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Ashe Wolfarius
Pronunciation: ASH wolf-AR-ee-US

Forum ID Wolf
Plot A New Balance
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Age 25
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Male
Race Human
Affliction Lycanthropy
Homeland Storm and Fire Desert

Physical Description

    Ashe is built to survive in the desert. He was sculpted to be strong and swift, his muscles reflect that. His arms and legs are thick and he is broad shouldered. Though he hides behind his cloak often his skin is tanned from the sun and scarred from survival. Ashe has a near invisible scar on his throat where he was hurt as a child. Ashe wears his hair long and in a tail tied at the base of his neck.

    During a full-moon (or in dire situations) Ashe changes into a were-wolf. In his wolven form he becomes a gray beast. When close to a full-moon Ashe can bring out his fangs and claws.

Height 6’1” Hair Color Black
Weight 174lbs Eye Color Black
Build Muscular Skin Color Medium Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Ashe dressed lightly for mobility. He is usually found in loose clothing also to fit his size. He tends to favor darker colors for this no-sleeved shirt and long pants. He wears heavy boots for traveling as well as cloaks to deal with desert wind and desert nights. He often wears cloaks that include a hood or a portion to hide his head and neck. The only piece of armor he wears are black gauntlets on each arm that have been enchanted with durability, enough to survive a strong hammer-strike.

Weapon Description

    Ashe carries a pair of swords, twin to each other that are forged like bastard swords but have been made blunt. Though they lack an edge they have been crafted to be heavier and sturdier. These weapons were made for Ashe’s preference not to “cut” and “sever” but to “break” and “destroy”.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (3)
Weapons Two blunt bastard swords, knife
Armor Gauntlets
Equipment List
Horse Patience
ST 17
EN 16
AG 13
IN 10
LU 11
PB 9

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Ashe’s style of combat is based around swinging heavy objects, his swords, stones or his fists around and trying to smash whatever he can gain access to. Although he can move very quickly his body acts more like a spring than a precise machine, but what he lacks in dexterity he makes up with brute force.

    During a full moon (or in dire situations) Ashe changes into a were-wolf. In his wolven form he becomes a gray beast. When close to a full moon Ashe can bring out his fangs and claws.


    Although he may be unfamiliar with the concept, Ashe carries himself like a true wolf. He only “hunts” to survive, rarely carrying anything of value with him. The were-wolf attack left him with a scar on his throat which left him with an irritating sensation when he spoke, so Ashe rarely speaks because he has grown to dislike the sensation when he does. Because he doesn't speak often, and when he does he speak brokenly many view him as a simpleton and overlook the cunning in his eyes. Ashe treasures patience over all other traits.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Strong. Eat. Weak. Die.”


    Ashe has always lived in the desert, born to a pair of desert hunters. From them he learned how to survive in the worst environment, how to survive heat and cold, how to find water, food and how to kill before become a bigger creature's prey.

    As a child there was an attack through the encampment. A group of travelers were bringing a live creature across the desert and it broke free. It killed several members of the clan and then the wounded beast bit Ashe's throat, nearly ending his life. A healer from the caravan saved his life but the others' wounds were too deep.

    During the next full moon the nature of the creature became known. Ashe changed and was stopped by his parents before he ran loose. They were not prepared to end his life but knew enough that they needed to find a way for him to control himself. Once a month he was chained to a weight so he could not harm others. As he grew older he learned how to control the shift enough that he only needs handcuffs to maintain the thin line between man and monster.

    Once he reached maturity he left his parents and began his own life. Though he has traveled out of the desert he chooses to hunt as a mercenary around Blade and the desert.

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