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Coras Ardyl II
Pronunciation: COR-asz ar-DIL

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Plot A New Balance
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Age 26
Birth Year NRC 504
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Roid, Valis

Physical Description

    Coras’s face is almost always reflecting his fake serious look, while he deals with his insanity. His legs are particularly long, and distinguishably strong because walking is the only method of transportation he can afford. His face is that of a handsome man and his body is well-shaped, reasons that make him attractive, but they are countered by his egocentric attitude.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Brown
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Yellow
Build Athletic Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Coras wears a hip length short-sleeved green cloth shirt that is covered by his armor. When he bought his steel plate armor, he could only afford the shoulders, the breastplate and the greaves, which only cover the lower leg. Coras uses boiled leather gauntlets and no armor in his upper arms and legs. While in battle, he also wears a full steel helm that the merchant who sold him his armor gave him for free.

Weapon Description

    Coras’s shortsword is an average quality weapon that he bought in a market in Adan for a low price, nevertheless it is strong enough to not break or get heavily damaged during combat. He carries this weapon in a scabbard tied to his belt, next to his dagger which he keeps in a sheath.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (2)
Weapons Shortsword, Dagger
Armor Steel Breastplate, Steel Helm w/ Visor, Steel Plate Half-Greaves, Boilded Leather Guantlets
Equipment Backpack, blanket, waterskin, traveling rations, one set of extra clothing, pouch containing approx. 13 RP, Tinderbox, 20 feet of rope
Horse Yes
ST 14
EN 15
AG 8
IN 12
LU 10
PB 13


    Most of Coras’s strength and endurance came to him as a young farmer, toning his body and giving him a healthy advantage when he left farming and became a mercenary. His fighting style matches his former master’s except with slight hesitations in his strokes. He’s more versed in fighting on his feet rather than fighting on a horse. Since he is a dagger and shortsword user he tends to telegraph his dagger movements more than his shortsword movements, a problem unable to be remedied due to his off hand having a tell-tale twitch before it’s moved. Although it is a very small twitch, and not many people would be able to see it, any seasoned fighter would catch on it and exploit that knowledge.


    As a result from childhood experiences and an antisocial nature, Coras suffers from mental problems such as aggressiveness when provoked, egocentricity and dislike for all people. But the hardships of his life in Adan taught him to hide his deviant behavior and act to adjust to every situation. Coras follows his own personal conviction due to his beliefs, which consist of a realistic view of the situations that take place, never optimist or pessimist. To Coras, anything that can get him to reach power is worth his pride and friends (which he doesn’t have, but thinks of as resources); his insanity guided him to think that he is destined to rule Lodoss and to hate his family since he was a teenager; although, he has a great sense of responsibility towards those who affect his life. Coras appears to be serious and to lack feelings, regardless of that, he will adapt when it is required and is an expert at disguising emotions and intentions.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “I only care for myself, but I feel the need to repay everyone who aids me and to destroy everyone who stops me.”


    Coras was born in an economically stable farmer family, he was raised by his father Coras and his mother Mylas, both native to Roid. His sister Dalwen was the oldest one of three children, followed by Coras, who was born one year later. The family’s youngest member was Coras’ brother Elran, who is seven years younger than his brother. Although he never liked being a farmer and wanted to rule over all of Lodoss, Coras learned everything about the occupation and joined his parents and sister to do the farm work. As he grew up, Coras became more antisocial and developed a close friendship with his sister, the only person who knew the ambitions that he carried during all of his childhood.

    By the time Coras was thirteen, Dalwen died after suffering from a terrible fever that lasted four days. Coras discovered that by then, he was completely alone and that his life needed to change. His teenage years passed slowly, gradually making Coras mad. He became cruel and decided to learn how to fight and how to guide armies. Coras’ family wasn’t capable of letting their older son leave home to become a soldier with probably a worse future than the one that awaited him in their farm in Roid.

    Mentally unstable, and after years of training with daggers and shortswords, seventeen year-old Coras left his parents’ farm one night without anyone noticing and decided to make his way to power. Coras traveled to Adan, where he thought he would be able to find a job and become rich, but it didn’t take long before Coras discovered he had made a big mistake and was going to starve to death because of his antisocial attitude and scarce skills that were of no use in commerce, the only field that offered him a job at the moment.

    Nevertheless, Coras wasn’t going to return home, he had too much pride and chose to die as an unemployed loser or to live as a wealthy and powerful man. Coras’ psychological problems became worse because of frustration and he began to think that he wasn’t destined to rule anyone, and believed it was because of his origins. His hope in the idea that his family would save him disappeared and Coras started to hate his parents, because in his mind they were the ones who stopped him from becoming the greatest man in history.

    Coras learned to hide his emotions and to act to win people’s favor. He did temporary jobs for merchants and shop keepers. In his struggle for survival, he discovered his great talent for acrobatics and acting. He adapted to the environment and developed these skills and learned to benefit from them.

    A middle-aged wealthy woman named Nevad Lorkan was charmed by Coras, then nineteen years old, and decided to shelter him. For five years, Coras lived with Nevad and worked in markets and inns, until he realized that his current circumstances weren’t bad and that he was capable of working to make his goal real. Coras told Nevad that he was going to explore Lodoss and left what he called home and thought of as if it was the farm where he grew up.

    As he traveled, Coras sank into his desire for power and wealth. He visited Alania, Flaim and Raiden during one year of adventuring; and he worked as a mercenary to survive. Seeking to reach power and wealth, Coras tries to find ways of acquiring fame and allies in the city of Raiden.

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