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Pronunciation: DEE-nah-LIN-del

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Age 85
Birth Year NRC 245
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Homeland Glassy Woods

Physical Description

    Dinalindel appears to be quiet charming stallion in his late twenties. His soulful blue eyes hold the same look his friends’, however possess a more poignant pragmatism to them. His black mane is wildly wind-tossed. Dinalindel is better at spell casting that Caradithil and uses his spells to augment his speed occasionally if the situation calls for it. As an elf, he stands at six-foot, ten inches tall and weighs around one hundred seventy pounds. Dinalindel bears a large centaurian tattoo like a mantle cross his chest from shoulder to shoulder.

Height (As Centaur) 8’10” Hair Color Black
Height (As Elf) 6’1” Tail Color Black
Weight (As Elf) 170lbs Eye Color Cerulean Blue
Humanoid Build Athletic Skin Color Lightly Tanned
Equine Build Light Coat Color Dark Bay

Clothing and Armor

    His armament is lighter and thinner as he is more suited to running and magic than out right battle. He wears a chain centaurian chestplate and leather bracers. He also owns leather shin guards on all four of his legs. In his elven form, he wears a dark blue tunic with a high, silver trimmed collar in elven style paired with black breeches and sturdy black leather boots. He has a blue-gray cloak.

Weapon Description

    Because of his preference to light weight he carries two bardiches, (5’ war axes) that he wields with deadly quickness (for a centaur). For a mere man the bardiche is a cumbersome weapon, but to a well trained centaur it is not.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger, Watchman
Weapons Two bardiches and bow
Armor Centaurian chain chestplate, leather bracers, & shin guards
Equipment Traveling supplies; bedroll, food and water provisions, hunting blade (knife), quiver with arrows, fletching kit
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    “Spirit Running,” When needed he can run at a magically enhanced speed for as long as his will to run holds out, which since he loves to run could be quite some time. So far he has not reached his limit. Like all centaurs, he has been trained to walk/stalk without making a sound so that not only will their prey not hear their approach, but to keep out of sight of humans and most elves.


    Clever, morose, charming, poetic, and easy-going, he enjoys being around others as much as he enjoys spending time to himself. More easily roused to duty and logic than whims, Dinalindel provides a nurturing and stabilizing effect upon others. Except for when it comes to Rain, and then he tried to be more overprotective than even Cara. Especially when it comes to her love life.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “Follow your heart and all else shall fall aligned.”


    Born in the Glassy Woods to his herd. Early in life, Dinalindel seemed to tend towards solitude rather than communal herd life. He earned a respective position of an elite brotherhood of hunters (Caradithil, Mannessa, Rain) & watchmen. While Dinalinde’s has never had want to roam from his life within the woods, contrary to communal herd life, he tended towards unexplained periods of solitude from early in life which he used to fulfill his passion for running. He is the more reserved than his friend Caradithil. Though Rain is his adopted sister, he sees her as more of his natural sister. Much of his time teaching her survivalist skills. Still he treats her like one of them and lovingly watches over and guides her. Since childhood, he has been the middle ground amongst the three unruly stallions.

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