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Pronunciation: KREY

Forum ID Wolf
Plot A New Balance
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Age 28
Birth Year NRC 502
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Salbad, Marmo

Physical Description

    Cray built himself to be lean and strong. He has trained his body to the limit to give his human body the greatest amount of speed with as much physical strength he can spare. He leaves his black hair long enough to reach his shoulders, he usually ties on into a thin tail on the right side of his face. His bangs reach down over his almond shaped black eyes. Cray has left most of his body untouched, leaving as few distinguishing marks as possible. However he was not able to escape scars. He has a scar along his right rib and one that has nearly healed across his upper left arm.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Black
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Black
Build Lean Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    During the day Cray wears loose clothing that will let him fit into day to day situation, ranging from silk robes to a peasant’s shirt. When on the job Cray wears durable cloth pants and shirt, both black. He wears a black belt around his waist to carry his necessary tools. He wears a thin scarf around his neck that can be pulled over his mouth and nose. For armor Cray wears a light pair of gauntlets for parrying melee attacks. He also carries a pair of armored gloves, with metal woven in pieces over the fingertips with strips in the palm for handling his wire.

Weapon Description

    Cray’s most used tool is a personal creation of his, garrote grade wire made from Dwarven steel connected to the hilt of a mid-sized sword (2’ length), the other end of the wire is connected to a spade for weight.

Class Assassin
Occupation Assassin
Guild Membership Shadow Guild (Level)
Weapons Sword + wire, secondary garrote wire with grips, poison vials, throwing daggers, 4 needles
Armor Gauntlets
Equipment clothing, climbing tools, lockpicks
Horse No
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Common
ST 11
EN 10
AG 18
IN 14
LU 9
PB 10


    Cray was taught a few key spells to aid him in his assassinations. The most frequently used: Haste (highest level spell), Invisibility, and Blindness/Deafness.

    Cray is has stronger finger, arm and leg muscles than average humans, through he is stronger over all than an average human as well lacks compared to seasoned warriors. His greatest asset is his dexterity combined with speed. With the two he strikes precisely and quickly.


    Though he is amoral about most things he comes across as a polite gentleman. His sadistic side only shows when he mentally switches to “work mode”. Despite his macabre profession he has chosen Cray has no problem entering the social arena and blending in with normal denizens of Lodoss. Cray has neither great ambition nor dream. He finds himself simply floating in the streams of time and is quite happy to do so.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Though Cray did at one point have parents he spent his younger years under the wing of professional assassin. Cray was never sure why he was chosen by the man but at the time that seemed to be a better choice than to taking on other ignoble job. What was most surprising to him at a young age was that he felt unusually comfortable with the concept of assassination, as most of the time they deserved what was coming for them.

    His teen years were spent training his body as well as mind. The teaching of his master was not only to kill, but to remain hidden at all times, even when not on the job. He was taught to move and speak like a noble, as well as the lowliest of peasants. He was taught how to kill a man from across a dance floor as well as recite poetry. Along the line he was introduced to a sorcerer who had also taught his master key spells that would enhance his ability to kill without being noticed.

    Once he was ready he joined the Shadow Guild via an introduction from his master. Though he struggled working his way up the power structure of assassins, he managed to make a name for himself by being able to enter public areas and executing the target without being noticed as well as making the target look like they had died naturally.

    Cray has been working on Lodoss Island the last nine years since the passing of his teacher. During those years he made acquaintances with his with a dark elf assassin named Sevrina. Now he heads towards Novice based on an invitation for a highly lucrative job from her.

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