiric gifts.

    As a young vampire, Aryen has no immunity to sunlight yet. His skin will burn within moments of being hit by sunlight, starting like a sunburn, then quickly catching fire if he doesn’t get out of the light. Depending on how much blood he has to sustain himself, Aryen can heal his wounds quickly.

    Aryen’s telepathic mental abilities still have much more development, but for now, his best skill is his ability to charm. When his intended prey makes eye contact with him, he will focus into their minds to make them feel more attracted to him. He can also telepathically incapacitate a human victim, but that requires a powerful burst of telepathic energy that overloads the senses.


    Aryen is generally silent around humans and doesn’t like to draw attention to himself. He is a predator, and will usually only interact with people when he wants a meal. Recovering from the heartbreak and the severing of his connection to his sire, Aryen now hopes to create a childer of his own. However, he would like to just be able to have someone to talk to, but many people are quick to see him as a monster. He’ll show emotion and happiness when he has the chance, but not many people give him that chance.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “Now, just rest. Your body is dying, but pay no attention to it, it happens to us all.”


    Aryen was born and raised in a tiny farming community on the road between Adan and Novice, just at the base of the Central Mountains. His father, Kirik, was once an adventurer, but as age caught up to him, he married a pretty common woman he met in his travels, Sheila. Aryen was first born to Kirik and Sheila, the second in his family being his sister Sherina, born when he was eleven. Aryen was a very caring and protective older brother, always watching out for Sherina. He grew up tending crops, and as he grew into a handsome young man, he was the object of the affection of several local girls, all hoping to marry him. Aryen had his pick, but he was nervous and shy, and even intimidated by them. By 21, he was considering his options, but he didn't have a chance to make a decision.

    One night, a clan of vampires descended on the small community from a stronghold in the mountains. Their leader was a dark elf turned vampire, a beauty named Zehenia. The entire village was slaughtered. Aryen and his father tried to fight, but they were overwhelmed. As vampires fed on his father, Aryen was restrained and nearly killed on the spot, but Zehenia saw his beauty and decided to make him one of the clan for it. Charming him, she took him to her bed, drank his blood, then fed him her own. Aryen woke hours later as one of them.

    He was disdainful of this new family he had been forced into, but a part of him felt strong loyalty to Zehenia. Aryen fought with conflicting emotions of hate and loyalty to her, all the while the clan told him to accept it, get over it, and join them. His first night after being turned, Aryen snuck out of the stronghold and returned to his village. No one had come yet, as the village was too remote for any legion of knights or priests to reach in a day. So, Aryen took to burying the dead. The bodies of his parents, his dear sister, childhood playmates, and potential wives. He found his father's spear and decided to keep it. Zehenia allowed his absence, even though he left in secret. She thought it best that he dealt with the last of his humanity before he became something greater.

    Days later, the word had reached Alan and a contingent of knights, Marfa priestesses and Falis priests arrived in the village. They tracked the evidence of the vampire attack and found Zehenia’s stronghold. They laid siege on the vampires and most of the clan was destroyed, but Zehenia escaped with her youngest childer. They were on the run for weeks until their trail was lost in the mountains. Once they were safe, Zehenia began to train Aryen how to use his abilities and how to better use a weapon. Where he lacked in skill, he made up with in new found agility and speed.

    For nine years, he and Zehenia wandered together. She missed the power of being a clan leader, but it was hard to find a safe place for two vampires. Aryen was content though. He grew to love her, and wanted for nothing else but her affections. The pair made their way to Raiden, the one place they could be safest and Zehenia began to make plans to start a new clan. However, they were discovered by the local Falis sect and a priest came to kill them. Zehenia was slain by a holy spell, but Aryen was quick to avenge her when he snuck up behind the lone priest and killed him.

    Aryen was now alone. He had to escape the local Falis church and began to wander through Lodoss alone. With Zehenia's death, he felt as if a part of himself had died, since his connection to her had been severed. For 20 years, he's only sustained himself while passing through town to town. He is well traveled, and especially familiar with backroads. Aryen never stays in one place for more than a couple days, especially if there is a temple nearby. He spent many years mourning Zehenia, and fearing losing another love if he made his own childer, but loneliness has made him reconsider.

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