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Dralock Holderhek
Pronunciation: drah-LOK HOLD-er-HEK

Yahoo! ID alric_yorath
Plot A New Balance
Dralock is © alric_yorath.
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Dralock’s Gallery
Age 212
Birth Year NRC 314
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Homeland Steel Kingdom

Physical Description

    Though once famous for his girth, he has been watching his belt size for some time. He has markings carved into his left shoulder as a reminder of his fallen brother, and his once brown hair has, at an early age, become a dusty white. His braided beard has been removed in favor of a “different” style of facial hair. When going into battle, he wares stripes of white paint on his face that go down his face from top to bottom over his eyes. His skin has been well tanned of several years.

Height 4’3” Hair Color Dusty White
Weight 212lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Muscular Skin Color Deep Brown Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Usually he can be found wearing a cloak of dark red that reaches down to his ankles that is trimmed in a dark leather. Under this he wears a blue toga trimmed in a green patterning, trousers of blue and white vertical stripes, thick and sturdy leather gauntlets and boots, a studded leather guard on his right shoulder, and steel knee guards polished to a mirror shine (when he has the time).

Weapon Description

    An ornately carved battle-axe, it is a family heirloom. When wielded, it has a steady red-orange glow that will intensify to almost a flame around undead. The axe is wielded by two hands and is double headed, the blade being wider than his shoulders.

Class Warrior
Occupation Axe for Hire, Babysitter
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (2)
Weapons Double-Bladed Axe
Armor Studded Leather Gloves, Boots, Shoulder Guard, and Steel Knee Guards
Equipment Pouch of coins, backpack, whetstone, flint and steel, 7 days dry rations, map, left earring
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities



    At one time he followed no particular god, he is now a follower of Myrii, God of War and Virtue. He is friendly and is always ready with a story of his deeds (at least as he recalls them), he loves to entertain, especially children. He will not allow harm to befall an innocent (especially a child), and will defend them to the last. He always has a joke (not always a good one), and can't stand anyone without a sense of humor. Though he’s quite easy going, and loyal to a fault, he’s no pushover, and will kill any that earn his ire. He is a very ferocious, yet efficient fighter. He has little fear of water, since he found he could float quite well, but dreads riding on horses, boats, wagons, and the like, for fear of crushing or breaking them under his weight, even though he has lost most of it. These days he shows his joking side less often than he used to, as he approaches middle age (for a dwarf).

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “May Myrii lend us his strength.”


    Dralock was born into a dwarven noble house, though he wishes he hadn’t. In the sort time he has been old enough to fight (at least for his father, anyway), he spent time working in the army of the Steel Kingdom (during which time he gain a considerable amount of weight). Not long after his weight became a local legend, he resigned his commission and went out to see the world. His father was not pleased at this choice and they haven’t spoken since. Since then, he has slimmed down a fair bit and has decided he enjoys adventuring.

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