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Derrick Ironfist
Pronunciation: dĕr-RIK ī-RN-fist

Yahoo! ID barnwellknight
Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
Derrick is © barnwellknight.
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Derrick’s Gallery
Age 18
Birth-Death Year NRC 512-530
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Ivory Rose, Alania

Physical Description

    Derrick Ironfist is a medium tall, fair-skinned, beardless human male with short, curly dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He has a convex-shaped nose and straight-pearly white teeth. Derrick is muscular and has very strong leg muscles. He has a huge cowlick in the middle of his forehead. He has a small scar above his left eyebrow. Derrick is also left-handed.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Dark Brown
Weight 156lbs Eye Color Light Brown
Build Muscular Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    When he is not wearing his armor, Derrick Ironfist wears sturdy black boots, brown leather pants, sturdy leather belt with a metal buckle, and a light blue cloth shirt. Derrick also wears a brown leather jacket. Derrick’s armor is a suit of burnished banded mail armor, given to him as a gift from the captain of the town militia. The armor covers his chest, stomach, thighs, shoulders, and arms. The armor is made of overlapping strips of metal sewn to a backing of leather and chainmail. The chain and leather protect the joints and provide him with freedom of movement. The strips of metal shield the vulnerable areas. Over his hands, he wears a pair of metal gauntlets made of steel. They were also a gift from the militia captain. These gauntlets were made to permit full normal hand motion while still providing continuous protection to the hands. Over his head, he wears a full helm that has several holes near his ears, allowing him to hear whatever is going on around him. Derrick Ironfist also carries a large metal shield. It is a simple kite shield with a red dragon painted on the front.

    He also has a hammered white gold ring with a small emerald in the center. The emerald was perfectly cut by a process now long lost in time; the white gold was perfectly crafted by a process too exacting for human hands. For some strange reason, light doesn’t fall upon it normally. The ring glitters and fades unpredictably, as though it were lit by an invisible sun shining in an unseen parallel world. There is an inscription written on the outside; “Our love shall always be with you.” This was a gift from Derrick’s family, and he will get very upset if something happens to it. Around his neck he wears a silver cross pendant with a sun-shaped emerald in the center.

Weapon Description

    Adventurer’s Heart: This longsword is very sharp and appears to have just been forged yesterday, despite its age and several nicks on the blade. The overall length of this sword is about 40 inches long. It has a simple gold cross-shaped hilt with a V-shaped guard piece and a heart-shaped blue quartz crystal set into the center of the tang where the quillons meet. The pommel is shaped like a star. The golden hilt is wrapped in strong red leather. Etched on the blade is a crest of two crossed swords and a blue star. He carries it in an ornamented leather baldric across his chest supporting a leather scabbard on his back.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Longsword “Adventurer’s Heart”, Elven Steel Morningstar, Dwarven Steel Dagger
Armor Burnished Banded Mail armor, full helm, steel gauntlets, and large metal shield
Equipment Backpack with waterskin, three day’s worth of trail rations, bedroll, sack, flint, and steel, two pairs of the clothing he usually wears, two torches, a heavy cloak with wolf’s fur around the collar for winter, a whetstone, a map and compass, 2 garnets, 45 gold pieces, 10 silver pieces, and 15 copper pieces
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Derrick has trained himself to become strong and fast. Derrick has learned how to sleep in heavy or medium armor and not get fatigued after having to sleep in armor. He prepared himself by sleeping in his armor before he left Ivory Rose. This also helps him when he needs a lot of energy. Through his training with the militia captain, Derrick Ironfist has been taught how to draw his sword quickly. By practicing how to fight in the dark while wearing a blindfold, Derrick has taught himself how to fight in melee without having to see his opponent. This can prove useful if an enemy is trying to attack the young man while invisible or if Derrick has been blinded by sand, snow, or sunlight during a battle.


    Derrick Ironfist is a good-hearted, easy-going, and friendly person. He fights to protect the innocence and for glory. Derrick is very loyal to his friends, and will even risk his own life to protect his comrades. This young adventurer is very creative and curious about new things and places. Derrick Ironfist is very determined and never knows when to give up, whether it is fighting an enemy or arguing with a brick wall. His hardheadedness does get him into trouble at times. Derrick was always motivated by his belief in helping people, fighting evil with valor and bravery, the lure of treasure, and the thrill of adventure. He wanted to gain enough wealth so that he could help his town when hard times set in. Derrick always thought of his family and friends back in Ivory Rose, and at times got homesick. Derrick has been away from the homeland that he grew up in for about a year. He hopes to one day return home, as a heroic adventurer...

Alignment: Lawful Good (with Chaotic tendencies)

Quotes: “I have not yet begun to adventure!”, “Gods grant me strength!”, “Here! Fight me! Come on!”, “Time to die!”, “To victory!”, “No quarter!”, “We all go home, or no one goes home!”


    Derrick’s ancestors were great adventurers, but the only thing left of their legacy is an enchanted sword that has been passed down from generation to generation. Derrick Ironfist was born in a small farming town called Ivory Rose in the north of Alania, near Novice. He lived with his parents and his little sister, Jasmine. The Marmo invaded Kanon when he was three, but Ivory Rose was too far north to be affected, even as the Marmo army advanced northward. Although he had a happy childhood, Derrick began to believe that the life of a farmer was not for him. Derrick would always listen to the town’s storyteller tell tales of adventurers. Derrick decided to become an adventurer. The young man dreamed of the day people would tell stories of his adventures. When he was fifteen, the Marmo invaded Alania and his town’s militia—which had been formed years before when the Marmo first became a threat—prepared for battle. The Marmo were unable to even get near the town because of the militia. They finally had to fall back and help the other Marmo invaders because of the problems caused by Parn, Spark, and his friends. Although his father would not allow him to join the town militia, the captain of the militia thought that Derrick had great potential and trained him in the art of combat.

    His parents, although worried about his safety, reluctantly decided to let him follow his dreams. His father gave him an enchanted longsword that had been in their family for many years. The militia captain gave him masterwork banded mail armor as a going-away gift. One of his friends, a dwarf and son of the town blacksmith, who he knew very well, made a small dwarven steel dagger. This dwarf was the same person who taught Derrick how to speak, read, and write dwarven, as well as how to take care of his armor and weapons. Jasmine, on the other hand, didn’t like the idea of her brother leaving home. Derrick promised her that he would return one day. When she asked, ‘When’ll you be coming back, big brother?’ he answered, ‘I don’t when, but I promise you that I will return. I promise.’ When he turned seventeen, Derrick said goodbye to anyone he loved and cared for as he set off to become the adventurer he dreamed of becoming. He hoped to find wealth and glory, all the while helping people and fighting monsters. Derrick hoped to find his destiny as an adventurer.

    Derrick traveled around until he came upon a small fishing hamlet called River-wind near the Alania-Kanon border. He found the villagers under attack by a large band of goblins and an ogress. Derrick decided to aid the village militia, although the battle was almost over. He defeated the hobgoblin leader and a few goblins before tackling the female ogre. He sneaked up behind the ogress, climbed a nearby tree, and leaped onto her back. As she tried to grab the annoying human on her back, Derrick drove his sword into the back of the ogress’ skull, thus killing the monster. He defeated her through sheer dumb luck, although it was his skill as an adventurer that helped him defeat the hobgoblin and the goblins. He almost got crushed as the now-dead ogress fell onto her back, but luckily he fell off her back as the monster’s body tumbled to the ground. Unfortunately, he knocked his helmet off and cut his face on a rock. The scar above his left eyebrow marks the place where he received the cut. He was made a hero for coming to the hamlet’s aid. Derrick Ironfist was named Hero of River-wind and was given two gems as a reward for his heroism. After leaving the small village, he came upon an ancient tomb. Unfortunately, the tomb had already been plundered many years ago. However, upon closer inspection, the young fighter discovered, hidden in a secret compartment within the now-empty sarcophagus, an elven steel morningstar that the plunders had overlooked. He then hitched a ride on a merchant’s wagon as he traveled to Kanon.

    Derrick arrived in a small town called Vedun where he encountered Thangroth, a dwarven traveler, Krisatris, a half-elven ranger, Reem, a half-elf gypsy, and Olula, a half-elf barmaid. While he got to know these interesting people, things took a turn for the worst in Vedun. A new lord had come to inspect the village and found Olula the half-dark elf. He had to have her banished, but Derrick and Krisatris stood up for the half-elf, which earned them the lash. Derrick took twenty lashes for threatening the life of the lord.

    Their punishment complete, they were sent on their way, but they did not know they were followed. With the help of a ranger, Trent, they made camp several miles from Vedun and the wounded were treated. It was this night that a real dark elf joined their party. A scout from a troop of soldiers saw this and as they traveled the next morning, the soldiers surrounded them. Despite their pleas for peace, the soldiers attacked, and Derrick flew into battle, despite his wounds. While he dueled one soldier, an archer shot him in the back fatally.

    Derrick’s companions carried his body to safety and buried him. They were able to send a letter to his family to tell them of his death, and where he was buried.

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