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Pronunciation: se-BEEN-ah

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Plot Liberation of Ales
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Cebina’s Gallery
Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest

Physical Description

    Cebina is a very attractive woman with mocha colored skin and the perfect hourglass figure. She has long white hair down her hips, usually left loose, red eyes that hold a glint of mischief to them, and full red lips. She’s quite tall and stands proudly at her full height with a posture giving off an air of superiority. She’s an exotic beauty and she knows it.

Height 5’8” Hair Color White
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Red
Build Hourglass Skin Color Mocha

Clothing and Armor

    Cebina wears a very revealing white dress, usually left undone in the front, with blue accents and orange material circling around her neck, above her chest and around her hips. The part of it covering her stomach and back is see-through. It’s very form fitting, covering just the right parts, bordering on being indecent. She wears tall boots up to her thighs and long gloves going above her elbows of the matching white color. She usually wears a brown cloak with a hood when in crowded human places so that the townspeople can’t see the color of her skin. She wears no armor, relying on agility and acrobatics alone to defend herself in battle.

Weapon Description

    She will use a pair of perfectly balanced steel sai daggers with contoured ridged grips, flared pommel, very sharp points and simple curved prongs. The material covering the grips are of a blue leather.

Class Fighter
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Pair of sai daggers
Armor None
Equipment Backpack, bedroll, hairbrush, soap, 6 days of rations, waterskin, coin purse, clothing, flint and steel, torches, warm blanket, cooking gear and 50 feet of rope
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 9
AG 15
IN 12
LU 11
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Though trained as a shaman in her earlier years, her time as a slave broke her will to summon and she has not reached out to the spirits since her childhood.

    Cebina is skilled in hand to hand combat. She’s basically an agility fighter, so she’s not that strong but she knows how to use her opponent’s weight against them and how to hit weaker or pressure points on the body. She’ll uses her sai daggers more for defense, to help disarm the enemy or as a throwing weapon.


    Despite her beautiful body, her twisted, selfish personality, always lusting for power is what pushes people away. She grew up looking out for herself and that hasn’t changed. She’ll clearly insult anyone she doesn’t like and usually likes to point out when people are being stupid, and has very little patience. She’ll never speak about her past, won’t cry and will never look to others for understanding or pity. She takes pride in the strong, controlled woman she’s become.

    She has no friends, not allowing herself to trust anyone. She does sleep around for different reasons (for money, or just to use someone to attain certain goals), never letting herself get emotionally attached to anyone at all. She’s also not afraid to kill or back stab someone if it’s in her best interest. She will, however, get along with personalities similar to hers. She admires someone who’s not afraid to do what it takes to get to their goals. She might even find it entertaining to play along if someone were trying to use her.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “Do you want to touch me?”


    Cebina was born in the Dark Forest to a pair of dark elves, Sidor and Xuna, a couple years before the invasion of Kanon. Young and idealistic, neither of them were happy with the cruel traditions of dark elves. When Cebina was only a toddler, the Marmo empire invaded Kanon, thus providing an escape for Sidor and Xuna. Taking their daughter, they left the Dark Forest and traveled to Kanon. Other dark elves had left to settle in Kanon, though many of them were soldiers and their intentions were not so pure as wanting a better life. The forests of Kanon were raided and purged of common elves by the dark elves, so that was not a place where Sidor and Xuna wanted raise their daughter. Instead, the couple decided to settle in a small village in the north of Kanon.

    Cebina spent her early years growing up in that tiny village, and despite her parents being dark elves, their kind disposition eventually won over their neighbors. What appeared to be an exceptionally good life for a dark elf among humans was not to be. When Cebina was twelve, a band of raiders invaded her village. The adults tried to defend, including Cebina’s parents, but they were slaughtered right before her. Cebina and many other children, adolescents, and surviving young adults were rounded up and captured as slaves, then brought to a camp outside of the borders of Kanon and Alania. Most of the children were put to work as slave laborers, but Cebina was picked out because of her exotic elven beauty. Her captors had the good business sense to clean her up, keep her fed, then sell her as a prostitute to a brothel.

    At the tender age of twelve, Cebina was raped and forced to work in the sex trade. She had her own share of abuse when she refused to work, but over the years, she numbed herself to everything that happened to her as she gave her body to strangers every day. The cheerful, happy little girl she used to be was lost forever as she became bitter and filled her heart with hatred.

    One night when she was sixteen, a big stir broke out. She was with a customer at the time, but when he was distracted and left her in the room alone, she took her chance and escaped. She never knew what had caused the distraction, but she didn’t care, she was just glad she was free. After wandering for some time without food or water she became too weak to go on and collapsed. There, a kind woman found her and generously offered her food and shelter for the night. There was something odd about the woman but Cebina was too tired to dwell on and followed her.

    Shortly after arriving, the human woman, who called herself Pearl, congratulated Cebina on her pregnancy, to which Cebina had not even been aware of until then. It was then that Pearl informed her that she was over one month pregnant. Terrified at the thought of becoming a mother, especially to a child fathered by some unknown client, Cebina became very distressed. Pearl smiled and inquired if Cebina perhaps wanted to rid herself of the child, to which Cebina agreed to without even thinking. Pearl placed her hand on Cebina’s stomach, muttered something, then said ‘Done,’ matter-of-factly. That’s when Cebina felt intense pain in her stomach and she began to bleed. Pearl took care of her for the night. The next morning, she pointed Cebina in a direction and sent her on her way, but not before handing her a small gift. ‘To avoid future mistakes,’ she said as she offered Cebina a ring and explained its uses to help her prevent any other unwanted pregnancy.

    Cebina wandered through Alania, jobless, for some time until she crossed paths with a Myrii priest. He generously offered her a place to stay and help finding work—which Cebina took advantage of—and so she was brought to a Myrii temple in Flaim. There, she was taught how to defend herself, along with many other skills. Her benefactor offered the opportunity for her to join his order, but Cebina wasn’t interested.

    Eventually, she left the Myrii monastery after she felt she learned all she needed to defend herself, and continued on her journey. She is now traveling, looking for others of her race and always looking for ways to get stronger and more powerful, so that no one can ever hurt her again.

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