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Avion Ravenstorm
Pronunciation: AV-ee-OHN RAY-ven-STORM

Forum ID Bloodshield
Plot A New Balance
Avion is © Bloodshield.
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Age 17
Birth Year NRC 513
Gender Male
Race Half-Dwarf, Half-Human
Homeland Novice, Alania

Physical Description

    Avion is a young man of great physical prowess. He stands at five feet, seven inches tall, but his broad shoulders and highly muscular build define an almost primitive side. His rust-brown hair is long and thick, flowing to mid-back. His face is handsome, taking after his father in his youth, though he’s twice the width of his father. His crystal blue eyes were given to him by his mother, so his father told him. His left arm bears a tattoo that most of the other villagers seem to ostracize him for.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Rust Brown
Weight 275lbs Eye Color Crystal Blue
Build Muscular Skin Color Light Copper

Clothing and Armor

    As a villager Avion has little in the ways of protection and armor. He owns few things. He wears soft brown breeches and hard soled brown leather boots. His jerkin is a soft blue with darker blue sleeves. They are common among villagers, though his needed to be custom tailored for his larger frame and build.

Weapon Description

    His current weapon of choice is a war maul he managed to buy from a trader passing through his village. It is just a plain, heavy, unadorned war maul.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer, former farmer
Weapons War Maul
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, small hand-spade, dulled knife, some durable rope, backpack (large) sleeping canvas and sheet, hatchet (also dulled and chipped) wood mallet and nails, goatskin canteen and some flint.
Horse Axe
ST 18
EN 16
AG 8
IN 9
LU 10
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Being a half-dwarf, Avion is usually seen as just an overly built human. As such he’s naturally stronger and has a greater constitution, his eyes can see in the dark and in caves with ease. Avion isn't any greatly skilled warrior, but he is very skilled with large bludgeoning weapons, thanks to being a villager.


    Being a simple villager, Avion is more attuned to feeling of sympathy of the commoners. He’s naive and unskilled in many ways. He possesses a strong sense of honor, though he prefers to hold a neutral stance until he's involved in things. He is very open-minded and friendly.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “Myrii's shaved bottom!”


    Avion was born on a journey between his human father and dwarven mother. After Avion was born, his father thought it prudent to settle down and raise him. His mother was more stubborn to the idea and reluctantly did so for a time. She left a year later, returning to adventuring, and never to be seen again. She did leave Avion with a tattoo as a reminder of his mixed heritage, though.

    His father wasn’t sad. He knew she’d leave. He spent his time teaching his son how to take care of the crops and how to cut wood and how to build. Avion was naturally skilled when he was cutting wood. He grew very powerful and other villagers started to treat him oddly. He didn’t understand why and his father was dodgy on the subject. He has no idea that his mother was a dwarf. Young and headstrong Avion wants to see the world like his father got to do when he was young.

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