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Callin Nightshade
Pronunciation: cahl-LIHN NYT-shayd

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Plot Vampire Hunt
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Age 29
Birth Year NRC 501
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Callin is an exceptionally handsome man, tall and built. As a knight, he wore his hair short, but when he abandoned his old identity, he let his silver hair grow long as he always wanted to do. He often braids it back to keep it out of the way in battle. Callin’s eyes are a vibrant shade of green. On his left arm, he bears a long scar that he got when he was in a fight trying to save a young girl from a troll.

Height 6’ Hair Color Silver
Weight 180lbs Eye Color Green
Build Toned Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    His armor was originally from the Mossian knighthood, but Callin sold most of the pieces and just kept the breastplate and tassets. However, his breastplate has been altered to be half its original length to allow more mobility from his waist while still protecting his chest. There is a dragon carved into his breastplate over where his original Mossian crest was. Under his armor, he wears a heavy duty cotton tunic of a dark green that brings out his eyes. For pants, a pair of equally tough black breeches. His boots and gloves are both leather and dyed black. He has a thick, black wool hooded cloak to protect him from the elements. On a silver chain around his neck, there is a small red gem pendant.

Weapon Description

    Callin’s swords were forged by a master blacksmith in Honto and were designed by him. They are a pair of fine steel sabers with dragons carved into the base of the blades. He can use the sabers as two weapons, or connect them at the pommel and wield them as one weapon with double ends. He also has a plain longbow that he crafted himself.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Former Mossian Knight, Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5)
Weapons Pair of Connecting Fine Steel Sabers, Longbow
Armor Custom Breastplate, Tassets
Equipment Clothing, backpack; bedroll, waterskin, flint and steel, straight razor, food rations, fletching kit, weapon care supplies, comb
Horse No
ST 12
EN 10
AG 18
IN 13
LU 10
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Originally trained as a knight, Callin used to be more focused on strength, but when he decided to become a mercenary, he began to train himself to be more agile and lost most of his muscular bulk. After several years, he succeeded in completely changing his body so he could move faster and be more flexible. He is completely self-taught in his new weapon, which relies more on grace and dexterity than the knightly longsword he originally learned to wield.


    Callin is a kind man who will help even when its not needed. He constantly flirts with girls in search of the right one. He will never lie to help himself, but if the need arises he can spin a tale that is equal to a bards. Callin tries not “show off” off too much, but his independence and free spirit make him stick out of a crowd.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Callin was born Lanvar Archolden IV to Lanvar III and Meloneia Archolden. His father was a knight of Moss, and a Dragonrider, and part of a long line of knights. His mother was the daughter of a knight as well. One could say knighthood ran in his blood. As soon as he was born, his life path had been decided for him. He would become a knight like his forefathers.

    At the age of seven, Lanvar was enrolled as a squire and began his training with many other boys his age. As a child, he admired his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps, but as he began training, he felt burdened by the rules. He acted out a bit, but never enough to get expelled. He gained a good education, as it was required for knights to be well-educated. At the age of seventeen, he was initiated as a knight into the Order of the Cloud.

    He began his duties, which were little more than guarding Dragon Breath gates and patrolling the city; a very boring job for the young Lanvar who was feeling more and more restricted. He wanted to get out and see the world and do things on his own terms, but the knighthood was a ball in chain. However, he decided to stay the course and please his family. At the age of 21, he was raised to the second rank, the Order of the Wind.

    Despite his achievement, Lanvar was felt like he couldn’t take any more. If anything, all the ceremony over raising rank felt suffocating. After a few months, he gave up. He disappeared from the knight’s barracks one restless night and wandered into the city where he rented a room at an inn for the knight. He thought on his future and decided that he would leave the knighthood and become a mercenary. He tossed his fine, knightly clothes into the fire, and removed the icons of Moss from his armor and sword. The next morning, he went to see a blacksmith. He sold all the armor he didn’t want, then had his breastplate altered to be more comfortable. While he waited on the alterations, he went to the Mercenaries’ Guild and bought membership. He registered under the name Callin Nightshade, and adopted this identity, abandoning the name Lanvar Archolden IV. After his armor was finished, he hired into a merchant caravan heading north and thus began a new life.

    Outside the city of Honto, Callin heard a woman in distress and came to her rescue. A troll was trying to catch a young woman, but Callin stepped in and slew it. He escorted the girl back to Honto, where she introduced him to his father, a master blacksmith. As a reward, her father offered a commission to create any weapon Callin wanted. Instead of asking for a sword or spear, Callin came up with a design for a new weapon; a pair of sabers that could connect at the pommel to be wielded as two weapons or one. When the weapon was finished, Callin sold his old sword for a little extra cash, and started training with his new weapon. He created his own style to match his new weapon, and when he was satisfied, he took on a new mercenary job and left Honto.

    In the years since, Callin has mostly worked the west coast of Lodoss between Raiden and Moss. Though he learned he is wanted as a criminal for desertion, he has always stayed two steps ahead of the knighthood and has been successful in hiding his identity. By traveling through Moss, he is hiding in plain sight. However, he tends to avoid Dragon Breath where his old friends and family may still come recognize him.

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