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Pronunciation: SIS-ser-E-ah

Forum ID Centauress Cissiria
Plot Bastion’s Demons
Character is © Z/Centauress Cissiria.
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Age 27
Birth Year NRC 503
Gender Female
Race Centaur
Homeland Blue Dragon Island

Physical Description

    Cissiria is a delicate and feminine centaur mare. She has the color of a palomino, a golden coat with a wispy white mane and tail. Her skin is fair, with a slight golden tone to it. Her white hair falls a few inches above her withers, usually partially drawn back. The hair on the left side of her part is pulled back tightly, then bound behind the fall of hair on the right side. Had she the normal facial tattoos of her tribe, this would be how she showed them off, however, she is too young yet to get her first tattoos. The right side of her hair flows free, and the thick bangs fall over her eye. Her eyes are aquamarine, a color which she likes to bring out in the clothing and jewelry she wears. The shape of her face is delicate with a straight nose and pouty lips.

Height 7’ Hair Color White
Height (Hands) 14’5” Hair Color White
Weight 870lbs Eye Color Aquamarine
Humanoid Build Slender Skin Color Lightly Tanned
Equine Build Light Coat Color Golden

Clothing and Armor

    As a centaur, she wears little, but what she does wear is near the color of her eyes. Her clothing is limited to a short surplice tank top of teal cotton, and for wet and cold weather, a matching hooded cloak that covers her upper body. Cissiria wears quite a bit of jewelry, however, and all part of a matching set of gold and aquamarine gems. The set includes a thin gold choker with dangling links of gold and gems. Each of her ears are pierced three times, with dangling earrings of the same gold links and aquamarine gems as her necklace. On her left arm is a gold band with two curls in the center and a aquamarine drop hanging from the base. On her wrists, she has a pair of matching gold bracelets.

Weapon Description


Class Shaman
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, jewelry, basic toiletries
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 8/20*
EN 16
AG 12
IN 14
LU 7
PB 13


    Cissiria is a skilled shaman for her age, having devoted her entire life thus far to study and contracts with the spirits. She desires to make a contract with the king spirit Ento, and others. Physically, Cissiria is not very skilled. She has the endurance of the average domestic horse and her upper body is rather weak and untoned.

    * 8 for her humanoid body, 20 for her equine body.


    Innocent and naive. Cissiria is optimistic and upbeat, but only because she has seen little of the harsh realities of the world outside of her forest. She is a pacifist, and prefers to stay on the right side of the rules. However, after spending her entire life on a single island, she is stricken with wanderlust.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Cissiria was the only child born to Fachtor and Cissitia. In a small family tradition, she was named similarly to her mother, Cissitia, and her grandmother, Cissilia. Young Cissiria called the Fairy Woods on Blue Dragon Island her home, and spent her early years with the few other centaur foals her age, and the local dark elf children. Her childhood was unremarkable and positive. She was educated in the ways of shamanism like most, and took a particular liking to the art, as opposed to learning how to fight.

    Her short life thus far has been devoted to the spirits, and she hopes to become one of the greatest shamans of her tribe. Cissiria must make contracts with at least two of the king spirits, but she is willing to seek all four—even the terrifying Efreet. However, before she can do any of that, she was advised by her elders to first explore all the nations Lodoss. Of course, Cissiria was eager to take the journey after spending all twenty-odd years of her life confined to one small island.

    She was advised on the dangers that awaited her in Lodoss, but she didn’t take it to heart. This centaur’s life has been sheltered, and she was unable to comprehend the things her elders had warned her about.

    With the help of the local dark elf fishing carrack, Cissiria had passage to Raiden.

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