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Pronunciation: BREHST

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Age 32
Birth Year NRC 498
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Standing at just a shade under six feet in height, Brest has the rugged look of a man well traveled in the world. The severe features of his face are well weathered with slight lines which present themselves around his eyes and mouth when he furrows his brow or smiles. His brown hair is kept short as is the thick, full beard which lays across his face. Further adding to his well worn look is the fact that his hair has begun to gray in places, this includes his beard. Brest is heavily built with broad shoulders and very little in the way of excess weight on his frame. His hands are heavily calloused and bear numerous small scars which range up both of his fore arms. His deep brown eyes gaze out at the world hard like stone showing the scars of his spirit like those on his hands and arms.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Brown, Graying
Weight 195lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Here Skin Color Slightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Brest is clad in well worn steel plate armour across most of his body. The pauldrons upon his shoulders bear the form of a raised raven in flight chased in well polished brass. The breast and back plates bear no emblem upon it but is trimmed in spiral cord chased in the same well polished brass of the pauldrons. Hanging down the front of the breast plate are steel tassets covering the legs to mid-thigh. His arms are warded by plate canons and elbow cops with a matching pair of greaves and and knee cops upon his legs. When fully armed for battle, a steel sugarloaf helm rides upon his head. Showing beneath his armour is a black gambeson of heavy cloth reinforced by black leather strips. Similar padded pants stand out from beneath the plate armour showing patches of wear from the chafing. Black boots with nub spurs round out the protection. A great,black, hooded, woolen cloak with a white raven volant appliquéd across the back shields him from the elements. Brest bears a single piece of jewelry, a medallion of a silver raven in flight.

Weapon Description

    Brest carries a long blade with a plain steel crossguard pommel and leather braided grip. The three feet of steel is kept polished to a mirror shine along its full length. The weapon shows only the slightest evidence that it has seen hard use. Running three quarters of the length of the blade is a bloodlet. Set into this is scrollwork, inlaid with gold, surrounding elven script naming the blade {Ravenclaw}. Ravenclaw rides on his left hip in a plain leather and wood scabbard with a brass encap.

    Companion to Ravenclaw is a dagger of similar make. It is crafted from plain steel with an foot and a half blade. The dagger is as well maintained as Ravenclaw but lacks the intricate inset of the sword.

Class Knight
Occupation Knight of the Order of the Shining Blade of Alania
Weapons Steel Long Sword, Steel Dagger
Armor Steel plate armour: pauldrons, breast plate, back plate, tassets, vambraces with elbow cops, sugarloaf helm, greaves with knee cops, and heavy leather boots
Equipment Saddlebags, riding tack, bedroll, two weeks dry rations, waterskin, tinderbox, necklace, clothes, whetstone, grooming tools (horse and personal), small cooking pot
Horse Steelheart
ST 16
EN 12
AG 12
IN 12
LU 12
PB 7




    Brest is a man of dark moods. He has seen the horrors of war and been touched by them deeply. Because of this, people often see him as morose and unfriendly. Because of his experiences during the fighting in Alania, Brest does not make friends easily. He had to fight more than a few of them during the siege of Alan and he avoids making friends where he may have to fight them later. Brest seeks to remove the stain on the honour of Alania left by Duke Raster when he joined with Marmo. He does this by seeking out the remanents of evil left behind after the War.

Alignment: Here

Quotes: “My name is spelled B-R-E-S-T, no ‘A’.”, “There is no such thing as a bad idea. Ideas sometimes just need refinement on the fly.”


    Brest was born in the year 498 to Adrian and his wife Georgia. Brest is the second son of the family, the fourth and youngest child. Sara was nine, Jaycen was seven and Ellena was four at the time of his birth. His parents made a very good living selling to the upper crust of the city of Alania bringing in fine cloths in all manners of colours and embroideries. Life was good for Brest while he was growing up. He never wanted for anything and was well educated as a young child. Brest’s problem is that he had no head for the business at all and no eye for style. Brest however was a large boy with a great deal of athletic ability.

    Brest’s father realized his son’s shortcomings with business and as he came closer to the age of a man saw to it that he received training in the arts martial in hopes that he may be selected to serve as an Alanian knight. Brest took well to the training and threw himself into it as he finally discovered something he was good at. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Brest was selected by the Order of the Shining Blade as a squire and began his real training. Brest served Sir Clovis for three years loyally taking all of the lessons of the seven virtues of Myrii to heart. He learned his lessons well with the exception of one, Prudence. Brest has a problem of making decisions which best fit a given situation. He makes snap decisions without considering all of the possible consequences. Despite his shortcoming in this area, Brest earned his spurs on his twenty first birthday and was inducted to the Order.

    He served Alania until Duke Raster made his bargain with Marmo. Having heard the tales of the Marmo occupation of Kanon and attacks on southern Alania, Brest left Alania to go to Valis to fight against the Marmo. Many of his peers look upon him as an oath breaker for deserting country during a time of war. Brest saw it as the right thing to do. His Duke had taken leave of his senses making bargains with a nation which would use monsters as troops. In his time of serving Valis, Brest was part of the army which laid siege to Alan. He fought men he had previously sworn to as brothers and this experience has left deep scars upon him robbing him of some of his compassion.

    Brest has become a much harder man since his youth. As such, he has never taken a wife nor does he have much in the way of friends other than those he may have as sword brothers at a given time. For those who do not know Brest, he can be seen as a morose man given to bouts of black humour.

    Brest currently serves the people of Lodoss in the lands of Valis and Alania.

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