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Pronunciation: ED-rik

Forum ID Dead Midas
Plot Bastion’s Demons
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Edric’s Gallery
Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Male
Race Grassrunner
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    For the most part, Edric appears to be, and is often mistaken for, an elven child. His blonde hair is swept and parted to the left, with many strands that fall in his face over his forehead and curl around his cheeks, but don't cover his eyes. His hair hangs free and cuts off around his jawline. Where his hair parts on the top of his head, there are two strands of hair that split off into two direction simultaneously. His skin is fair, radiant, and his cheeks are rosy. Though, if scarred, his skin is sensitive and takes a long time to heal. His eyes are a bright and vivid shade of violet, which stand out against his other physical features. His body is lean and devoid of visible muscles. Compared to other grassrunners, Edric is of a normal stature, but in the world of humans, he is about the size of a small child. Edric has a delicate, expressive face with a sweet smile, being about as attractive as any other grassrunner, though, to humans, is perceived to have an innocent beauty.

Height 3’2” Hair Color Blonde
Weight 32lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Lean Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Edric wears a deep purple turtleneck sweater, rolled up at the sleeves to his wrists, worn underneath a light lavender velvet vest. His shorts are coal black and hold against his thighs, cutting off at knee length. His shoes are black, like his shorts, with pale yellow orange tinted wool leg warmers covering them at ankle length and half way up his shins. At his hip, attached to his black belt, is a brownish-gray sack.

Weapon Description

    Inside each of his leg warmers, Edric carries a small three and half inch dagger, both identical. Both, however, are also some what shabby, carried in dull black sheaths. They are both held inside his leg warmers with deep purple straps that keep them in place. Edric will often pick up new weapons on his journey, only to lose them after a while, which makes his daggers his back up weapons that he makes sure not to lose or misplace. Among many things apart from fighting, Edric uses his daggers for cooking, carving, and picking locks.

Class Merchant/Thief
Occupation Merchant
Weapons 2 Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Basic Adventurer’s Pack, clothing, sack
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 10
EN 8
AG 15
IN 12
LU 14
PB 14


    Edric routinely practices shamanism, but his abilities are limited and quite average compared to any other grassrunner his age. He only uses his magic when necessary or when it benefits him, but apart from that, Edric relies mainly on his physical speed. He employs his agility as a thief, which gives him adequate skills in pickpocketing and other similar things.


    Edric was always an amoral person, neither compelled to do good nor bad deeds, but only what was convenient to him. He can be kind and sincere when he wants to be, unless of course you mistake him for a child (he is about as temperamental as one...). He is easily upset and mostly has a pessimistic attitude. In an attempt to one day reach out for romance, Edric has been making a personal change to be more loyal to his companions and always do his best.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Humans are always welcome, so long as they have plenty of money!”


    Edric had a very simple childhood, being brought up in Alecrast among others of his kind. His father was a successful merchant, and taught him effective swindling, haggling, and scamming. Edric knows very little about his mother, because not long after he was born his father took him away to a very distant region of Alecrast away from his mother; for what reason, Edric has never known. He is not even certain whether his mother is alive or not, or even if she knows Edric is still alive. Due to his distant relationship with his mother, or lack there of, Edric has difficulty communicating with women of any age or race. This also contributes to his lack or romantic interest, or failure to make an attempt, which can be both confusing and frustrating to him. Edric may often stay away from romance, but that doesn’t mean he will never try to reach out for it.

    As a common tradition among grassrunners, Edric was sent on a journey to Lodoss as a test of his will. Though, it was not long before he grew fond of the world of humans and their concept of “money”. He made a living in the marketplace of Raiden, selling what he had and stealing what he had not, earning him a place behind bars from time to time. Though, it was never long until he was back on the streets of Raiden, trying to earn an “honest” living.

    Edric has made a personal point of staying out of the way of warfare. He believes that wars on Lodoss are between humans and should stay that way, since he has no place in them. As long as the money keeps flowing, it is of no concern to him. Edric will sell, buy, or steal from anyone, be it commoners, royalty, or even residents of Marmo.

    Though Edric pretends that he doesn’t like to work with anyone, he actually does enjoy company, since most of his experiences on Lodoss thus far have been spent alone and he has grown a bit lonely; even if he won’t admit to it. He loves adventure, and can easily be recruited, especially if there is the promise of profit involved. He is not the bravest person in the face of danger, but if his companions are loyal to him, he will do his best to be loyal to them, though this can still never be guaranteed when it comes to Edric. Due to his cowardly nature, Edric is most likely the first in any party of adventurers to run away. Currently, Edric resides in Raiden, selling and stealing as he always does, though he has become restless lately and may be likely to wander off on an adventure soon.

    Ever since arriving in Lodoss, Edric has carried with him a small knapsack, where he holds the only artifact he has ever acquired from his mother; a heart shaped locket with a keyhole in the center, which she had given to his father, along with a key that fits in the keyhole. Someday, Edric plans to give the key to his “special someone”, though no one knows of his mother’s memento. Only a handful of residents in Raiden have reported Edric looking inside the sack with a warm smile. Many myths have circulated the city as of the contents of the bag. Perhaps the world will never know...

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