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Pronunciation: BEL-lah

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Age 27
Birth Year NRC 503
Gender Female
Race Grassrunner
Homeland Grasslands of Alecrast

Physical Description

    Bella is a pretty young grassrunner woman, but in Lodoss, she’s often confused with being a child of elven blood, which frustrates her to no end. Her straight golden hair is cut in a bob which falls to mid-neck and has bangs that cover her brow—which doesn’t help in her problem of appearing like a child. Her long pointed ears stick out from her hair, which are about the same size as a half-elf’s in proportion to her size. She has bright, inquisitive blue eyes set into a slightly rounded face. Her tiny grassrunner body is slim, but still has obvious feminine curves. If her face and height get her confused with being a child, her body certainly causes for confusion and double takes.

Height 3’ Hair Color Golden Blonde
Weight 55lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Slim Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Bella dresses conservatively, though her clothes are mostly form fitting. She’s a modest woman, but she wants people to realize that she is indeed a woman. A high-collared, fitted green sleeveless top trimmed in gold, which is worn over a billowy, long sleeved white blouse. The sleeves of course, are visible and cover her entire arm until they meet her demure short gloves that are made to match the vest. The hem of the blouse is long enough to fall over her hips, though the fit of her vest reveals a defined waist and hips. Bella’s breeches and her high-heeled boots are stout and beautiful, made to match her vest and gloves. The heels of her boots are two inches (high when you’re 3’), and about an inch wide; made to be as skinny as possible, but still something she can walk in. For warmth and protection from the elements, Bella doesn't carry a cloak, but a fitted jacket and a stylish cap that match her vest. On her brow, Bella wears a gold circlet with a sleek design that curves down at a point in the center where a sapphire drop hangs.

Weapon Description

    Bella’s weapon is a last line of defense, but it is a beautifully crafted, curved grassrunner blade. The hilt is elegantly designed with bronze vines, and the blade is etched with similar designs. Grassrunners use the same technique to create their weapons as elves do, and their blades are just as sharp and strong, but usually very small.

Class Shaman
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Curved Grassrunner Knife
Armor Heavy Cloth Jacket and Vest
Equipment Traveling pack with extra clothes, toiletries, rope, purse with coin, blanket and small pillow, water skin, pouch with a collection of pretty stones and shells, biscuit rations, circlet
Magic System Shamanism
Special summons None
ST 6
EN 10
AG 13
IN 15
LU 10
PB 12


    The main focus of Bella’s training has been shamanism, and she has worked very hard to reach her level of power. She is adept at summoning Air, Water, and Earth elementals, as well as various fairies, but she would never consider summoning Salamander or any fire spirit. Like most Grassrunners, Bella despises fire, as it destroyed a large portion of the Grassrunner population in the final battle between Kardis and Marfa.

    As primarily a caster, Bella doesn't bother much with training in strength, she is rather weak physically, but has average endurance for walking long distances. As a Grassrunner, she is very agile, but no more than any average woman. Her abilities all lie within the mind. She is by no means a fighter, but she can defend herself with her knife in the most dire of situations.


    Bella is a determined, curious, and truly good young woman. She has deep respect for the spirits, and is always eager to learn more about them. As a child, she never really needed toughened up as many little sisters do when they have big brothers. Roen was ten when she was born, and very close to his father, so there was never much teasing between them, especially not physical. Grassrunners, as long lived fairy people, age very slowly and parents have the energy to keep up with young children. Bella’s closest friend was her mother. When Rodd was born, Bella became like a second mother or a nurse to him, not a teasing big sister.

    Bella is very proper and conservative; material and physical pleasures mean little to her. She is uninterested in finding a husband at this point, that would likely be something she’d decide on when she returns home. Bella likes to help people, and always does what she feels is right. She's learned that she loves travel and is very eager to see the rest of Lodoss. However, her normally cool and composed attitude is becoming more and more easily broken as she deals with people thinking she’s a child.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “By the name of Marfa, I’m not a child, I’m twenty-seven years old!”


    Bella was the second born child to Heer and Ilda, and the first born daughter. Her brother, ten years her elder, was Roen, and ten years after her birth came another brother, Rodd. As the only daughter, Bella was especially close to her mother and her father’s little girl. It was a happy little Grassrunner family, traditional, and somewhat reclusive from humans. They had little concern for money, and only kept a little for dealing with humans. The Grassrunner village provided for itself much like an elven village. They grew fruits and vegetables and grains in the grassland, wove their own clothing, made their own homes, and weapons, with no need for outside materials.

    Bella’s parents were once adventurers, and had grown up together. Born only a year apart in the village, when they came of age, they were both interested in taking a quest to Lodoss. Heer, to prove himself as a warrior, and Ilda to prove herself as a shamaness. It is expected of most Grassrunner men to take the quest around the age of twenty-five, but it is not expected of women, but neither is it discouraged. At the time, they were childhood friends and playmates, though had grown attracted to each other as they matured. They journeyed to Lodoss together, and braved the accursed island for three years, falling further in love. At the end of those three years, Ilda was pregnant and they were eager to return home for a traditional Grassrunner wedding. The village welcomed them back, and the town celebrated not only a welcome home party, but a new marriage and a new child soon to come into the world. Roen was born, and raised in his father’s footsteps to become a shamanist fighter.

    When Bella was born, Ilda intended to raise her daughter to be a shamaness, and hoped she would one day choose to take the quest as well. Both children were taught shamanism well, and Roen had a better education than most fighters. Bella took quite well after her mother. Heer trained Bella in knife fighting, the knife she carries was a birthday gift to her after a few years of training. However, Bella had little interest in fighting, which Ilda made sure Heer respected. Bella knows just enough of basic knife fighting to wield her blade in defense, but Bella prefers to rely on spirits.

    When Roen reached the age of twenty-four, he sought to take the quest he’d been preparing for all his life. He was young and eager to see the world, especially the fabled “Accursed Island”. Bella was fourteen when he left, and Rodd was only four. For five years, Bella and her family waited anxiously for Roen’s return. In the fifth year, they began to worry that he had failed his quest and died, but he finally came home. Roen had been so enchanted with Lodoss, he decided to stay for as long as he did. He brought home stories and curios, including his new map which he gave to Bella for her journey planned five or six years later.

    Bella’s youngest brother, Rodd, was later trained much in the same way as his brother, but he loved nature far more than the others and was often running off into the grassland for days at a time as a child and later a teenager. Instead of being a fighter like his father and brother, he was apprenticed to a ranger in the village and taught the ways of nature. Rodd barely knew his brother Roen when he returned home, but Roen soon won over his little brother with tales of Lodoss. Rodd’s interest in traveling was further piqued when he learned of the elven forests and their distant sylvan cousins. Roen did warn his siblings of the frustrating treatment he often received in Lodoss. Nearly every time he met a human, or any race for that matter, he was thought of as an elven child! Heer and Ilda had encountered the same problem.

    At the age of twenty-five, Bella bid farewell to her family and set out to Lodoss. Ilda had Bella’s form fitting outfit tailored for her, making sure Bella appeared as mature as she really was. Soon upon arriving in Raiden, Bella indeed encountered the same problem all other Grassrunners did; “Aw, honey, are you lost? Where’s your mommy?”, “Sorry kid, you need to be a little older to rent your own room.”, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum. It was more frustrating and annoying that Bella had imagined, and it only grew worse, but Bella stuck it out. That wasn’t the challenge of Lodoss, the Accursed Island. However, Bella soon learned that Lodoss was no longer considered “Accursed”. Rumors of Kardis rising again, only to be sealed by Marfa were too incredible for most Alecrastians to believe, but the Lodoss people assured her it was true. Once she explained that she was a grown woman, NOT a child, of course.

    Bella has spent nearly two years in Lodoss, the first month was spent exploring the Raiden area, and especially the Wildlands, which was the largest grassland in Lodoss. Bella had been warned of its dangers, and it indeed was far more dangerous than her homeland. The Wildlands were full of dangerous beasts and gigantic insects that she had never seen in Alecrast. After having her fill of the Wildlands, Bella made her way to the Glassy Woods where she met the Common Elves and Centaurs. At first, many of them thought she was a child, but at least they were easier to convince of her adulthood than humans. The elves and centaurs remembered the tale of their ancient cousins, the Elves of the Grass. Despite the early confusion created by the small Fae woman, Bella became close to the elves and the elders taught her a few more details of shamanism she didn’t know, including how to summon King Spirits, something Grassrunners don’t normally know. Bella was able to enter the Ancient Tree in the Glassy Woods to meet Ento, the King of Fairies. The ancient spirit king was quite surprised to see a Grassrunner. Bella did not enter the tree to make a contract, only to sate her curiosity.

    After six months in the Glassy Woods, Bella left to continue her journey. She traveled south through Moss, then east to Valis, making a stop for three months in the Mirror Forest. She has most recently explored the Holy Kingdom, and now wants to make her way north to Alania and the Forest of No Return.

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