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Ciprian Tremas
Pronunciation: SIP-ree-AHN treh-MAZ

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Plot Cian’s Quest
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Ciprian is an attractive young man, ideal for a knight. Cip is in very good shape, toned and strong, but not bulky with muscle. He has a handsome face that is a little more than ordinary, but enhanced by his deep, moss green eyes and sun-bleached blonde hair. An old training accident has left him with a thin scar across the bridge of his nose that stops, and then continues on his left cheek. He didn’t allow it to be healed and kept it as a sort of badge. It gives his handsome face just a little more character.

Height 6’ Hair Color Sunbleached Dirty Blond
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Green
Build Athletic Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    His armor is standard issue armor for the Holy Knights of Valis, which is fine, white-lacquered steel tempered in the best forges of Valis. His armor consists of a breastplate that is trimmed with gold around the edges and emblazoned with a steel patch with a cross, a symbol for Falis. He has shoulder guards, bracers for his arms, a waist band which the plates to protect his thighs hang from, and shin guards that start from his knee and end at his toe. Over his armor, he has taken to wearing a drab gray cloak instead of the bright white cloak with the symbol for Valis on the back. Under his armor, he wears a white shirt and breeches and well-made leather boots.

Weapon Description

    Ciprian’s sword was issued to him by the knighthood and bears no significant markings, but is finely crafted for a knight of Valis. The blade is simple and unadorned, ending at a plain bronze cross guard and pommel with a leather wrapped hilt.

Class Knight
Occupation Knight of Valis; Order of the Braver Might
Weapons Broadsword, Dagger
Armor Valisian Issue Armor: Breastplate, Shoulder Guards, Waist Guard, Thigh Plates, Shin Guards, Arm Bracers.
Equipment Traveling pack with various essential items; food rations, extra clothes, whetstone, oil for sword, razor, flask of whiskey, small pan, utensils, wooden and tin dishware, wooden training sword
Horse Agel
ST 17
EN 8
AG 9
IN 11
LU 13
PB 13


    Ciprian is skilled in the swordsmanship taught to holy knights, but he is not quite adept yet. He is quite strong, though rather leanly built so his musculature isn't too cumbersome. However, he lacks a bit in agility and endurance.


    Ciprian is a good man with a strong code of honor. He does what he always believes is right, and looks out for the people. Beyond his knightly personality lies the young man who wants to enjoy life. Ciprian flirts with nearly every woman he meets, either out of true romantic intentions, or to merely make a woman feel good. His flirtations are rather innocent and not pressing. Often, he’ll flash a tired barmaid, or overworked mother one of his charming smiles, just to cheer her up. However, when times are dire, Ciprian is all business. He is a very religious man and takes his faith in Falis seriously. He follows the code of honor for Holy Knights strictly, but despite this, he still thinks for himself.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Rodath Tremas, a Holy Knight of Valis, fell head over heels in love with the daughter of a farmer he helped protect on the outskirts of Lesmoa when their farm was threatened by a nearby clan of goblins. Rodath and several other knights slaughtered the entire clan, but it was Rodath who slew the goblin lord. Dias, the daughter in question, was impressed by Rodath. Her father recognized their attraction, and after they were saved, he offered Rodath his daughter’s hand. The knight wasn’t willing to take her as a prize, but her father insisted that it was truly what she wanted and easily won Rodath over.

    The two wed shortly, and after their marriage, their first child was born. It was a daughter, whom they named Socha. Rodath couldn’t stay with his family very long, his duty called him away to Roid and where ever knights were needed, but he came home as often as possible. Two years later, Dias was pregnant again, and bore another daughter, Delras. While Rodath loved his daughters, he began to fear that he wouldn’t have a son to follow in his footsteps as a knight. Three more years passed for the couple, and finally Ciprian was born. The moment he was born, his life path was set.

    Despite the fact his father had already decided his fate, Ciprian was quite at ease with the fact. He grew up admiring his honorable father, and learning tales of the King Fahn’s valiant battles against the Demon King, and many other stories of knights. Ciprian’s imagination turned sticks into swords in his childhood play. He slew imaginary monsters and demons, and rescued his sisters and other young damsels in distress. Even then, he was garnering the attention of young girls and puppy-love crushes.

    Two more additions were made to Ciprian’s family after his birth. It seemed every time his father had a long stay at home, his mother was pregnant again. Two years after Ciprian’s birth came his sister Banil, and four years later came Tidra. Ciprian ended up being the middle child between four sisters.

    Ciprian’s father participated in the War of Heroes, and survived the war unscathed. Rodath was honored for his duty and gained a rank, but it was with a heavy heart. The entire nation felt the weight of King Fahn’s death. Ciprian was only four at the time, but as he learned about who his king was, that was what initially sparked his knightly ambition.

    When Ciprian was ten, his father returned home long enough to whisk Ciprian away to Roid. He was enrolled as a squire, as he had wanted as long as he could remember. Young Ciprian trained diligently and absorbed everything he was taught. His father would visit him often, since he was usually stationed in Roid, and every spring Ciprian visited his family for a week. Meanwhile, Ciprian wasn’t the only child away for training. His older sister Delras expressed a desire to become a priestess and went to Roid when she was sixteen. Delras enrolled with the Falis temple and begin her training as a Falis priestess.

    In the spring of his fourteenth year, his eldest sister Socha married a knight named Kale. Her wedding was planned for the week Ciprian was visiting so her dear little brother could see the ceremony. Two years later, Delras was initiated as a Falis priestess, while at the same time, Ciprian earned the rank of knighthood, in the Order of the Gauntlet. He began his service to Valis then. Meanwhile, back home, Socha had her first child, a daughter named Aledra.

    At the age of eighteen, he attained his second rank, in the Order of the Sword and Shield. The next year, the seething conflict with the Marmo invaders broke into a new war. Ciprian and his father both went to battle, but because of their vastly different ranks, saw little of each other. Ciprian was stationed along the Valisian border while Rodath led a small excursion into Kanon.

    Rodath Tremas returned home on his shield.

    Ciprian and Delras returned home to mourn the death of his father. His mother was compensated by the state for the loss of her husband. Banil was still at home, though she was ready to find a husband soon. Tidra was only thirteen and would still depend on Dias for the next few years.

    After a period of mourning, Ciprian returned to Roid. He moved out of the knight’s barracks and found an apartment for himself in the city. When he was twenty-one, he attained his third rank, the Order of the Braver Might. Banil married the next year to a man named Garfryn. Their first child was born shortly afterward, a daughter named Delis. Now, in NRC 530, Ciprian is welcoming his first nephew, Rodeno, into the family. Rodeno, being the son of Socha and Kale. It seems likely that this boy will become a knight one day as well.

    However, there was an unexpected addition to the family after Ciprian saw little Rodeno for the first time. While in Lesmoa, he encountered a fourteen year old thief named Cian. Instead of arresting the boy for stealing a man’s purse, Ciprian decided to give him a second chance at life. Cian told Ciprian his story, of how he was born to a nomadic group of entertainers, and how that group was slaughtered and torn apart by Marmo soldiers. The women and the children of the group were picked out to be sold as slaves in Raiden, where Cian was separated from his sister and sold to a rogue named Emir. His master trained him to be a thief to do his dirty work for him in a network of thieves and assassins. However, Cian escaped and ended up in Lesmoa. After hearing the heartbreaking tale, Ciprian decided to offer Cian to become his squire, thus adopting the boy into the Tremas household.

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