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Pronunciation: BRIN

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Plot Quest for Neria
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Brynn’s Gallery
Age 62
Birth Year NRC 468
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Homeland Kingdom of Stone

Physical Description

    At five foot two inches, and one hundred sixty-five pounds, Brynn is thinner than most dwarves. This is due to his strict code of what he puts into his body: no foods that are to rich in spices or sugars, no alcohol, and nothing to excess. He keeps his gray flecked, black hair and beard with a white stripe to either side of his chin, cut short, to avoid filth and parasites when he goes into less clean environs to aid the sick. His gray eyes have a glimmer to them, and he has the beginnings of crows feet in the corners. Brynn has fairly tanned skin, as he spends long days out in the sun. His facial expression can range from admonishing to jovial, depending on the situation.

Height 5’2” Hair Color Black, Graying
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Lean Skin Color Well-Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Brynn is always found in one of two outfits. The more common outfit is his full suit of armor. A flat gray suit of plate mail, with no helm, and with the face-like symbol of Myrii emblazoned on the chest plate. As part of his armor he wears half calf length black leather boots. They are thick soled, with no decoration. He also wears a backpack over his armor which contains his other outfit and his healing supplies. Under his armor he wears simple long sleeved clothing of any neutral color, mainly to protect his armor from chaffing, and around his neck is his holy symbol of Myrii.

    His other outfit is a ceremonial robe used in official church functions. It is a full length white robe with green cowl neck. The simple garment fits over his head and is tied at the waist with a thick leather belt. There are no sleeves and the sides under his arms are also open. Under his robe, he wears no shirt, but wears the simple pants and boots that he wears under his armor. When wearing his ceremonial garb, the silver holy symbol of Myrii is plainly visible on its thick chain.

Weapon Description

    Brynn carries a simple mace, steel shaft with leather grip and cylinder shaped head. He also carries a small metal shield, emblazoned with the symbol of Mryii. This can typically be found strapped to his backpack. Both items are kept in perfect condition, and seem seldom used.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priest of Myrii
Weapons Light Mace
Armor Small steel shield, Full suit of armor; gauntlets, arm plating and leg greeves, solleret boots, tassets, pauldrons, heavy breastplate
Equipment Clothing, Backpack; ceremonial robes, two water skins, a bit of dry bread and some dried meat, clean gauze, alcohol for cleaning wounds, needle and thread, armor polish and oils, silver holy symbol
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Myrii
ST 15
EN 16
AG 9
IN 10
LU 10
PB 9




    Brynn finds joy in aiding those in need. Traveling amongst the injured, sick, and dying, one must be able to keep a high spirit or they would be crushed by the despair. He has found that if he is truthful and kind to everyone, that they will treat him with respect, and provide him with what he needs to survive. He is not naïve though, and realizes that some of less than pure intent would use his link to his God for their own purposes. Despite this he would not refuse to heal someone who is in actual need of his help.

    Brynn feels that his work is never done, and can get restless if he is not helping someone. To sit around idly, while others may be in need of assistance can drive him to an agitated state. This usually happens when he is forced to wait in line to gain entrance to areas cordoned off for safely reasons, or when awaiting an audience with the local lord. Brynn has seen a bit of a reprieve in the last five years of relative peace. It has brought a new happiness to his life healing injuries caused by accidents rather than by war.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Brynn’s family lived in the Kingdom of Stone until its ruination. He was sent away as a young child to become a cleric of Myrii after he had a dream of his God, and was spared his family’s dread fate. As far as he knows, he is the only survivor and has no living relatives.

    Growing up in the monastery of Myrii suited Brynn. The life was simple yet full of the various training that the clerics of Myrii go through. He learned to live without want of more, as all of his needs were supplied to him. It was here that the foundations of his faith were set up, and he learned of a better way to resolve conflicts.

    When he was ready to go out into the world, he left with an innocence that he soon lost as he saw the hardships that everyday people were faced with. This only served to firm his resolve in his faith, seeing how others needed his aid and that of his god.

    Brynn has served as a sort of field medic, during all of the wars of his lifetime. As he passed the age that most dwarves and clerics settle down, he could not, for there were still those in need of his help. He passed on several requests by various lords, to head up his own church within their lands, instead he prefers to continuously move about aiding those that need it.

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